The Collection Of Time Three Recommended Couple Watches

Love is always the theme of this world. Broadly defined love is love for the world, narrow love is love between men and women, love between friends, love between lovers. Today, what we generally call love is the love between men and women. We also always want to record our love. Watches, as a carrier of time, are naturally the best thing to record love. Recommend three couples watch, witness love, record love.

Yibolu retro automatic series GBR8280-212 / LBR8280-212 couple pair watch

Domestic public price: RMB8580
Watch diameter: 39.5mm / 29mm
Watch thickness: 10.25mm / 9.25mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel, ion-plated rose gold bezel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: AILES DU TEMP ‘. This has also become the core series of the Emilon brand! The unique double-wing design on the wings of time series, which means’ double wings flying, ‘sweet love, is a rare boutique work for couples on the watch .

Summary: The annual Valentine’s Day is coming. Have you prepared your presents carefully for your other half? These three pairs of watches recommended for everyone today can be prepared as Valentine’s Day gifts. Love February and the season of love. When they meet each other in their lifetimes, they will have eternal romance. Selecting a watch as a gift on Valentine’s Day is both high-end and very connotative, not so tacky.