Zhenli Release New Watch Without Gravity Tourbillon

In the 15th century, the brave and fearless nautical explorer Columbus braved the world and wrote an important chapter in human history. After five years of hard research and development, the Zenith watch factory successfully developed a new watch technology without gravity tourbillon. ZENITH Global President Jean-Frederic Dufour visited the Taipei 101 Gordon Watch and witnessed the glorious moment when the world’s first Christophe Colomb Zero G tourbillon arrived in Taiwan! At the same time, the friend of the brand, the world-class super marathon runner Lin Yijie, also appeared in Gordon Watches and made a contribution to the ‘ZENITH Chronograph Watch 111th Anniversary Global Tour Exhibition-Taiwan’ event. If you want to see the fans of ZENITH’s century-old antique watches, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

 CHRISTOPHE COLOMB ZERO G a major milestone in mechanical watchmaking
 The accuracy of the watch changes with its prescribed position, because the gravity will cause the escapement parts to operate in the direction of the suction source, the friction between the parts will be different, and the swing of the balance will also be disturbed. There is a deviation (positive or negative) in the accuracy of the vertical system. The escapement system is ideally in a horizontal state, because the swing of the balance wheel is the most ideal, and the direction of the center of gravity is at right angles to the parts, which will not affect the operation of the entire structure.

 ‘ZENITH CHRISTOPHE COLOMB’s patented Zero G technology is the ultimate solution to keep the escapement always horizontal!’ Jean-Frederic Dufour, ZENITH Global President, emphasized, ‘ZENITH’s patented Zero G technology allows the balance The accuracy of the hands is controlled by the escapement structure in the frame; the change in the orientation of the watch triggers a slight rotation of the frame, but regardless of the direction and speed of the frame rotation, the coordination mechanism will immediately start to maintain the horizontal state of the frame, so The escapement structure maintains optimal operation, and the punctuality of the pointer is not affected. ‘

 ZENITH CHRISTOPHE COLOMB is the best testimony to the ambition of ZENITH watchmakers and movement engineers. They tirelessly study and finally successfully develop new breakthroughs in contemporary watchmaking technology, bringing innovation to time art! This watch is limited to 25 watches worldwide and will be delivered in three years. Today, Gordon Watches is selling ‘No. 8 World’s First Watch’. Interested watch fans must seize the opportunity!

 ZENITH, pioneering spirit-break through the sound barrier with the human body
 Forever moving towards unexplored areas is the best footnote of the Zenith brand spirit! Zenith has signed a cooperation contract with Austrian pilot, skydiving champion and holder of BASE JUMP extreme skydiving record. The project, called ‘Red Bull Stratos’, will jump from a sealed cabin suspended under a balloon in the stratosphere above 36.5 kilometers above sea level, which is four times the altitude of a civil aviation plane. Felix Bougartner will try this feat alone and set four world records at the same time: the highest manned balloon flight, the highest altitude vacuum parachute, the longest free fall, and the unprecedented & mdash; breakthrough sound barrier with the human body. The data collected will help promote aviation safety. ZENITH is one of the sponsors who witnessed this feat, hoping to create the first watch that breaks through the sound barrier and prove the reliability of its Zenith watch in extreme environments.

 ‘This stratospheric expedition will test the reliability of ZENITH watches in extreme environments: temperature, pressure, speed, friction, impact & hellip; if this parachute is successful, ZENITH will make the first sound barrier in the outdoor environment. ‘ZENITH President Jean-Frederic Dufour explained to us the brand’s consideration for participating in this expedition:’ This innovative concept and the ability to stay one step ahead of the latest technological developments is what makes ZENITH attractive. Our watches He has participated in the greatest expeditions of mankind many times: Roald Amundsen found the extreme poles; Mahatma Gandhi devoted himself to peaceful struggle for Indian independence; Louis Bleriot crossed the English Channel; John F. Kennedy’s political measures; Michel Platini Football legend; French doctor Jean-Louis Etienne flies over the North Pole alone by balloon & hellip; The brand’s latest image spokesman, Mr. Felix Bogatner, has this ambition to attract us to try this feat with him, we may Created the first veritable supersonic watch & mdash; Zenith El Primero Stratos. ‘

 ZENITH Chronograph Stopwatch 111th Anniversary Global Touring Exhibition
 ZENITH, which has been in the leading position in the chronograph and stopwatch field, launched a three-week ‘ZENITH Chronograph and Stopwatch 111th Anniversary Global Touring Exhibition’ on November 3 at Taipei 101 Gordon Watch. This exhibition will be exhibited since 1899 , ZENITH mechanical chronographs with different functions in different ages, including: the first ZENITH mechanical chronograph stopwatch, military chronographs over the years, etc. & hellip; a total of 32 antique collection watches, ZENITH also specially invited, world-class super marathon runners -Lin Yijie created momentum for the event. Lin Yijie said: ‘I like the spirit of the ZENITH brand that constantly challenges itself and always moves towards unexplored areas. Like this 111th anniversary chronograph tour exhibition, let us see the brand in The process of constantly challenging technology and being innovative in the field of timekeeping is very consistent with my own personality. The different Super Marathon road running plans over the years are an effort to continuously break through their own ideas and achieve their ideals. ”Want to see ZENITH Watch fans of century-old antique watches, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!