Time Passing The World Passport Blancpain Villeret Series Half Time Zone Two Places 8 Days Long Power Watch

In September, the hot weather gradually receded, which is the best time for people to travel and play. So do you expect beautiful scenery and fascinating journey stories? Then act now and turn that heart into action. Let’s pack up our bags and go to the distant heart for a relaxing trip. Then, a two-hour watch that can harvest the global time zone is a time-passport that travels around the world. You have to know that the time zone of a GMT dual time watch can only be adjusted in units of 1 hour, which means that when you arrive in a country or region with a half time zone, such as India, Newfoundland, and Nepal, it is impossible to achieve two. Quickly adjust the local time, that may cause missed cars, ships, flights, and even miss those beautiful life stories.

New GMT organization

   Blancpain’s half-time zone 8-day long-power watch 6661, except for some little-known islands, sets the local time to be 1/4 hour away from the neighbouring city, applicable to all parts of the world. The ultimate convenience for all travelers to harvest global tourist destinations. The breakthrough of this function is not as simple as changing the gear ratio. It must be equipped with a new GMT mechanism, which can make the hour and minute hands jump at the same time, and set the time quickly with a half-hour time difference unit.
Blancpain’s original handle button

   Another great breakthrough is Blancpain’s original handle button, which can easily adjust the time and date in half time zone. In the past, the date can only be adjusted by turning the handle continuously to allow the hour hand to continue to rotate to reach the correct date.
The magic effect of the guide column

   For example, the dial at 4 to 5 o’clock, when you press the button on the head, wait for the small hand to point to T (Time), pull out the head to the first position, you can rotate to adjust the hour and minute hands in half time zone . Similarly, when you want to adjust the date, press the button, wait for the small pointer to point to D (Date), pull out the head to the first gear to quickly adjust the date. We must know that the watchmakers of Blancpain made every effort to realize this switching mechanism, and finally took the guide wheel of the chronograph as the design concept, and realized the precision of the switching button and the smooth and smooth control feeling.
Unique dial design

   The dial layout and functions of this watch are also quite unique. The small dial at 12 o’clock is used to display the time of the original place of residence. A set of Blancpain’s signature hollowed-out willow leaf hands in the center of the dial indicate the local time of the wearer. This dial layout design allows travelers to clearly read the time in two time zones.

   At 9 o’clock, the small dial is decorated with golden sun patterns, gray moon and stars, and is decorated on the large fire enamel dial, which interprets a gorgeous poem of day and night. They are used to display the day and night of the original place of residence. This eye-catching and highly decorative design is full of humanity, which allows you to easily understand the schedule of the original place of residence, and to communicate with your friends and family within a reasonable time. .
8 days long power

   The watch is equipped with a Cal.5235DF self-winding movement. It uses three barrels in series to achieve 8 days of ultra-long power. It is equipped with a non-clamping hairspring titanium balance and gold fine-adjustment screws to ensure 8-day ultra-long power At the same time, it also has excellent stability. The sapphire back of the watch reveals the beauty of the movement.
Wrist CP for International Business Travelers

   Blancpain’s half-time and two-day 8-day long-powered watch is an excellent choice for the wrist of international business travelers. In addition to red gold models, there are also platinum models available. And with the same function, the power reserve is 7265 6565 red gold half hunting models and 6660 stainless steel models to provide you with more choices.