Clash Between Watchmaking And Architectural Art When J12 Meets Tyrolean Festival Concert Hall

Chanel J12 series watches have been known for 15 years in the fashion industry for their distinctive and distinctive outlines. Among them, the deep black style is the latest example of successful watch design. Although it was deep black, it was born to light. The dark black tone has been in the watchmaking industry for a long time. Now it is becoming more and more protagonist in the industry. Through the application of high-tech ceramics, the charm of dark black is once again perfectly interpreted in the J12 series watches. The shaved material has also become the signature symbol of Chanel’s elegant and sporty watches.

   The case is made of high-tech ceramic with a diameter of 38 mm. The practical Arabic numerals on the dial show the hours, minutes and seconds. Although the whole body is dark, it has the same color. Just like chameleons and stealth aircraft, the J12 dark black surround watch showcases the beauty of technology and refinement.

   Delugan Meissl Associates is an office founded by Delugan Meissl and Roman Delugan in Vienna in 1993. Both are talented designers and have earned an international reputation for their high architectural accomplishments and countless architectural achievements. The 1998 Belken House project in Germany, the 2003 House Ray 1 capsule house, and the 2008 Porsche New Museum project in Stuttgart are all from the hands of the two. These famous buildings reflect their outstanding design talent, unique personality and design language.

   This special and even unique expression is vividly displayed in the ‘Tiroler Festspieler (Tyrol Music Festival) Erl’ Festival Concert Hall. The new black façade structure was completed in August 2012, highlighting the environmental relationship between nature and architecture, and enhancing the dual personality between the two through the contrast of geometry and color. The interior of the building is divided into spaces with obvious structural functions. The highly penetrating structure allows the orchestra to enjoy the free rhythm of light and life. Constrained by terrain conditions, the bold use of futuristic design with geometric shapes forms a dialogue with the surrounding natural environment and blends into one. From a distance, the building looks like a UFO, and its unique colors and materials naturally attract the attention of passersby.

   Tiroler Festpiele Erl festival concert hall uses fiber cement to build the exterior wall, just like the Chanel J12 uses dark black ceramic dial design. Through innovative and exquisite craftsmanship, the classic design is reinterpreted as unique, creating a noble and elegant taste, allowing onlookers Fascinated deeply, this is undoubtedly the biggest common ground between the two. As the architect Alex Leuzinger pointed out, ‘Same colors, similar shapes and structures, watchmaking and architectural art share many characteristics.’

Legend Of The Wrist Breitling Circular Flight Slider

Breitling Circular Flight Slider
As early as the 1950s, Breitling was well-known in the aviation industry for its accurate and reliable cockpit timers and providing pilots with outstanding performance watches, known as ‘the official official supplier of the world aviation industry.’ However, Breitling’s dream is even more ambitious: to create a wrist-mounted flight calculator tailored for pilots, which is easy to operate and capable of performing various calculations required by aviation. This is the famous Breitling Circular Slide Rule.
On this day, it was only imagined that it was originally used on the Chronomat, a Breitling mechanical chronograph watch introduced in 1942. The circular slide ruler consists of a movable ruler and a fixed ruler: a bidirectional rotating bezel is equipped with an outer ring movable ruler, and the dial edge is equipped with an inner ring fixed ruler, and the two slide ruler scales have opposite numbers. By rotating the bezel, the two slider scales correspond to each other, and you can perform quick calculations of multiplication, division, and all proportional methods.
In order to make the circular slider more perfect, the mathematician Marcel Robert then resumed drawing and calculus. First of all, he reversed the scale of the outer circle of the slide rule, thereby generating two logarithmic scales parallel to the clockwise direction, making independent multiplication and division operations possible, and being able to read the complete multiplication without rotating the bezel. Table or conversion table. Another important improvement is more for pilots. The three most commonly used distance units in aviation are added to the inner scale: ‘legal miles’, ‘kilometers’ and ‘nautical miles’. As long as a number on the outer scale is compared with If one of these marks is aligned, the corresponding value of the other two units of the number can be read at a glance. After improvement, the new type of circular slide can help the pilot to complete all the calculations required for flight planning and navigation. It has been unanimously favored by aviation professionals and has become a veritable ‘circular flying slide.’
In 1952, Breitling first assembled an improved circular flight slider on the watch, and launched an aviation chronograph watch numbered ‘806’, named ‘Navitimer’, that is, ‘navigation’ and ‘timer’ ), Since then the pilot has a watch that truly belongs to him. This sophisticated chronograph watch has excellent performance, compactness and practicality, and is not only widely sought after by pilots and flying enthusiasts, but also affirmed by the World Pilots Association (AOPA) as the association’s official watch.
The multi-function circular flight slider is well-known in the industry, but its basic principle is not complicated. It is to perform simple multiplication and division operations through the relative rotation of the inner and outer scale circles, and derive many flights from it. Practical functions, such as average speed, flight distance, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, conversion of kilometers to miles or nautical miles, and even related calculations in daily life, such as simple exchange rate conversion.
1. [Multiplying two numbers] To calculate 12×7, rotate the outer scale 12 to the position corresponding to the inner scale 10, and the outer circle value 84 corresponding to the inner scale 7 is the result of 12×7.
2. [Division of two numbers] To calculate 120 ÷ 4, simply rotate the outer circle scale 12 (= 120) to the inner circle scale 40 (= 4). At this time, the inner circle scale 10 corresponds to the outer circle A value of 30 is the result of 120 ÷ 4.
3. [Conversion of distance units] To convert 1800 miles to kilometers or nautical miles, simply rotate the outer scale 18 (ie 1800) to the red miles reference scale (STAT) of the inner circle. At this time, the red kilometers of the inner circle The outer circle value 29 corresponding to the reference scale (KM) means 2900 kilometers in conversion, and the outer circle value 15.6 corresponding to the red nautical nautical reference scale (NAUT) in the inner circle means 1560 nautical miles converted.
4. [Simple exchange rate conversion] Suppose the exchange rate of British pound against Euro is 1 为 = 1.1

Blackened, Waterproof 100 Meters, Priced At 370,000, This Is The Special Edition Of ’50th Anniversary Of The Marine Timepiece’ Released By Iwc!

In 2017, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Cartier Tank series.
In 2017, the 180th anniversary of the establishment of the Tiffany brand.
In 2017, the 60th anniversary of the Longines military banner series.

Do you think that 2017 is a particularly important year for watch brands?

For IWC, 2017 is also a special year, the 50th anniversary of the launch of its marine timepiece series diving watches. To commemorate this special year, IWC has launched a special edition of the “Ocean Timepiece 50th Anniversary”.
There are two interesting things about this special 49mm caliber watch:

1. For the first time, a new Ceratanium® titanium case is used as the case. At the beginning of the year, Panerai’s new product 692 used the new BMG material, which caused heated discussions; at the end of May, the improved version of TPT® quartz material used by RICHARD MILLE on the new product 27-03 was extremely eye-catching; Lab, using the same cool new Aeronith case material … all shows that material innovation is indeed a popular practice of watch circles recently. What kind of Ceratanium® titanium ceramic material does IWC present? According to reports, the material has the characteristics of both titanium and ceramic materials: as light and strong as titanium, it is also as hard and resistant to friction as ceramic. According to this theory, it also solves the problem of previous ceramic watches afraid of falling. IWC applied it to the 50th Anniversary Model of Ocean Timepiece, and Feel gained the brand’s confidence in this material.

2. Functionally, although it belongs to the marine timepiece series, it is equipped with a digital perpetual calendar display function, which displays large Arabic numeral dates and months in the style of a digital watch, and can automatically recognize different months of length and peace and leap years. At the same time, this is also a flyback timepiece. The 12 o’clock chronograph small dial displays the timekeeping combination. Just a bit puzzling, as a member of the marine timepiece series, it is only 100 meters waterproof! Or to pay tribute to the diving watch of the early years? But in 1967, the first marine timepiece diving watch launched by IWC, the water-resistant figure clearly said: 200 meters … However, instead of tangling whether it belongs to the ‘ocean’, it is better to want to be practical. Water-resistant 100 meters is for complex function watches It is indeed an advantage!

Equipped with the brand’s self-made 89802 self-winding movement, 4 Hz, 68 hours of dynamic storage. In order to make this watch more harmonious as a whole, some parts of this watch movement, such as the rotor, have also been blackened. The bracelet is equipped with a quick-change system, which can be easily replaced with a black rubber band. Limited edition of 50 pieces. The domestic price is 370,000 RMB.

For more information, pay more attention to the IWC website.

Thin Vacheron Constantin Fiftysix Tourbillon

VACHERON CONSTANTIN One of the highlights of Vacheron Constantin in 2018 is the launch of the new Fiftysix® series. Previously at the SIHH exhibition, the brand has released three types of three-hand, date week and full calendar month. Styles with different functional levels, and just recently, the Fiftysix® series has been in action. This time, instead of taking the basic sketch or practical calendar route, it will go directly to the tourbillon function, pushing this series to a higher level of technology. .

Vacheron Constantin’s new Fiftysix® series in 2018 continues to launch a series of flagship flagships equipped with a 2160 thin automatic tourbillon after the small three-pin, date week and full moon phase

The inspiration of the Fiftysix® tourbillon watch is still based on the Ref.6073 watch, which was released by Vacheron Constantin in 1956. This watch is round and slim, casual and elegant. In particular, the design of the four branch lugs with the Maltese cross shape is extremely brand-identifiable. Ref.6073 was also the brand’s first watch with an automatic movement and a waterproof case. It was technically a pioneer, expressing respect for tradition as well as a sense of innovation. Vacheron Constantin launched the new Fiftysix® series in 2018.

The design of the four branch lugs in the shape of the Maltese cross, the Box mirror, and the two-tone opalescent sunburst dial are the distinguishing features of the Fiftysix® series in reference to the antique watches of the 1960s.

The 2160 movement is the first self-winding tourbillon movement developed and manufactured by the brand. It was first installed in the Traditionnelle series in 2018, and has recently been ported to the Fiftysix® series.

Because the tourbillon function is a more advanced watchmaking process, the Fiftysix® tourbillon watch does not introduce the rose gold and stainless steel models like the previous three works, but only uses the rose gold case to emphasize the craftsmanship. The diameter of the model is 41mm, which is slightly larger than the previous three models, which are 40mm. The appearance of the Fiftysix Tourbillon watch is relatively thin, because the brand is equipped with the automatic tourbillon first seen in the Traditionnelle series in 2018. Thin movement (only 5.65mm thick), less than a year later, this brand new movement has now been transplanted to Fiftysix®, through the transparent bottom cover you can see the precision work of the movement and 22K gold ring type The automatic disc is said to take more than ten hours to process the grinding and chamfering of the tourbillon device by Vacheron Constantin. It is precisely this spirit of fine craftsmanship that can show such a delicate and stable movement quality.

Fiftysix® Tourbillon

18K 5N rose gold material / 2160 self-winding movement / hour and minute display / tourbillon device / Geneva mark / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 41mm

Tissot Opens A Single Brand Store On The Champs-elysées In Paris

TISSOT has selected the address of its latest single-brand store on ‘the most beautiful street in the world’, the famous Champs-Elysées in Paris. This 100 square meter boutique store is surrounded by the flagship stores of the world’s leading brands. It ushered in the first day of opening on July 8, 2010. The facade of this elegant Parisian building has two floors.

The interior has eye-catching furnishings and interactive platforms, where visitors can experience the diversity and vitality of the TISSOT brand. There is a terrace and a coffee shop outside the single-brand store, where shoppers can relax and have a drink.

Lifestyle experience
TISSOT is ahead of the pack in terms of retail trends to meet customers’ growing participation requirements. Its products are displayed as a living experience in the very modern interior of the store, and the huge LCD display wall displays a huge image of the new TISSOT Tissot Ambassador event taken by Jeff Burton. The appearance of the brand’s new boutique design concept is both smooth and matte, indicating the ability to both stimulate and inhibit in rapid turnover.

The 117cm flat-panel touch screen presents Tissot’s Augmented Reality augmented reality device, and visitors can see 3D watches on their wrists. Although this uses advanced IT technology, it conveys Tissot’s commitment to continuous innovation. The traffic data of the first visitor has shown that every year this will attract most of the millions of tourists on this street to enter the new TISSOT single brand store number 76.

Source: Tissot SA