Rolex New Steel Shell Five-bead Chain Red And Blue Circle Public Price Announced, Domestic Public Price 71,000 Yuan

It is not too late to get to the topic. This year’s Rolex’s most heavyweight watch, the steel case five-bead chain red and blue ring Greenwich GMT (No. 126710), announced the domestic public price. The domestic public price is 71,000 yuan. The previously announced overseas price was 8,800 Swiss francs.

Rolex steel shell five-bead chain red and blue circle greenwich
   Before the domestic secondary market, the actual price of the red and blue ring of the Rolex steel shell five-bead chain was around 100,000 to 110,000. Relative to the currently announced public price, the super public price is more than 30,000 yuan.

   Rolex’s red and blue rings were previously in a platinum case, without a steel case version. This year Rolex launched the ‘five-bead chain’ version of the steel case red and blue ring Greenwich GMT (No. 126710). The reason for using the ‘five-bead chain’ is to distinguish it from the platinum version of the oyster bracelet. In order to distinguish between the platinum version and the steel case version, Rolex modified the lugs of the new steel case version, so the steel case version can only use the ‘five-bead chain’. In addition, the new red and blue circle white gold shell Greenwich uses a blue disk, which further increases the difference from the steel shell version.

Rolex New Steel Shell Five-Bead Chain Red Blue Circle Greenwich
   In addition to the five-bead chain, another important change in the new steel case red and blue ring GMT is the use of Rolex’s new generation 32XX movement (specifically 3285 movement). The new movement increases the power from 48 hours of the previous generation 3135 to 70 hours.

   Because the previous new steel case red and blue circle Greenwich GMT did not announce the domestic public price, there is no comparison between the public price and the actual market. There is no comparison between different models of steel case Greenwich. Now we can simply compare them.
   The green price of the steel case red and blue circle Greenwich is: 71,000 yuan
   Steel case blue black circle Greenwich’s public price is: 69300 yuan
   The public price of the steel ring black ring Greenwich is: 64900 yuan