Flowing Light And Shadow Those Exclusive Skills That Awaken Time

BVLGARI, founded in 1884, can be called a model of Italian outstanding design. Whether it is magnificent jewelry or precise watch, it is a symbol of unique Italian culture. Bulgari has always been known for its bold design, unique style and excellent craftsmanship. Those unique logos can be recognized at a glance.
 Bulgari represents ancient Roman culture. Each piece reveals the brand’s admiration of ancient Roman art and architecture. Of course, Bulgari also created countless beautiful myths by virtue of its excellent craftsmanship.
Unique design:
 In the face of the Bulgari watch series, we can’t help but admire the outstanding and extraordinary arts and crafts. All watches from the case to the movement are all independently developed and designed, whether it is the requirements of details, the requirements of the process, or The subversion of style, Bulgari is fully integrated into its own DNA, each subtle design is not relaxed. This style of demanding perfection, seeking breakthroughs and being different is the vitality of the brand.

 The LVCEA series watch is one of the most representative models of Bulgari, which reproduces the style of the ancient Roman sundial. Its design inspiration is abstract, but the real work becomes so real. Light inspiration and classic shapes are created in every detail of the watch. The design of LVCEA is a tribute to the ancient sundial, the ancestor of timepieces, symbolizing the power of capturing light (‘luce’ in Italian means ‘light’). The case of LVCEA is shiny and round, which implies the passage of time; the round shape of the case also symbolizes unity, highlighting the dial decorated with Roman numerals and hands, which looks like a sundial.

 The unique V-shaped chain link design conceals the V in the LVCEA name, and is also a light inspiration from the Serpenti series. This shape is extremely architectural tension, so we have also constructed different shapes on the case, crown and crown. Trapezoidal shape. The bracelet itself contains more than 100 independent parts. It consists of 5 tapered links and 2 adjustable links. In fact, the links connected to the case are also inclined. At the same time, for the first time, the bracelet does not use a spring leaf inside, but simply links each link, which is completely different from the Serpenti series.
 The case, dial, crown, and bracelet of any Bulgari LVCEA watch give us a different interpretation, and also have a very strong brand characteristics, even if you can confirm at a glance that it is from the hands of Bulgari .
Combination of aesthetics and technology:
 Bulgari watchmaking’s exquisite and sophisticated ideas cannot be replaced and surpassed. Each watch not only has a gorgeous appearance, but also pays more attention to the craftsmanship and technological innovation. Just as the production of timepieces has already exceeded the scope of recording time, more designs and functions have been added to the design of watches, and it is not easy to achieve excellence in a limited space. Among the many functions of the watch, the most amazing is the tourbillon, but Bulgari can perfectly integrate this complex function with aesthetic art.

 Bvlgari launched a new LVCEA watch that combines high-end watch craftsmanship and charming jewelry design during this year’s Basel 2016. The watch is based on the theme of an art garden, and the dial is decorated with a bird of paradise picture, which is very exotic and also shows the strong color of Bulgari. The bezel and case are decorated with luxurious diamonds.

 The clear sky background on the dial is inlaid with blue mother-of-pearl, and the pattern of birds of paradise and flowers and green leaves that flutter past makes the dial full of vitality. The picturesque scene is presented with fine hand-crafted micro-painting technology, bright-cut diamonds and the same jewellery on the bezel and lugs. It is beautiful and vivid.

 Both watches are equipped with a tourbillon movement BVL 263 inside. Its precision and complexity are thanks to Bulgari’s long-term focus on Swiss watchmaking.
Transcendence and Innovation:
 Any success is inseparable from innovation and breakthrough. As a representative of the Italian high-end watch brand, Bvlgari continues to introduce new and contemporary watches while establishing a distinctive design style, maintaining both the traditional style and the trend. Yu delicate.

 In order to meet the needs of small watch enthusiasts, Bvlgari specially launched this year the highly attractive PICCOLA LVCEA model. This new series of watches is more slim and exquisite. The 23mm case is always equipped with the LVCEA series creative bracelet. , As important as its glorious series of works. PICCOLA LVCEA is also a work that pays homage to the light, reminiscent of the sundial of ancient Rome, with a low-key and elegant style, the charming charm of contemporary women.
In summary: Bulgari’s charm goes far beyond the surface of the work. It is like a glass of mellow wine. Under the attractive color, it contains intriguing ‘magic’. Through this elegant timepiece, we saw many signs of the times, elements of progress, technological innovation, and we also understood the unique charm of Bulgari.