Capri, The New Limited Edition Watch Inspired By This Iconic Island

Hublot loves Capri. With this emotion, this year Hublot hopes to add a unique atmosphere to this island with a new limited edition timepiece-the classic fusion chronograph Capri Special Edition made of innovative sky blue ceramics. Salute to the amazing landscape.

   This chronograph is made for summer and commemorates the second anniversary of the boutique. The store is located on the Boulevard Vittorio Emanuele, in the heart of luxury shopping on Capri. Inspired by the sea, this watch has a bright summer, relaxed and modern look. It is limited to 30 pieces and is only available in Capri boutiques.

   White rubber and sky blue ceramics seamlessly blend together to create a perfect blend of ‘art of fusion’ and summer. Needless to say, the Capri Special Edition Classic Fusion Chronograph blends the charm of this island and its clear waters into itself.

   This 45mm diameter chronograph features a polished & satin blue ceramic case and bezel, and the dial in the same color is finished with a sunburst, giving it a sparkling brilliance. Innovative sky blue color, inspired by the symbol of the island, with hypnotic charm, giving this simple chronograph a sophisticated look-whether for men or women lovers, this watch is a makeup for enjoying vacation Perfect accessory on the wrist.

   The choice and contrast of colors highlight the white sub-dial, which in turn echoes the white rubber strap subtly and perfectly blends.

   Bold, decisive and neutral. The back of the classic fusion chronograph Capri Special Edition is decorated with azure ocean waves, stylized with stylized giant rock patterns. Hublot expresses the charm of this blue island with a 45mm watch.

Classic fusion chronograph Capri special edition
Model: 521.EX.8920.RW.CAP19

Polished and satin blue ceramic
Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 13.05 mm
Water resistance: 5 bar (50 meters)

Case back
Polished blue ceramic with ‘CAPRIEDITION’ engraved
Limited edition of XX / 30

Polished and satin blue ceramic

Dial & hands
Blue sunburst satin finish with white dial
Polished rhodium-plated indexes and hands

HUB1143 self-winding chronograph movement
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 times / hour)
Power reserve: 42 hours
Number of parts: 280
Number of jewels: 59

Chain belt
White rubber strap

Animal World On Watch Animal Jewelry Watch Recommendation

Various watches come out in endlessly, the changes and development of society have also promoted various changes in watch styles, among which jewelry watches are much sought after, and it is no longer tight. Decorations, but solemn and elegant artwork. Animal jewellery watches are even more enthusiastic. The combination of cute animals and jewellery is alive and interesting, making each animal instantly appear on the wrist.

地 Cartier elegant flying watch
Cartier’s high-end jewelry watches often draw inspiration from nature. This year’s Envolprecieux (Elegant Flying) series is even more innocent, embellishing the beauty’s wrist with elegant and tender birds and small insects, adding a touch to the brand’s animal kingdom. The fresh wind is like a miniature theater built by hand. You can see bees collecting honey, ladybug pollination, dragonflies, water, phoenix bright wings, kingfisher flying, etc., carefully crafted with precious jewelry and handmade skills, full of charming women. charm.
    Watch with ladybug pattern. Reproduction of two embossed ladybugs with enamel, surrounding the hollow pollination situation. The watch case is made of rose gold and is set with 598 brilliant-cut round diamonds and two pink sapphires. Watch with bee motif. The case is made of yellow gold with yellow diamonds and 705 brilliant-cut round diamonds. On the plate are two gold bees decorated with black enamel stripes, the bee eyes are inlaid with 4 emeralds. Watch with dragonfly motif. The case is made of rhodium-plated white gold, set with 608 brilliant-cut round diamonds and 3 sapphires, and the dial is made of lilac mother-of-pearl.
    Tourbillon watch with kingfisher motif. The case is made of rhodium-plated white gold and set with 247 brilliant-cut diamonds. The dial is made of deep purple mother-of-pearl and Tahiti mother-of-pearl. The kingfisher on the face is set with 210 brilliant-cut diamonds and 80 cognacs. Bright-cut round diamonds with emerald eyes.
 All four watches are water-resistant to 30 meters. In addition to the Kingfisher-patterned tourbillon watch equipped with a Cartier 9458MC workshop-finished manual winding movement, the remaining three models are equipped with a 056 quartz movement.

Bulgari Spirit Snake Enamel Diamond Watch
   Beautiful and dangerous, this may be the strange relationship between snakes and beautiful women. Few women like snakes, but few women don’t like snakeskin bags and snake-shaped decorations. Bulgari’s famous serpenti series Serpenti has a history of 60 years. Serpenti is a snake in Italian, and it also symbolizes eternal youth. This series has been deeply loved by women. This year, the double ring-wrapped black and white enamel diamonds are introduced, which will make the beautiful snake perform luxurious and sexy. The complex technology is also amazing. After the bracelet part is finished in rose gold, it needs to be set with special enamel with special tools, then set with bright-cut diamonds, and then the craftsman spreads the enamel with a paintbrush evenly, and finally drips it. Although the transparent enamel has a complex internal structure, the arc curve of the bracelet can still ensure a perfect fit with the wrist, achieving the effect of the snake winding between the wrists. The watch is equipped with the Swiss quartz movement BVLCalibre B303. Three bright-cut diamonds are set on the upper and lower bezels. 33 sapphire-cut diamonds are set on the 12 indexes on the black sapphire or white mother-of-pearl dial. The double-circle bracelet part It was set with 346 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 3.46 carats.

萧 Chopard Animal World Watch
It is not a challenge to shape the image of an animal between the square of the watch. It is difficult to convey the cute and expressive look of the animal at the same time. This year, the three animal world series watches launched by Chopard are truly expressive Make.
On the dial of the monkey watch, the naughty monkey wanted to pick delicious mango from the vine, but its expression seemed to tell us that it had found new fruit. The designer cleverly uses live diamonds to interpret this breathtaking charm. The rose gold diamond bezel contrasts with the luxurious forest dial lined with mother-of-pearl, while the bronze strap adds unique temperament and personality.
After walking out of the warm tropical forest, Chopard led us into the cold ice floes. The Polar Bear Watch showed a picture of a polar bear playing on an ice-like dial. Three moving diamonds symbolize the crystal-like glow of ice cubes in the sun, and the diamonds on the crown are reminiscent of pieces of frost and snow. This elegant and luminous watch with a light gray strap is perfect for matching a cashmere sweater or bringing a cool feeling in the heat of the summer.
 Finally, in the penguin watch, the Antarctic penguin also came to the dial. Each webbed foot penguin shows a different shape on the mother-of-pearl dial, and a vivid sight comes to life again.
    Each of the above watches is vivid and exquisite, beautiful and noble, each piece is an out-of-the-box artwork, please start with it, and don’t let love stagnate.

Richard Miller Tourbillon Jewellery Watch

RM watches have always emphasized the concept of performance, which is the biggest difference between it and other watch products with the highest craftsmanship and quality. This year, RM continued to make great efforts to create new torque-limited crowns and automatic detachment from the oscillating weight, which are quite powerful in terms of sounding, looking and using. There are also major breakthroughs in RM in terms of style. Square tourbillon watches, ultra-thin automatic watches with pearl tourbillons, and tourbillon jewelry watches with colorful gemstones have never been seen before. This change is probably the long-awaited RM plan and it We have been waiting for so long. Richard Mille RM026 Tourbillon Jewellery Watch
White gold gem-set case, size 45 × 39.70 × 12.60 mm, hand-winded tourbillon movement. Two white gold snakes studded with rubies, emeralds and diamonds linger between the movement and the dial. There are also several versions of couple snakes inlaid with gems, semi-precious stones or enamel snakes.
Keywords: ultra-thin comfort, soft landing of high-tech materials, complex creativity, colored gems, ultra-thin comfort
Music effect: Industrial metal
Product style: The performance concept is still emphasized, and the product variety is more abundant, creating the most
Main series: RICHARD MILLE has no series concept
New products: 7
Recommended watch model: RM017 hand-winding tourbillon