Red Box Jiaxi Loves The Sky With Cartier For A ‘romantic Flight’ Appointment

Chinese Valentine’s Day
Every love deserves its own exclusive date
Open the red box with TA
Let the hot love accompany the two parties to the sky

On the coming of Valentine’s Day in 2017, Cartier, a French jewellery and watch brand, presents romantic dates celebrating love in the vast sky, and opens a sky journey for lovers. From August 21st to 28th, the first 77 customers who are located in Cartier WeChat boutiques or call Cartier Customer Service Center (400 885 6618) to order selected works of Tanabata will be able to enjoy the ‘romantic flight’ trip for two people in designated cities and take exclusive Helicopter, remember the unique Tanabata covenant at high altitude in the city. During this period, customers who purchased Cartier’s works at online or offline boutiques will also have the opportunity to receive Cartier’s specially-designed voice greeting cards to record your exclusive voice greetings. Let you give a gift by yourself and say love yourself.

Voice card specially customized by Cartier to record your exclusive voice blessings.

When I meet you, the time is fixed in the lucky second, with a glance at thousands of years, I seem to see the glimmer of happiness outside the cloud. After 170 years, Cartier has witnessed countless moving moments of love. Whether it was Richard Bolton who bought Cartier’s ‘Borton Taylor’ diamonds for Elizabeth Taylor, or Grace Kelly’s fairy tale wedding with Prince Monaco, or Liang Chaowei used a rare Cartier 12 carat pear The moment the diamond ring confessed to Carina Lau, Cartier was like a witness and guardian, always accompanying her with true love.

This year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, Cartier presents an extraordinary experience and creative inspiration that are exclusively enjoyed. It combines all the exciting elements-sky, love, red box and helicopter, into French romance, and composes an ode to the love of Qixi. In Cartier’s love world, each pair of lovers should have a unique and unforgettable love memory. An exclusive sky journey is the best footnote to love memories. With you, the horizon is also within easy reach.

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