Setting Time And Date Of Breguet Model 3137ba/11/986

Breguet watch model 3137BA / 11/986 time and date setting method
   Put the head in two positions:
1 Normal position (manual winding)
2. Adjust time position
Starting time:
When the handle is in position 1, you can wind the automatic movement manually and turn the handle upwards about 30 to 35 times. Thereafter, the watch will be wound automatically during wearing. When not being worn, the watch will stop running after about 45 hours.
When the pointer of the energy reserve display device B is located at 45, it means that the energy stored in the watch is sufficient to run for about 45 hours.
Adjustment time:
Pull your head out to position 2 and turn your head up to move the pointer forward until the date changes at 12 o’clock in the evening. Then pull the pointer to adjust the time required (please note: if you adjust the time at a lower level, remember that the pointer must first pass at 12 noon). To calibrate the correct time, the last step must be performed clockwise. After the adjustment is completed, press the head back to position 1, and turn the head downward to make sure that the head can rotate freely.
Note: When the watch is between 8 pm and 6 am, do not correct the date (button I) and moon phase (button II). If you are not sure whether the time indicated by the hands is morning or evening, you can turn the head to make the hour and minute hands scale (with the head in position 2) to 6 am until the date changes. Then adjust the date and moon phase as needed before adjusting the watch time.
Correction date (1-31) button I:
Continuously press button I until the correct date is displayed.
Date of revision button II:
压 Press button II continuously to move the moon phase disk until the middle of the moon. Check the calendar and calculate the number of days that have passed since the last full moon. Then correct the moon phase by pressing once a day has passed.