Jacques Dro’s ‘8’ Shape Watch Also Has A Timing Function!

For Jacques Dro, I think it is still a special watch brand. In the 18th century, the European royal family liked Jacques Dro’s mechanical dolls, even our Emperor Qianlong at the time liked it. Jacques de Lo’s works still have collections in the Forbidden City Museum, and they still have deep roots in China. Jacques Dro did not participate in the Basel Watch Fair this year and exhibited new products at TTM in May. GrandeSeconde is one of the most classic series. Everyone has heard of the ‘8’ shape on the dial. What’s worth talking about this year’s GrandeSeconde series?

‘8’ dial
  GrandeSeconde series design, the biggest feature is the ‘8’ design on the dial. This design dates back to the 18th century.

  A pocket watch was produced by Jacques Droe in 1785. The hours, minutes and seconds are separate. In fact, at the beginning of the birth of mechanical pocket watches, because of technical limitations, the hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed separately, and they need to be read separately. Later, in order to reduce the space occupied by the dial, the hour and minute display was placed on the same time axis, and the second hand formed an independent small dial, which is actually the design of the small three hands. Jacques Dro’s second hand display is much larger than the hour and minute display, forming the Arabic numeral ‘8’ on the dial. This 1785 pocket watch also became a source of inspiration for Grande Seconde.

Jacques de Grande Seconde

  The Jacques de Grande Seconde collection draws inspiration from the pocket watch of 1785. The dial has two dials, the hour and minute display at 12 o’clock, and the small seconds at 6 o’clock. The two small dials form an Arab. The number ‘8’. The word ‘8’ also has a different meaning, much like the infinity, symbolizing endless and eternal meaning. For the Chinese, the number ‘8’ is also one of the auspicious numbers.

  This new watch by Jacques Dro has made a little change. The dial has been changed to a ‘8’ shape. The hour and minute display is at 1 o’clock, the chronograph is at 7 o’clock, and the date is also set on the outer ring. display.

Added timing function

  Jacques de Rouge GrandeSeconde series has not previously produced a chronograph function, this year is the first chronograph function in this series. Ordinary chronographs will have two or three chronograph function dials on the dial to display the timing results. This means that the design of the dial is relatively complicated. This design is incompatible with the models of the GrandeSeconde series .

  In order not to destroy the classic ‘8’ shape, Jacques Dro has re-developed a new movement 26M5R. Part of the structure of this movement is from CAL.1185 (this movement is a very famous timepiece in the watchmaking industry. Movement), of course, Jacques Dro has made a lot of modifications, so that the dial can retain the ‘8’ shape of the GrandeSeconde large seconds series. The movement adopts a column wheel structure and is equipped with a silicon hairspring to ensure that it is not affected by magnetic fields and temperature differences.

  At 7 o’clock, the outer ring of the dial is a date indicator. Look at the tip painted with red hands. The inner ring is the 30-minute cumulative chronograph display. The large central second hand is used to see the seconds.

  General chronographs have timing buttons on both sides of the crown, but in order not to break the balance, this new Jaquet-Droz watch has a crown at 4 o’clock. There is a button on the crown. We are Use the button on the crown to control the timing device. In fact, when the pocket watch first invented the timing function, it used a single timing button. The biggest difference from the traditional two-button chronograph is that the column wheel structure of the single-button chronograph watch has an extra layer of teeth, which is connected to the zeroing device.

In summary: Jacques Dro Grande Seconde series has released a total of three new watches this year, stainless steel case with a dial of different colors, like blue and gray are the first time Jacques Dro tried a different color, the price is 20,000 Swiss franc, about RMB 140,000. Jacques de Lo has always been in a more refined style, with an additional timing function, which does not destroy the original style, but also adds a sense of daily leisure, which is really interesting.