F.P.Journe Introduces Final Chapter Of Rangers Trilogy

F.P.Journe The new watch of the Vagabondage Rangers Limited Series ‘Vagabondage III’ (Vagabondage III) is newly launched, which is also the last chapter of the Rangers Trilogy. As always, the new products are available in platinum and 18K red gold. They are produced in 69 and 68 pieces, respectively. F.P. Journe is a rare watchmaking workshop in the industry. It will design and produce a unique movement for a limited number of watch series. The production of movements like the Vagabondage III is only 137.

Vagabondage III

We first review the birth history of the Vagabondage Rangers Limited Series. This timepiece is of great significance in the history of watchmaking and is a model work of anti-marketing. In 2004, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the watch auction house Antiquorum, François-Paul Journe specially designed a special watch for a charity auction held by ICM (a Paris-based institution specializing in brain and spinal diseases) in Geneva paragraph. Developed and manufactured by F.P. Journe, this model has an unusual case shape. It is the brand’s first non-circular, flat wine barrel-shaped watch whose design has obtained the registration mark, with a digital time display on the dial and no brand logo. This charity auction has 3 watches of the same series made of white, yellow and rose gold, equipped with a brass movement. They were all sold at a price three times higher than the reserve price, with impressive results.

Vagabondage I

V I-digital hour display
In view of the great success of this charity auction, F.P. Journe officially released the Vagabondage I watch in 2006. The design of this watch is different from the regular works of François-Paul Journe. It has a digital time display that ‘roams’ over time, hence the name ‘Wanderer’. The watch is equipped with a flat tonneau-shaped case, which is very different from the round case design commonly used by FPJourne. The platinum version is limited to 69 pieces, while the special edition with square diamonds is limited to 10 pieces, with 18K roses built in. Gold manual winding movement. Although the brand did not make any publicity or promotion for this watch, or even equipped with new pictures, it still taught collectors to follow it and sold out quickly, thus becoming a legend in watchmaking industry.

Vagabondage II watch

V II-Digital hours and minutes display
The second model of the Vagabondage Rangers Limited Series, Vagabondage II, came out in 2010. The platinum version is limited to 69 pieces, the red gold version is limited to 68 pieces, and 10 platinum special editions are set with square diamonds. The watch is driven by a manual winding movement and is equipped with a digital time display. Thanks to F.P. Journe’s special spring barrel and constant-force device, the watch has a jumping hour and minute display. A small second hand at 6 o’clock and a power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock. Wearers can admire the beautiful 18K rose gold movement through the smoky sapphire crystal dial. Like the first model, the dial is not printed with the F.P.Journe logo.

Vagabondage III watch

V III-Digital hours and seconds display
F.P. Journe once promised that when the relevant technology matures, Vagabondage III will be launched, which makes collectors look forward to it. The new third model follows the flat tonneau-shaped case, which is the same size as the Vagabondage II. It has a manual winding movement and is equipped with a digital time display. The constant force device developed by F.P. Journe this time has successfully achieved the skip seconds display function.

The watch is equipped with a smoky sapphire crystal dial and the outer ring of the dial is fixed with screws. The wearer can enjoy the beautiful 18K rose gold movement. Like the first and second models, the dial is not printed with the F.P.Journe logo. There is a large window at 10 o’clock for digital hour display; another window at 6 o’clock for digital second display. Both are decorated with white frames. The white minute hand is set in the center of the dial; at 1 o’clock, it is equipped with blue steel hands as a power reserve indicator.

Vagabondage III is the final chapter of the Rangers trilogy. All three models are equipped with unique digital time displays. Owners of Vagabondage I and Vagabondage II will have priority purchase rights and will be given priority to purchase Vagabondage III watches of the same serial number. Therefore, this group of collectors can have a complete set of homeless trilogy, an important part of the history of F.P.Journe’s timepiece creation. Vagabondage III will be available at F.P. Journe stores and Espaces outlets.

Technical Parameters
Case: 950 platinum barrel-shaped case / 18K red gold barrel-shaped case, diameter 45.2 x 37.6 mm
Functions: 1-second constant-force device, digital hours and seconds display, minute hand at the center of the dial, seconds display at 6 o’clock, power reserve display at 1 o’clock
Movement: 18K rose gold cast Cal.1514 hand-wound movement. The movement diameter is 29.3 X 28.4 mm. It has been polished with high quality. The plywood is decorated with a circular pattern. The bridge is decorated with Geneva waves. The tops of all screws are polished. And chamfering, round end of caliper
Power reserve: 40 hours
Limited edition: 69 platinum models, 68 18K red gold models