Retro Taste Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 6 Watch

TAG Heuer is highly regarded at this edition of Baselworld 2015, and is commendable. Every new model introduced has been well received. Two of the retro-looking Carrera captivated everyone. This watch is 39 mm in diameter and can be worn by both men and women. The new retro style is derived from the classic CARRERA Carrera of Jack Heuer Design, punched strap is more fashionable.

Case made of stainless steel
   This Calella 6 watch is a tribute to the 1963 model in a silver and blue three-hand watch with a touch of red on the raised dial “60”, the classic Tag Heuer logo and the minute hand. Carrera chronograph. The blue small seconds dial echoes with the blue vintage punched belt. The classic Tag Heuer logo engraved on the buckle shows the extraordinary taste in the most subtle. The combination of silver, blue and red gives the watch a unique retro style. This Calella CALIBRE 6 junior watch is equipped with the Calibre 6 movement certified by the authoritative Swiss official observatory. The balance wheel is decorated with delicate Geneva ripples and has a power reserve of 44 hours.

Watch diameter 39 mm

With vintage perforated belt

Very retro dial design, using the brand’s retro logo

Small seconds and date display at 6 o’clock

The lugs are sharp and sharply polished

Perforated leather strap for a retro feel

Buckle engraved with the Tag Heuer brand is made of stainless steel

Dense bottom case engraved with HEUER

Summary: This Tag Heuer Carrera series watch is suitable for anyone who appreciates extraordinary design. It is a wrist watch that collectors and fashion lovers must not miss. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event:

Frank Muller Opens In Asia, Shanghai And Singapore Flagship Stores Both Open

The grand opening of two new specialty stores in Shanghai Pudong IFC and Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall in Singapore brings the total number of Franck Muller’s stores in Asia to 21, symbolizing Franck Muller’s presence in the Asian market The expansion of the company set a new milestone.
Frank Mueller Shanghai Flagship Store
This year, Franck Muller, Switzerland’s top watch brand, opened its first flagship store in China at the newly completed IFC Mall (IFC) in Pudong, Shanghai, China.
Frank Miller Singapore Flagship Store
同时 At the same time in Singapore, following the opening of the first Franck Muller flagship store in the top mall ION in 2009, the newly completed Marina Bay Sands opened another second flagship store in Singapore.
Combining the strong Franck Muller brand characteristics and elements, the home style design concept adopted by the House of Franck Muller flagship store globally is also applied to the two newly opened flagship stores, creating a unique and comfortable shopping environment. Designed by connoisseurs of Franck Muller’s collection of high-end timepieces, it offers comfort and personal service.

A Glorious Encounter Piaget And Qin Hao Shine In Cannes

Time flies, but the memory of light and shadow leaves traces of years, recording the birth of a classic. Cannes in May usher in a new eulogy. At the 65th Cannes Film Festival, the new film ‘Mystery’ directed by Lou Min was grandly unveiled, and the Earl of Watch and Jewelry Family joined together to perform a grand event of light and shadow.
    The leading actor in ‘Floating City’ Qin Hao has previously been nominated for the best actor in Cannes with three films such as ‘Rizhao Chongqing’ and came to this beautiful town again this year to continue the frontier with the Cannes Film Festival. At this film festival, Piaget and Qin Hao shot a series of watch watches, which fixed the mechanical charm of the watch in the film.
   This blockbuster watch is headed by well-known photographer Chen Mingsheng, and Qin Hao appears in a variety of shapes against the backdrop of blue sea and blue sky. Piaget Emperador watch with brown suit, the gentleman’s aura is perfect. And choose Piaget Polo watch and black dress to perfectly interpret the extraordinary style of successful men.
    In addition, Qin Hao also chose a rose gold Altiplano watch with a red sweater. The luxurious diamonds inlaid on the case looked bright against the leather strap, which made Qin Hao’s hands glow with elegance at all times; and the simple and bright blue The color shirt with black slacks has changed to a deeper attitude in the past. The Altiplano series wrist watch just reflects the handsome appearance of Qin Hao. The ultra-thin model is equipped with smooth dial lines and simple atmosphere. The strap is made of precious crocodile leather. It has been polished through several processes, showing the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship.
    From sponsoring the American Independent Spirit Awards to supporting important Asian film events such as the Hong Kong Golden Awards and the Shanghai Film Festival, Piaget, the jeweller of watches and jewels who has a strong affinity with movies, has been committed to the development of the global film industry for many years and has made great contribution. This year, the Earl appeared in Cannes as always, and sketched out the beautiful and charming moments in this movie blue sky.

Breitling Super Ocean Watch Dives 200 Meters Deep Sea

Breitling 07 Summer Solstice-Super Ocean Watch. SUPEROCEAN was born in the 1950s and was designed for special forces such as professional diving in the Navy. It has a one-piece case and a reinforced mirror that can dive to a depth of 200 meters. In the future, due to the increasing popularity of diving activities, this watch has become the new favorite of the public. Over the years, every super ocean watch has been arrogant for its outstanding technical performance, and has won countless praises. It has a sturdy case with a water-resistant depth of 1,500 meters, a screw-down crown and a thickened sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment on both sides. In addition, the Super Ocean Watch also has a safety relief valve inside to balance the pressure inside and outside the case. When the pressure inside the case reaches about three bar, the pressure reducing valve will automatically release the helium accumulated in the watch to prevent the case from bursting.

Don’t Have A Taste Chopard L.U.C Series Watches Recommended

Chopard is an independent watchmaking brand with a long history, but it is not controlled by the original founding family. In 1963, Chopard officially changed hands and was acquired by the German scheufele family. The L.U.C series is the most classic series in the Chopard watch family. Today I will introduce the L.U.C XP wine barrel watch 162294-5001, the reference price is 157,500 yuan.
The shape of this watch is not round, but a barrel shape, which also makes it look unique. The 40 * 37 mm rose gold case is very noble, with a thickness of only about 7 mm. It is also a member of ultra-thin watches, which also conforms to the image of some people’s dress watches. It can fit the wrist tightly after getting started, and it is a golden style hidden between the cuff and the wrist.

Its movement is an L.U.C 97.03-L self-winding movement, which is a Caspar-type movement produced by Chopard. It is very beautiful and is equipped with a pearl top. The production of the barrel-type movement is very different from the circular movement, because the shape of the entire layout is very different. This movement has a 65-hour power reserve and has reached the level of the Observatory.

This watch is an atypical dress watch. It is an ultra-thin wine barrel type watch. The size of 40 * 37 mm is very suitable for men who wear formal watches for a long time. And its movement is Chopard’s own movement, the barrel-type movement is far more difficult to make than the round movement, and it is also equipped with a pearl tourmaline, the price of 157,500 yuan will not let you like this brand People are discouraged.
 Watch details: chopard / 8340 /

A Tribute To The Spirit Of The Coffee Knight Zenith Pilot’s Collection Ton-up Royal Line Watch Tasting

The coffee knight, they are public, respectful, and advocating freedom and randomness. Speed ​​and power are the inexhaustible driving force of the coffee knights. Looking for self-worth in the gallop, their appearance has created a major retro fashion trend in the last century. The desire for locomotive speed has allowed their spirit to be passed on, and it is still exciting to this day. In 2016, Zenith Pilot watch series added a new and exaggerated new member HERITAGE PILOT CAFÉ RACER watch, pay tribute to the spirit of coffee knight, publicity, style and resilience, showing retro feelings. (Watch model: 11.2430.4069 / 21.C773)

Retro origins from the coffee knight spirit

   Coffee knights, a group of gentlemen who pursue speed, love rock and roll, and love blood locomotives. At the same time, it can also refer to their modified locomotives, which are sturdy in appearance and strong in style, which has affected the motorcycle industry and created many legendary high-performance locomotives. The coffee knight is a feeling. When you are galloping on the ground, the wind hits the body, and the scenery on both sides is moving backwards. That is not crazy, it is freedom. Fans love the old metal body of the coffee knight, and it is short In addition to the cutting and shaping of the frame, more may be a belief.

   The design of the watch was inspired by the ‘Coffee Knight’ cycling movement of England in the 1920s. Young and rebellious cycling enthusiasts are eager for a fast motorcycle (up to 160 km / h) that can be tailored to personal requirements, allowing them to run from cafe to cafe on the roads of Britain. The new Zenith watch evokes memories of these riding tools and their strong personality of high speed, originality and freedom.
As if back in time

Watch dial display

   The atmospheric 45mm retro stainless steel case is full of European and American heavy metal style. The same retro dial provides perfect readability. The rock gray grained dial supports two chronograph dials, and the arched sapphire crystal glass covers it. The retro fashion design shows the love of the coffee knight spirit. The 30-minute chronograph lap is at 3 o’clock and the small second hand is at 9 o’clock. The faceted hands and numerals with beige luminous coating are clearly visible on the dial, allowing time to be observed even in darker environments.

Watch side display

   The old-fashioned stainless steel case has a retro look. The classic part of the Pilot series inherited from Zenith, including the large-size luminous Arabic numerals and the grooved wide twist-lock crown. The design is avant-garde and more classic.

Crown display

   The crown is also made of retro-looking old stainless steel, and the non-slip texture design makes the watch’s crown more distinctive, with smooth lines, delicate and beautiful, and very beautiful.

Overall display on the side of the watch

Watch back cover display

    This watch has a dense bottom design, which protects the movement’s safety. The pure titanium case back with a water resistance of 100 meters is engraved with the words ‘Café Racer Spirit’. Equipped with the El Primero 4069 automatic movement born from Zenith’s legendary movement series (the world’s most accurate chronograph movement) developed in 1969, it vibrates 36,000 times per hour and displays the time in tenths of a second Provide power. The movement drives the central hour hand, minute hand, small seconds at 9 o’clock and various chronograph functions. The power reserve is approximately 50 hours.

Watch strap display

   The oily suede rubber-lined strap and its titanium pin buckle make the watch more perfect and comfortable to wear. The pin buckle can effectively protect the watch from accidental detachment. Against the old stainless steel case, stylish vintage elements are perfectly displayed.

Watch buckle display

Watch overall display

Summary: Don’t be afraid of the passage of time, the coffee knight culture is accompanied by retro locomotives, rich cigars, and the unremitting pursuit of locomotive speed. With the spirit of the coffee knight, it has continued to this day. These feelings are perfectly interpreted on this watch. Wear it and feel the charm of the coffee knight! Cousins ​​who like to change elements or riding culture suggest to consider starting this classic retro watch. Price: ¥ 59000

Leading The Modern Trend Glashütte’s New Panoinverse Xl Watch

Glashütte Original (Glashütte) classic series PanoInverse XL was launched in 2008, Saxon maker will display its unique internal elements on the display surface of the watch, making its internal beauty exposed for the first time. Both new versions of the PanoInverse XL utilize a more sophisticated case and a wider dial to present a dual gooseneck trimmer in a unique modern trend.
Glashütte’s new PanoInverse XL red gold

   The red and gold version of this extraordinary chronograph is already on the market, with a limited edition of 200 pieces worldwide. Available in 42mm stainless steel, the case is made of stainless steel with finely-coated polished surfaces and stripes.
   At a glance, the beauty of the PanoInverse XL is striking: its gold rhinestones with threads, each with three white screws, set on a three-quarter splint with a Glashütte rib; Arabic digital , Scale and pointer; elegant power reserve indicator, unique double gooseneck trimmer that can’t be ignored.
Unique gooseneck trimmer

   The galvanized silver fine-tuning device is inlaid on the balance bridge. The balance bridge is decorated with white galvanized carvings. The spiral weight below it swings regularly, showing the beauty of the rotation of the central Glashütte winding movement 66-04. Right now, the charm is endless.

   The off-center design of the PanoInverse XL gives the dial the unparalleled importance of the dual gooseneck fine-tuning device, making the rhythm and frequency of mechanical movements extremely accurate and with minimal errors, making connoisseurs sincerely praise its components.
Glashütte’s new PanoInverse XL stainless steel

   It is the beauty of this carefully crafted feature that has inspired watchmakers to redesign their movements to make the double gooseneck trimmer known as the ‘butterfly’ the most striking feature on the dial.

   Invert the elements that can usually only be seen through the sapphire crystal case chassis, exposing their inner beauty. This bold design requires the creation of new components and a substantial redesign of existing and accessory components. To accommodate this new design, all three splints and gear attachments for the movement and power reserve need to be rebuilt.
Glashütte’s new PanoInverse XL stainless steel

   Each new model of the PanoInverse XL comes with a well-made strap: a red gold version comes with a brown Louisiana alligator strap, and a stainless steel version comes with a gray Louisiana alligator strap.

Vacheron Constantin Launches The New ‘one Of Not Many · Zhuo Buqu’ National Tour Exhibition, Debuts At Nanjing Deji Plaza

[September 2018, Nanjing] Swiss high-end watchmaker Vacheron Constantin launched a national tour of ‘One of Not Many’ in Deji Plaza, Nanjing’s high-end commercial landmark. The exhibition starts on September 21 and lasts until September 27. In order to interpret the brand’s new promotional theme ‘One of Not Many’, Vacheron Constantin carefully created the exhibition area with a brand new concept, with a casual and elegant design style, a modern and unique display design, and a lifestyle-oriented experience setting for taste The homes provide a unique space to appreciate timepieces and enjoy extraordinary time.

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘One of Not Many’ National Tour Exhibition Nanjing Station

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘One of Not Many’ National Tour Exhibition Nanjing Station

  Throughout the global watchmaking industry, only a very small number of timepieces meet the high standards of fine watchmaking each year. And Vacheron Constantin’s annual output is even more scarce. Each timepiece piece combines excellent quality, exquisite design and superb skills. This year, the brand vividly interpreted the concept of ‘One of Not Many’ with brand new publicity activities, and launched creative cooperation with four talented young talents. Their personality and works show the constant pursuit of excellence and the world. Openness and tolerance and an inexhaustible passion for innovation, which is what Vacheron Constantin has always upheld.
  The ‘One of Not Many’ exhibition tour is an offline extension of the brand’s new promotional activities. Each of the five exhibition halls has its own ingenuity, and presents the creative theme of ‘One of Not Many’ in a unique and interesting setting.

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘One of Not Many’ National Tour Exhibition Nanjing Station

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘One of Not Many’ National Tour Exhibition Nanjing Station

  The first exhibition hall is based on the theme of music, showing the clever link between the brand’s new Fiftysix® series and music. The exhibition hall is full of musical elements such as guitars, records, headphones, etc. A group of exquisite bands playing musical instruments is also refreshing, and it also displays music artist Benjamin Clementine and musician and songwriter James Bay ( (James Bay) for the brand, guests can experience the up-to-date and elegant elegance of the Fiftysix® series.
  The second exhibition hall is based on the theme of classics, presenting the classic watches of the brand represented by Patrimony heritage, Tradtionnelle heritage and other series in a timeless modern space, showing the harmony between the brand’s simple design and superb watchmaking skills The balance is in harmony with the design concept advocated by designer Ora Ito-‘Simplplexity’.
  The third exhibition hall leads guests into the world of travelers with rich pictures and videos. Cory Richards, the explorer and photographer, is the embodiment of the fearless adventurer, showing the open, inclusive and exploratory spirit of the Overseas Series.

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘One of Not Many’ National Tour Exhibition Nanjing Station

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘One of Not Many’ National Tour Exhibition Nanjing Station

  Starting in Nanjing, Vacheron Constantin’s ‘One of Not Many’ exhibition tour will continue to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Chongqing, Beijing and Hangzhou. Watch connoisseurs will have more opportunities to appreciate Vacheron Constantin’s extraordinary timepiece masterpieces and explore the rich connotation of ‘One of Not Many’.
  Vacheron Constantin’s ‘One of Not Many · Outstanding’ National Tour Exhibition Nanjing Station
  Time: September 21-September 27, 2018
  Venue: Atrium of Nanjing Deji Plaza Phase II
  Vacheron Constantin’s ‘One of Not Many’
  Shanghai IFC Center October 20-October 24, 2018
  Shenzhen Vientiane City October 31-November 5, 2018
  More cities, please stay tuned: Xi’an, Chongqing, Beijing, Hangzhou

Glasuti Celebrates Biennial Celebration For Its Watchmaking Milestones

is a milestone with both elegance and practicality. The large calendar with Glashütte’s unique features coincides with its 15th anniversary, and the double gooseneck trimmer has entered its tenth spring and autumn.

     The gooseneck fine-tuning device makes the connoisseurs fascinated at first sight and makes people look for a long time. For its owner, it is an observable pulsation and occasionally requires the help of a small magnifying glass, which has been fascinating for a while.
     As the name suggests, the gooseneck fine-tuning device enables fine-tuning of the watch movement. In 2002, this innovative mechanism was first launched worldwide. It was specially designed and manufactured for the 65 manual-winding movement. It is used exclusively by PanoReserve. This device can fine-tune the movement with excellent accuracy. Two finely crafted gooseneck springs are produced in Glashütte’s factory using electrical spark etching. They are then hardened by hand after being hardened. They were then mounted on the balance plate, the core component of watch construction.
     First ensure the best stability of the components. Secondly, the balance plate is hand-carved and painstakingly plated to provide a very special stage for the gooseneck spring. The double gooseneck springs each independently adjust the speed of the watch and the positioning of the oscillating system. The gooseneck trimmer spring on the right is used to adjust the fast and slow hands. It can lengthen or shorten the balance spring and speed up or slow down the movement. The gooseneck trimmer spring on the left is used to push the screw balance spring bracket, thereby adjusting the end of the hairspring, or ‘falling distance’. Similar settings or pre-adjustments are done with hairspring clips and screws; fine-tuning is achieved with screws and gooseneck springs. The watchmaker usually adjusts the entire oscillation system to complete the accuracy adjustment. In this way, it is like injecting life into a new eccentric power reserve watch (PanoReserve).

     At first, this gem of watchmaking art was only seen when people took their watches off their wrists. This inspired Glashütte’s design engineers to have an unusual idea. This extraordinary device now appears on the dial. This design first appeared in the PanoInverse XL. The watch with a new case was introduced at the 2012 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show. When a gossamer balance device with double gooseneck trimming appears on the dial, coupled with anti-glare sapphire crystal on the surface and back, the hairspring in oscillation is beating like a heart.
These two innovations commemorated this year are not only merged in the PanoReserve watch, but also in another classic model of Glashütte, the popular PanoMatic Lunar watch. The Eccentric Moon Phase Watch (PanoMaticLunar) also debuted at the 2012 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show with a new design. The double gooseneck fine-tuning device reveals its extraordinary ability in the 90-type self-winding movement; the pearl tourmaline does not cover the precise oscillation system at all.

     A large calendar that has become a major feature of Glashütte is presented on the side of the dial, creating a practical and exceptionally elegant look for the PanoMatic Lunar watch. After 15 years, although it has the perfect recognition in the industry, it can still arouse the enthusiasm of watch connoisseurs around the world. Compared to other alternatives (where the two date disks overlap each other), its decisive advantage lies in the concentric coaxial plane, and Glashütte immediately applied for a patent for this innovative design.

     On large calendars, small ten-digit discs are printed with numbers from 0 to 3 only, rotating around the center of a larger ‘units’ disc containing numbers from 0 to 9. The date window does not need to obscure the difference between the two discs with a disturbing center bar, as is the case with competitors’ solutions. For the 31-day month, there is a support plate that can ensure that the ten-digit disk does not turn to ‘0’ on the 30th, and that the single-digit ‘1’ stays in place at midnight on the 31st. Supporters of Glashütte’s characteristic large calendar may have a hard time making a decision, because in the Pano line, they will find two other masterpieces, the PanoGraph and the PanoMaticCounter. XL) Combines large calendar with column wheel.

Movado Series 800 Quartz Movement Chronograph

This year, Movado Series 800® series has added two new classic sports chronographs. The black dial with bright lettering design is different. The Movado logo is inlaid at 12 o’clock. Sexual concave dots.
The two quartz chronographs, which debuted in Basel, have exquisitely elongated lugs and a sturdy 42 mm case. They are made of Performance Steel ™ and the smooth surfaces are brushed. They all come with a unidirectional rotating bezel, two stopwatch keys, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a special spiral back with a Series 800 stamp, and a spiral crown. Each has a black dial with a dark blue or orange hour hand and chronograph scale ring. The dial also has a central chronograph second hand, a small second dial at 2 o’clock, a 60-minute timer at 6 o’clock, a 30-minute timer at 10 o’clock, and white at 4 o’clock. The date display window, silver hour and minute hands, and embedded bar-shaped graduation marks are surrounded by a black minute scale ring with dark blue or orange lettering. The two new Sport Series 800 chronographs feature a black textured rubber strap with Performance Steel’s classic buckle clasp, and are water-resistant to 20 ATM.
秒 Swiss quartz chronograph movement accurate to the second.
Black dial with dark blue or bright orange lettering; silver hour and minute hands, embedded rod-shaped graduation marks and rhodium-plated concave dots at 12 o’clock; dark blue or orange chronograph seconds hand in the center; 2 o’clock Small seconds dial at position, 60-minute timer at 6 o’clock, 30-minute timer at 10 o’clock, white date display window at 4 o’clock, white scale with dark blue or orange lettering Black minute scale ring.
Case: Solid Performance Steel ™ brushed / polished case with extended sports lugs; sports unidirectional rotating bezel with black scale; stainless steel key knobs. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Water-resistant to 20 ATM.
Strap: black textured rubber strap with classic Performance Steel buckle.
Size: Men’s (42mm)