White-collar Entry Luxury Luxury Watch Raiders

Watches have always been hailed as synonymous with luxury goods, and have been hailed as the second ‘business card’ by many professionals. They are either formally elegant or low-key luxury. White collar, how can you not have a watch? 1 TISSOT Swiss Multifunction Chronograph Tissot Quartz Men’s Watch
Depending on the proportion of a watch, the color, material, and design of the strap may be the key points to change your overall match. If you like the elegant and clean surface, you can find a breakthrough on the strap; or you are a bold tryr, and “packing the dial” with the strap is also a startling choice.
2 D & G fashion gentleman quartz men’s watch
D & G’s big-name charm naturally goes without saying. The angular square dial design shows the man’s rough nature, while the fluorescent-colored second hand design, which is dazzled and bright, makes the watch instantly vivid and jumpy, and interprets it in a unique way. Show Italian-style romantic feelings, let you become the focus of the workplace.
3, Burberry British classic meter digital meter
Born in Burberry in 1890, the myth of the windbreaker has been enduring. Now this classic British style is going to extend to your wrist. Unlike the previous men’s watches, which are mostly with metal texture straps, The brown leather strap, like the Burberry brand, is low-key, elegant, and has a superior sense of balance. This watch for true gentlemen is definitely the best choice for business men to improve their aura.
4, BURBERRY- classic check fashion square bracelet watch
The classic BURBERRY plaid, retro British atmosphere, the elegant style and solid quality that BURBERRY has always adhered to demonstrate. The exquisite design and workmanship show its quality as an international big brand. Each BURBERRY watch has a unique BURBERRY original factory number on the case back, which is suitable for the same unique trendy men and women.
5.AQUASWISS Men’s Sports Chronograph
Aquaswiss originated in Switzerland, the capital of horology. Adhering to Switzerland’s outstanding watchmaking skills, all Aquaswiss watches are waterproof to 30 meters. The AquaSwiss wristband is made of stainless steel or PC. The surface is hardened and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is polished. The style will never be out of date. The unique three-eye dial of this sports watch is exquisite and stylish, whether it is for sports, diving, or with casual clothes or suits, it is the best choice for all.