Kunlun Watch Sapphire Splint Wonderful

1980: Kunlun has been committed to creating a pioneering Swiss watchmaking industry for many years, and created a golden bridge watch with a rectangular mechanical movement, which immediately caused a strong response, and set a new chapter in watchmaking history . 2011: With the end of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Golden Bridge series, the series has become one of the pillars of Kunlun watches and a classic in the Swiss watchmaking industry. The Golden Bridge series has launched a number of different classic watch models over the years, and this year also presented two new watches, further confirming the brand concept of striving for innovation.

Sapphire splint Golden Bridge Tourbillon

   Kunlun is a new interpretation of the classic Golden Bridge series of watches with a rectangular movement equipped with a tourbillon escapement. Every adjustment of the Golden Bridge series watches means the use of superb watchmaking technology, and this means Kunlun’s superb watchmaking skills. The CO213 movement splint of the original Golden Bridge Tourbillon watch is all made of 18K gold. After re-interpretation, the splint that fixes the tourbillon frame is made of transparent sapphire, creating the sapphire splint Golden Bridge Tourbillon watch. One end of the sapphire splint is inlaid on the golden bridge as usual, and the other end is sharpened in a V shape and placed on the other end of the golden bridge. One of the difficulties of this structure is how to handle the coexistence of sapphire and gold with two materials with different hardness, stiffness and expansion coefficient, coupled with the rectangular movement and the sapphire plywood only 0.6 mm thick, so that the tension between the two is enhanced . In other words, this new structure allows the tourbillon frame to be fixed on a transparent splint, seeing through the key-shaped upper splint like the Kunlun logo and the silicon escapement, making the overall feel lighter. The gold surface engraved with guilloché is placed behind the movement, and the hollow case ensures that the movement of the CO213 movement can be viewed from the rear case. The case is made of no less than four sides of sapphire crystal, and the two sides of the case ring see through the delicate movement. The sapphire splint Golden Bridge Tourbillon watch, which is water-resistant to 30 meters, is like a transparent showcase displaying precious exhibits, making the tourbillon rectangular movement fully visible. This unique watch is limited to 10 pieces in white gold and 15 pieces in 18K red gold.

Ti-Bridge Power Reserve

   Kunlun’s second new Corum Bridge watch is the Ti-Bridge Power Reserve-titanium case and rectangular movement set with four triangular frame black PVD clamps, a new interpretation of the fashion of the Golden Bridge series. This unique watch style exudes subtlety, fashion and nobility. It is the embodiment of superb design and technology. The Ti-Bridge series is equipped with a CO107 rectangular movement, which promotes the operation of the hour, minute and power reserve displays. The Ti-Bridge Power Reserve is the first watch in the Ti-Bridge series to have a power reserve display. The CO107 movement is placed on the satellite gear, so that the power reserve display can be displayed in a straight line, so that its operation can be viewed from 9 to 3 o’clock on the side of the case, bringing out a different view from the front. The Ti-Bridge Power Reserve watch also has a number of unique settings, including a unique gear system consisting of three gears-and one of the three gears is an eccentric planetary gear that is on the shaft or surrounds other gears Rotating on the shaft can connect the winding stem of the mainspring and the power reserve display at the same time with less space. Other unique features include the power reserve display inlaid on the toothed sliding parts made of nickel phosphate-the application of this material is combined with deep electroforming molding (LIGA, acronym for Lithographie Galvanoformung Abformung in German), making the tolerance of the part more than that of traditional machinery The formula is more accurate, which can ensure the accuracy of the power reserve display and have a power reserve of three days. The Ti-Bridge Power Reserve watch has a grade 5 titanium case and titanium surface. The luminous hour and minute hands and the power reserve display can be clearly seen in the dark. The black vulcanized rubber strap is equipped with a folding buckle. Limited to 700 pieces.