Chopin Becomes Official Partner Of ‘lyon Lumiere Film Festival’

For a long time, Chopard has spared no effort to support the film industry, and has gone hand in hand with this industry known as the ‘Seventh Art’. With the co-branding president Caroline Schafer Scheufele’s enthusiasm for the screen, Chopard Geneva Jewellery Workshop and major international film festivals have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship.

   Since 1998, Chopard has become the official partner of the Cannes International Film Festival, representing the highest honor. The ‘Golden Palm Trophy’ awarded to the best film was designed and produced in the Chopard Geneva workshop. From ‘fair mining’

   At the same time, Chopard Chopard also establishes the ‘Chopard Most Promising Actor Award’ every year to be awarded during the Cannes Film Festival to encourage two young actors who have emerged in the film industry. In 2014, Chopard also fulfilled its responsibility for the protection of film heritage. As promised, contribute to the facade repair work of Rome’s famous Cinecittà film studio

Alexis Veller, Thierry Frémaux and Caroline Scheufele

   With the birth of the film projector invented by the Lumière brothers in 1895, the film industry known as the ‘Seventh Art’ has opened its glory road since then. Chopard as a Swiss fine jewelry always connected to the film industry The watch brand is undeniably the official partner of the ‘Lyon Lumiere Film Festival’.

   The festival’s founder, French film critic Thierry Frémaux, is dedicated to commemorating Lyon, the birthplace of the film, and the outstanding contributions of the Lumiere brothers, the father of the invention of the film projector. This year’s Lumiere Award will be awarded to American director Martin Scorsese.