The Collection Of Time Three Recommended Couple Watches

Love is always the theme of this world. Broadly defined love is love for the world, narrow love is love between men and women, love between friends, love between lovers. Today, what we generally call love is the love between men and women. We also always want to record our love. Watches, as a carrier of time, are naturally the best thing to record love. Recommend three couples watch, witness love, record love.

Yibolu retro automatic series GBR8280-212 / LBR8280-212 couple pair watch

Domestic public price: RMB8580
Watch diameter: 39.5mm / 29mm
Watch thickness: 10.25mm / 9.25mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel, ion-plated rose gold bezel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: AILES DU TEMP ‘. This has also become the core series of the Emilon brand! The unique double-wing design on the wings of time series, which means’ double wings flying, ‘sweet love, is a rare boutique work for couples on the watch .

Summary: The annual Valentine’s Day is coming. Have you prepared your presents carefully for your other half? These three pairs of watches recommended for everyone today can be prepared as Valentine’s Day gifts. Love February and the season of love. When they meet each other in their lifetimes, they will have eternal romance. Selecting a watch as a gift on Valentine’s Day is both high-end and very connotative, not so tacky.

Teach You How To Find Antique Watches In Switzerland

Speaking of Switzerland, people always think of clocks. The strength, quality and reputation of Swiss watchmaking are recognized by the world. Swiss watches and clocks seem to be eternal legends. They transcend time, cross boundaries, and shine in every corner of the world. When you come to Switzerland, the watch kingdom, how can you not find an antique watch by the way?
   While studying and working in Switzerland, I usually deal with clocks and watches, tired and happy, and relax a little on weekends. My way of relaxing is still related to watches and clocks, and that is to visit the antique watch market. I have visited a lot of times, and gradually gained experience, and gradually improved my understanding of Swiss antique clocks. Here, you can not only find your favorite antique clocks, but also learn about the history and culture of antique clocks and gain a lot.
   Every town in Switzerland has a fixed bazaar. This bazaar is not necessarily a professional clock and watch bazaar, and its content is often all-encompassing, ranging from porcelain glass, books and albums to various souvenirs and daily necessities. Professional watch markets are not common. For example, during the Basel Watch and Jewellery Show, the watch market exchange activities are held on Sundays. It is also only once a year for Basel. Of course, such professional watch and market exchanges will also be held in other European cities, basically held once a year in various cities.
   Before we enter the antique watch market, we must first adjust our mentality. Why do you say that? Because we are not in business, do not have the mentality of picking big leaks. It is a very pleasant thing to be able to appreciate the extensive and profound antique clocks, and at the same time be able to find your favorite items at reasonable prices. In Europe’s mature watch and clock bazaars, it is necessary to hold the mentality of picking up big leaks and getting rich.

   Let’s take a look at this year’s Basel Antique Watch Market, located on the 4th floor of the office building near the red sandstone building town hall in Basel. Downstairs you can see a less noticeable billboard. Before you enter the 4th floor door Previously, it was usually necessary to buy a ticket, which cost around 12 Swiss francs (the ticket price is slightly adjusted every year). After payment, the conductor will tie a colored band on your wrist or tap a stamp, so you can come in and out freely.

   There are not only antique clocks of various ages, but also a large number of antique clock tools. If you are entering the world of antique clocks for the first time, you will be fascinated by the dazzling clocks and do not know where to start.

When you open another door, the head throbs, as if entering a world of antique clocks
   At this time, you must keep your mood as calm as possible, and slowly and carefully observe all the clocks. If you have already prepared before coming, for example, you like pocket watches, watches, or antique clocks, you can look directly for the type you like.

   Some people will say that they are not professionals and are afraid to buy fake antique watches or modified watches. Don’t worry about it. In such an international antique watch market, the probability of fake watches is quite low, because these participating antique dealers basically hold such markets in different countries every month, so the personnel are very stable. If these people sell fake watches, they will be disqualified once the report confirms them. Of course I can’t say absolutely nothing, but it is certain that the probability of buying a fake watch is very low.
   As for the modified watch, everyone’s understanding is different. My personal understanding is: as long as the movement and casing are original, it is acceptable. As for the table glass (the glass of the antique watch is generally acrylic glass), whether the pointer is refurbished or replaced, or the original disc is refurbished, I won’t care too much. Since it is an antique clock, it usually has a history of at least several decades and a history of hundreds of years. During this period, various problems occur in the clock, such as bumps, damage, and traces of long-term use. Therefore, maintenance is indispensable. It will inevitably be replaced or refurbished. It is obviously unwise to demand these antique clocks by the standards of modern brand-new watches. The more demanding watch friends do not have to worry too much, because in such markets, the original original antique clocks still account for the vast majority.

   Perhaps the biggest concern for everyone is price. In a more mature market like Europe, you can hardly find a big leak. However, due to the differences in Asia and Europe, some antique clocks still have the opportunity to pick up small leaks. Most of the antique dealers participating in the bazaar came from Europe, and a few came from the Middle East or India. Most people’s attitudes and offers are more sincere and honest, and they are less likely to talk about the lion or cut you off. As our customers, we can bargain appropriately. Of course, there are some counter-offering tricks, such as saying hello to them first and simply politely, when you fancy one of the clocks, you can take a closer look at it with your permission if you are allowed If there are any defects in the watch, such as whether the appearance is damaged or defective, you can ask the antique dealer to open the back cover and check the internal condition of the movement. Generally, they will agree to open the back cover. After careful observation, you can tell the seller that you really like this, but there are some flaws in the appearance or movement, and you are particularly stressed that you need to pay extra money for repair and maintenance by the repairman, and do a good repair and maintenance of these antique clocks More expensive. So I hope the antique dealer can give me a better price. Generally speaking, proper counter-offering can eventually be concluded. When you encounter a seller who is unwilling to counter-offer, you can temporarily go to another place to see it. When the final market is closed, you may try to fight for it, maybe there is an accident reward.
   Will somebody ask what is the appropriate counteroffer? In general, a range of about 15% to 20% is more appropriate, of course, provided that the other party does not sharpen the knife too quickly. Some antique dealers may have different prices for Chinese or European inquiries. Of course, there are some reasons. Of course, there are a few unscrupulous antique dealers. We deliberately beheaded our fellow citizens, of course, there are also some reasons. Some compatriots don’t know much about European bazaar culture, they think it is Shanghai Qipu Road or Beijing Xidan Market. For example, after a compatriot entered the bazaar, he watched a clock and asked for the price. The seller said that the franc was 1200 Swiss francs. The fellow said that he had a maximum of 200 Swiss francs. His face suddenly changed, and his attitude toward other Chinese compatriots who went there was obviously not friendly. Proper counter-offering is perfectly fine, just don’t go too far. In addition, as a reminder, most of these markets are cash transactions, and there are not many antique dealers supporting credit card payments, so it is necessary to have more cash.
   Some people still say that they are little white. Unlike senior watch friends, they know a lot about clocks and watches and know the market of antique clocks. They do n’t understand anything. They are just an appearance association. Ca n’t they buy antique watches? In fact, for Xiaobai, visiting the antique watch market is a process of feeling and learning the history and culture of watches. If you like the watch you like, it is recommended that Xiaobai can buy an antique clock that is more affordable, plus appropriate Counter-offer, you can buy a piece.

   From strolling in the morning until the end of the afternoon rally, my friends and I have been immersed in the world of antique clocks and even forgotten lunch. For me, every time I come to such a market, there will always be something reward. Whether it is the watch itself, or the history and culture of the watch, it always benefits a lot. Of course, the most important thing is to help the little friends, whether it is watch quality or market price, I hope to bring them some help. After all, ‘solo music is not as good as public music’.