A Glorious Encounter Piaget And Qin Hao Shine In Cannes

Time flies, but the memory of light and shadow leaves traces of years, recording the birth of a classic. Cannes in May usher in a new eulogy. At the 65th Cannes Film Festival, the new film ‘Mystery’ directed by Lou Min was grandly unveiled, and the Earl of Watch and Jewelry Family joined together to perform a grand event of light and shadow.
    The leading actor in ‘Floating City’ Qin Hao has previously been nominated for the best actor in Cannes with three films such as ‘Rizhao Chongqing’ and came to this beautiful town again this year to continue the frontier with the Cannes Film Festival. At this film festival, Piaget and Qin Hao shot a series of watch watches, which fixed the mechanical charm of the watch in the film.
   This blockbuster watch is headed by well-known photographer Chen Mingsheng, and Qin Hao appears in a variety of shapes against the backdrop of blue sea and blue sky. Piaget Emperador watch with brown suit, the gentleman’s aura is perfect. And choose Piaget Polo watch and black dress to perfectly interpret the extraordinary style of successful men.
    In addition, Qin Hao also chose a rose gold Altiplano watch with a red sweater. The luxurious diamonds inlaid on the case looked bright against the leather strap, which made Qin Hao’s hands glow with elegance at all times; and the simple and bright blue The color shirt with black slacks has changed to a deeper attitude in the past. The Altiplano series wrist watch just reflects the handsome appearance of Qin Hao. The ultra-thin model is equipped with smooth dial lines and simple atmosphere. The strap is made of precious crocodile leather. It has been polished through several processes, showing the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship.
    From sponsoring the American Independent Spirit Awards to supporting important Asian film events such as the Hong Kong Golden Awards and the Shanghai Film Festival, Piaget, the jeweller of watches and jewels who has a strong affinity with movies, has been committed to the development of the global film industry for many years and has made great contribution. This year, the Earl appeared in Cannes as always, and sketched out the beautiful and charming moments in this movie blue sky.