High-end Foreign Style! ‘jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’ Limited Edition Seiko Watch

‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’ has always revealed a strong sense of fashion, whether it is character modeling, picture effects or plot direction. The author’s unique vision of the teacher, Mr. Lu Yan, Araki, also makes ‘JOJO’ Became the darling of many commercial brands. In March, with the popularity of animation, Nippon Seiko and ‘JOJO’ jointly launched 7 character-limited watches.

7These 7 watches are all based on the character image of ‘Joy’s Bizarre Adventure’, the fifth ‘Golden Wind’, each priced at 42,000 yen, about 2700 yuan. Perhaps this price is not so close to the people, but the thought of the ‘Jojo’ and Gucci’s true high-end foreign style series spring clothing, you will feel that Seiko is not a luxury …

 Bruno Bucharardi, Zura Zubanna

 Gedo Mista, Trish Una

 Kilga Nalando, Panakoda Fogg-