From March 21st to March 26th, 2019, Switzerland will host the 47th Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. Although it will take more than a month from the start of the exhibition, Tudor can’t wait to announce the spy photos of the new 2019 products on its official Ins. According to the tradition of previous years, this spy shot was the brand’s main push for the new style. Although it is only part of the picture of the dial, we can still predict in detail the kind of watch that Tudor will launch this year. The most obvious identification point in the photo is the triangular scale. Considering the position of the picture, we can find that the triangular scale is located at 9 o’clock on the dial. And our common watches with triangular scales are mostly located at 12 o’clock on the dial. This dial style is undoubtedly derived from Ref.79090 in the Tudor antique watch. We often say ‘Tudor looks like a Rolex’, and such a situation is bound to happen. In February 1926, the watchmaking and watch distributor ‘Veuve de Philippe Hüther’ registered the trademark ‘The Tudor’ for Hans Wilsdorf in Geneva, Switzerland. Wilsdorf obtained the exclusive use right from the dealer, and Wilsdorf is the founder of the Rolex brand. The reason for the initial registration of the Tudor brand was simple. Just as trustworthy. ‘ In 1953, Rolex launched the ‘Submariner’, commonly known as ‘Water Ghost’, the first watch capable of waterproofing up to 100 meters. Then in 1954, Tudor launched the brand’s first Tudor diving watch Ref.7922, also called ‘Submariner’. The two watches are exactly the same. It can be said that the early Tudor diving watch was a replica of the Rolex. It was not until 1969 that the story changed. A new model appeared in the Tudor product catalog this year, Ref. 7016. Its biggest feature is the use of a square luminous scale and a snowflake needle called ‘Snowflake’ by collectors. This marked the beginning of the second generation of Tudor dive watches. Some watch friends may say, how to change the dial and hands to be called the second generation? Doesn’t this look similar to the Rolex water ghost? In fact, the Tudor diving watch is not strictly similar to the Rolex water ghost, but similar to the ‘diving watch’. As a diving watch, in order to meet the needs of divers, it will inevitably be equipped with a rotating diving ring, a huge handle, an obvious pointer and scale … just like a car has four wheels. The Rolex water ghost is an early diving watch. The brands behind it include not only Tudor. As long as it is a diving watch, it will more or less have its ‘shadow’. In addition to appearance, the difference between one or two generations of Tudor diving watches is also the movement. The first generation was equipped with a Fleurier movement, while the second generation was replaced with an ETA movement. From 1969 to 1999, production was discontinued, and the second generation of Tudor diving watches continued for 30 years. In these 30 years, in addition to the Ref. 7016 with snowflake needle and square scale mentioned earlier, it is worth mentioning Ref. 79090. Its main feature is that the dial uses a triangular scale, while also using Rolex’s iconic Mercedes-Benz hands. And this year’s spy photos released by the official Tudor official Ins completely fit this Ref.79090 dial. The evidence is even more conclusive: Trigonal Ref.79090 was born in 1989, and this year is just its 30th anniversary. Therefore, according to the spy photos speculation, Tudor 2019 new models will look like this. It is worth noting that in addition to the triangular scales, the spy photos also show a ‘plaster surface’ design, that is, the luminous powder of the scale is directly applied on the dial instead of filling the metal frame. This ointment surface also indicates that this Tudor will continue the brand’s most popular ‘retro’ route in recent years, with aluminum alloy outer rings and retro nail bands that will change color over time. At the same time, it will be equipped with Tudor’s latest MT series self-produced movement. Then, some watch friends said that if Tudor’s new replica watch Ref.79090 this year, even if it uses triangular scales, but if equipped with classic Mercedes-Benz hands, wouldn’t it be too much like a Rolex? Tudor’s second-generation diving watch used to have a triangular scale + a combination called a ‘lollipop’ needle. Will Tudor use a lollipop needle to highlight the characteristics of the Tudor brand this year? The combination of the triangular scale and the ‘lollipop’ needle appears in the brand’s smaller case style, known as ‘Mini-Sub’ in history. The difference between a Lollipop needle and a Mercedes-Benz needle is that the head of the Lollipop needle is a round shape, while the Mercedes-Benz needle is divided into three parts. The Rolex water ghost’s watch needle is commonly known as the ‘Mercedes-Benz needle’ because his appearance is similar to the Mercedes-Benz logo. But in fact, it has no relationship with the car brand Mercedes-Benz. The reason why it is made is to better and evenly apply the luminous paint on it. The smaller-sized Mini-Sub is equipped with a small-sized hand, so naturally there is no need to worry about the filling and stability of the luminous paint, so a ‘lollipop’ needle is formed. In order to highlight the characteristics of the Tudor brand with a lollipop needle, this is theoretically possible. But ‘Mini-Sub’ first appeared in 1976, and this year is not an anniversary. The Ref.79090 with triangular scale + Mercedes-Benz needle was born in 1989, this year is just its 30th anniversary. As a prediction, relatively speaking, the triangular scale + Mercedes-Benz replica will appear more likely. Even the listing name will be called ‘Black Bay 89’. I don’t know what the size of this watch will be made by Tudor in the end. If it is the same as the Black Bay 1958 released last year, it is designed to be a 39mm small and light diving watch. —END —