Wing Chuang Extraordinary Tasting Roger Dubuis Excalibur Series Double Flying Tourbillon Watch

The continuous exploration and creation of subversive materials and advanced complicated function timepieces is the watchmaking direction of watch brand Roger Dubuis. With a bold watchmaking attitude and determination to explore and innovate in the wilderness, Roger Dubuis launched a new brand concept of “Creating Extraordinary” at SIHH 2017. The new Excalibur King series watches are the embodiment of this concept. The carrier of the ‘Astral Skeleton Interstellar Skeleton’ creation principle known for its star-shaped hollow movements is the aesthetic and technical design of earth, water, wind and fire The four major elements, sometimes faint and sometimes fierce, are perfectly integrated. Highlight the latest achievements of the brand’s breakthrough leap. The highly anticipated Roger Dubuis Excalibur dual flying tourbillon watch is one of them. (Watch model: RDDBEX0599)

Join forces to create brilliant

   In 2017, Roger Dubuis and Pirelli tires collaborated to design a breakthrough “Pirelli” Excalibur watch and two world-first innovations launched by the brand, which became a practical example of its creative principles. Performance-oriented creative ideas are truly reflected in new timepieces that combine disruptive materials and advanced complications, making this new series of watches a star-shaped skeleton movement known as ‘Astral Skeleton Interstellar skeleton’ The perfect carrier of creative principles and matched with the very representative Spider cutout concept, extending the cutout technique beyond the movement, presenting a unique watch style to the wearer.
Pioneer Timepiece

Watch display
   It has a beautiful appearance and a connotation. It is a classic model created to run the fast lane. The two blue and black color elements add luster to the watch’s case, which is very beautiful. On the watch, the ‘Astral Skeleton Interstellar Hollow’ and the dual tourbillon device contrast each other, giving people the sense of sight of the racing dashboard.

Watch case display
   The 47mm black DLC-coated titanium hollow case, which blends with the blue crown and inner ring, is particularly dazzling. And the titanium alloy itself is light and high in hardness, durable and corrosion resistant, which greatly improves the durability of the watch.

Watch lug display
   The same black DLC-coated titanium alloy lugs, after processing, present the watch with a unique sense of science and technology, and the strap and case are connected by bolts.

Watch crown display
   The vulcanized rubber-coated titanium alloy crown is engraved with the logo of Roger Dubuis, showing the brand’s unique charm. The vulcanized rubber is designed for non-slip texture, with a soft and non-slip texture, providing a comfortable operating feel.
Double tourbillon guarantees more accurate watch movement

   Subverting the ‘outstanding show’ of a single tourbillon, the double tourbillon is more ornamental and accurate. The dual tourbillons are located at the 5 and 7 time scales, respectively. The chronograph and car speedometer set on the outer ring are similar, and are equipped with car-style hands; while the multi-color power reserve display emulates the racing cockpit Fuel gauge. When watching a watch, it feels like driving a racing car on the road, adding a unique time experience for the wearer.

Watch movement display
   The watch uses a see-through process. Through the transparent back cover, you can observe the movement of the movement. Don’t have any fun. Silver metal texture, classic and magical. Equipped with the RD105SQ hand-wound movement, the classic style of ‘Astral Skeleton Interstitial Hollow’ creates an extremely transparent visual experience, which is impressive. Both the front and rear of the watch are engraved with the Geneva mark to ensure the accuracy of the time.

Watch strap display
   The black rubber strap and blue stitching complement this watch. The rubber material is soft and durable, which can well protect the watch from the wrist. This watch is limited to 8 pieces, and is exclusively sold in Roger Dubuis stores. Purchasers can participate in a VIP trip carefully planned by Pirelli for a two-day event in a racing event.

Watch overall display

Summary: The subversive materials and complex functions make this watch one of the focal points on SIHH. The avant-garde blue and black design style meets the aesthetic standards of today’s watches. The combination of the ‘Astral Skeleton Interstellar Hollow’ and the double tourbillon also underscores the brand concept of ‘Yongchuang extraordinary’. If you like this watch, you can go to the brand store to see it.