Don’t Have A Taste Chopard L.U.C Series Watches Recommended

Chopard is an independent watchmaking brand with a long history, but it is not controlled by the original founding family. In 1963, Chopard officially changed hands and was acquired by the German scheufele family. The L.U.C series is the most classic series in the Chopard watch family. Today I will introduce the L.U.C XP wine barrel watch 162294-5001, the reference price is 157,500 yuan.
The shape of this watch is not round, but a barrel shape, which also makes it look unique. The 40 * 37 mm rose gold case is very noble, with a thickness of only about 7 mm. It is also a member of ultra-thin watches, which also conforms to the image of some people’s dress watches. It can fit the wrist tightly after getting started, and it is a golden style hidden between the cuff and the wrist.

Its movement is an L.U.C 97.03-L self-winding movement, which is a Caspar-type movement produced by Chopard. It is very beautiful and is equipped with a pearl top. The production of the barrel-type movement is very different from the circular movement, because the shape of the entire layout is very different. This movement has a 65-hour power reserve and has reached the level of the Observatory.

This watch is an atypical dress watch. It is an ultra-thin wine barrel type watch. The size of 40 * 37 mm is very suitable for men who wear formal watches for a long time. And its movement is Chopard’s own movement, the barrel-type movement is far more difficult to make than the round movement, and it is also equipped with a pearl tourmaline, the price of 157,500 yuan will not let you like this brand People are discouraged.
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