The Ultimate In Carvings Tasting The Vacheron Constantin Heritage 14 Days Power Reserve Tourbillon Watch

Although the function of tourbillon is a complicated function, with the development of science and technology, any watch brand with a little technical strength in the world can make this function now. But everything is like this, it’s easy to do well, it’s even more difficult to achieve the ultimate. And Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin), as a watch brand that has spanned more than two centuries, not only achieves the ultimate function of the tourbillon, but also incorporates engraving on the basis of the ultimate, and even has a 14-day long power.

   Speaking of Vacheron Constantin’s engraving history, it can be traced back to 1755 when the brand was founded. At that time, Vacheron Constantin’s craftsmen can skillfully use various arts and crafts to add the beauty of watches and clocks, and hand-carving is one of them. The Vacheron Constantin pocket watch is already equipped with a balance wheel splint with a carving process. In 1924, Vacheron Constantin subversively manufactured the first monolithic engraved movement and mounted it on a pocket watch to seduce the altar. At the same time, this initiative was also regarded as the beginning of engraved clocks. Today, Vacheron Constantin can not only carry out hollow engraving on watches with simple functions, but also create movements with super complicated functions such as minute repeater, perpetual calendar and tourbillon. As this year coincides with the 90th anniversary of the birth of engraved watches, this year was also the year of engraving by Vacheron Constantin. In order to commemorate this special day, the brand launched about 10 engraved watches this year. Among these 10 works, Called the engraving extreme is this engraved 14-day power reserve tourbillon watch.

   Except for the platinum case, the rock gray scale circle, the white gold hour markers and the crown prince hands, all the visual highlights undoubtedly fall on that extremely dazzling tourbillon movement. This 2260SQ movement is a engraved version of the 2260 movement. In addition to Vacheron Constantin’s fourth-complex movement, it was already a very exquisite movement before engraving.

   Generally speaking, top watch brands rarely launch single-function tourbillon watches. Even if the 2260 movement is not accompanied by a three-question and perpetual calendar, this cross tourbillon must run perfectly for 14 days. In addition, we Seeing this movement’s decoration is also more atmospheric, the pearl pattern on the back exudes dazzling brilliance, and the two main splints on the front also show a cute cloud shape. The posture is beautiful and the battle is neat. The chamfering by hand is like clouds, and you can see that it is the style of everyone! Let’s take a look at its tourbillon.

   You know, the tourbillon of Vacheron Constantin is for you to enjoy. The shape of the tourbillon frame is derived from the brand’s Maltese cross logo. The shape of this frame is complex, and the chamfers are countless. But Vacheron Constantin made this metal The frame is so polished that it shines brightly, which is just a reflection of God. When it turns, everyone will be impressed by the light it emits. In addition to the tourbillon frame, the process of fixing the beams is equally challenging. It takes more than 11 hours of manual processing to meet Vacheron Constantin’s strict grinding standards. In addition, Vacheron Constantin is equipped with four barrels, that is, two sets of dual barrels, in order to keep the power of this watch for 14 days.

   We saw that the solid movement was already so perfect, but Vacheron Constantin wanted to make the perfection even more perfect, so we decided to engraving on this super-complex movement. The engraving of the 2260 SQ movement can be said to break the norm. , Set a new milestone in carving art. Due to the relatively large size of the movement, Vacheron Constantin tried to explore the style of ‘pattern stacking’ as the theme in order to ensure that the carving process echoed the special movement architecture, making it a Gothic ribbed vault, vertical and horizontal lines, and The unique style of the deconstruction curve completely overturns the traditional aesthetic balance in the past. We see that the interaction between light and structure greatly highlights the three-dimensional structure of the movement, the depth of field and height are further enhanced, and the contrast between matte and polishing is also Gives this watch an extremely unique light.

   The end result is wonderful, but the effort behind it is arduous. We must always remember that this is not a simple movement, but an ultra-complex movement, although the unique layered structure of the movement is a surface Decoration has won more creative space and handicraft display space, but the risks and challenges of its production are multiplying. Friends who are familiar with carving should know that carving is the most stressful ‘bone thin’ and does not affect the wrist Under the premise of the watch, remove any excess parts of the splint except the skeleton as much as possible, and it is best to leave no ‘meat’ at all. It is based on this concept that watchmakers must analyze and consider the movement carefully before engraving, find out all the parts that can be removed, and do as much engraving as possible to show the beautiful Inside the movement. Such a process must be completed by the top watchmaker himself, because it is not easy to achieve an ingenious balance between carving and ensuring the functioning of the function. This requires the master to carefully consider the movement based on his life-long experience. Even an extremely experienced master, it usually takes hundreds of hours to engrave a movement from conception, design to the molding stage, and this movement only takes two steps to conceive and mold. Two months.

   It takes time to conceive and mold, but it takes longer to decorate, chamfer and sculpt by hand, because this requires the sculptor to decorate each part by hand. The movement has a total of 231 parts. You can think about it This is a kind of project, and some parts need to be chamfered and polished, while others need to be hand-drawn and polished to show a matte texture to set off the polished parts, thus showing the two effects when combined together. Contrast beauty. Especially when dealing with some curved openings and internal angles, even internal angles less than 45 °, the process will be more complicated, and this degree of complexity cannot be completed by any machine. After each part has been chamfered and hand-polished, it is time to start sculpting them. It can also be said that everyone wears a dress.

   In general, it takes about a week to carve a simple-function movement, not to mention this super-complex movement. When the engraver sculpts the parts with a carving knife, each knife must be extremely accurate. , Even as small as nearly one tenth of a millimeter, not only must the carved pattern present a round and pleasing relief effect, but also requires the sculptor to integrate his perceptual understanding into the parts to give it personality and soul. In the end, compared with the solid movement, the time of chamfering and hand decoration increased by 10 hours, and the time of engraving increased by 40 hours.

   In the end, this watch not only showed the legendary effect of Guoshi Wushuang, but also obtained the ‘Geneva Seal’ certification, which symbolizes the highest quality watches. This piece shows us that Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking philosophy is only the ultimate. We are moved. I am afraid that the only watch brand in the world that can apply the engraving process on the complex movements such as the three questions, the perpetual calendar and the tourbillon and has passed the ‘Geneva Seal’ certification!