Chopin Purple Fashion Highlights Winter Dazzling Luxury

Purple symbolizes noble and gorgeous, or bold and novel? Chopard launched the Imperiale Joaillerie Amthyste watch with amethyst as its gorgeous outerwear, equipped with a Chopard-made movement from Fleurier Ebauches, Switzerland. Another Happy Sport Chrono was replaced with a purple face plate and purple rubber strap, highlighting women’s multifaceted and mysterious looks.

Imperiale Joaillerie Amthyste watch

   Imperiale Joaillerie Amthyste watch-the perfect combination of fine jewellery and precise timekeeping

A watch or jewelry? Chopard has a reputation in both areas. The Imperiale Joaillerie Amthyste watch is embellished with a stepped square amethyst and brilliant-cut diamonds. The equipped Chopard 01.03-C movement is completely designed and produced by the Chopard-made watch factory in Fleurier. It vibrates 28,800 times (4 Hz) per hour. The barrel can provide a power reserve of up to 60 hours. Multiple technical qualities ensure the reliability and timing accuracy of this self-winding movement. The movement is clearly visible through the skeletonized case back of the Imperiale Joaillerie Amthyste watch, and the Chopard 01.03-C movement is emperor-style under the cover of a purple light.

Imperiale Joaillerie Amthyste case is made of 18K white gold with a diameter of 40mm, which is in sharp contrast with the mother-of-pearl dial with amethyst time indicator. In the center of the dial is a delicate picture, placed on a layer of carved mother-of-pearl and surrounded by diamonds, reminiscent of the embroidery of ancient emperors. The hour and minute hands are like the sharp daggers of the past. The purple, formerly known as ‘Emperor’s Purple’, has lugs inspired by stone pillars of ancient temples, and a crown in the shape of a lotus. Many details show the close connection between this watch series and ancient emperor tradition.

Happy Sport Chrono

Happy Sport Chrono chronograph-purple fashion debut

Chopard’s classic Happy Sport watch, as the seasons change, the newest member of the series, the Happy Sport Chrono chronograph, shows the noble and elegant yet rebellious personality with ‘full purple’.

A sporty purple rubber leather strap with a 42 mm diameter stainless steel case and a DLC diamond-coated carbon coating. The bezel is set with amethyst and the black reveals the mystery of purple. The purple chronograph dial has 3 sliding diamonds and 2 A sliding amethyst makes the dial more dynamic, like an elegant ballet.

Perspective Skills: Hollow Table (Preferred For Entry)

A watch, if it is simply used as a time calculation tool, practicality is of course the most important; the problem of inaccurate travel time, good reading time, and uncomfortable wearing will be Features to be considered However, there is a watch. In addition to these basic functions of a timepiece, the more important is ‘display’; the reason why the watch can indicate the time that passes away, how many precision parts are required behind it; and how the precision parts are transparent Experienced hands of craftsmen, retouched to flawless; show, belong to the mechanical pure, beautiful.

H-20-S self-winding movement, sapphire crystal mirror surface, transparent bottom cover, waterproof 50 meters, self-winding movement H-20-S self-winding movement, table diameter 42 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, luminous Hands and hour markers, leather strap.
   Khaki is Hamilton’s most military-style collection and often conveys a rough taste. Among them, the Khaki Field skeleton automatic watch uses a hollowed-out faceplate. The ‘X’ shape formed by the 2,4,8,10 o’clock is like an aircraft propeller, and the honeycomb design with holes on the periphery creates a kind of The high-tech atmosphere is also a performance technique that Hamilton is very good at. Although its dial still exists, in fact, when the watch is worn on the wrist, you can clearly see the operation of the balance wheel, as well as the condition that the winding of the crown causes the mainspring to shrink.
   Viewed from the surface, the first letter ‘夹’ on the movement’s splint, which represents the brand name, appears to be irregular but neatly arranged and closely connected. With such a small ingenuity, the wearer who owns this watch more agrees with Hamilton’s brand value. Driven by an automatic movement, it provides endless power for the watch, which meets the convenience of daily wear. Both stainless steel and black PVD models have their own characteristics.

Chemin des Tourelles Hollow Small Seconds Stainless Steel Case, 42 mm Diameter, Hours, Minutes, ETA 6497 Manual Winding Movement, 46-Hour Power Reserve Sapphire Crystal, Transparent Case Back, Water Resistance 50 Meters, Leather Strap .
   Based on the ‘gold and silver price’ brand strategy, most of the movements used by Tissot watches focus on performance rather than details. Therefore, most models will not be presented with hollow dials, more than transparent glass on the bottom cover. Of course, there are exceptions, such as the T-Complication Squelette published at the Basel 2013 and this Chemin des Tourelles durull series hollow small seconds watch.
   Obviously, this watch does not have a dial, only the hour marker frame to indicate the hours and seconds. The position of 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock is the same as that of many models, especially distinguished by Roman numerals; Under the design, the visual effects presented are different. In order to make the movement more beautiful, the parts are decorated with a large number of pearl dots, also known as fish scales, which is a well-recognized polishing method. The ETA movement contained in the case has a different look, and it is more refined than other Tissot models. In addition to the sapphire crystal glass surface, the transparent back cover also reveals the structure of the movement very clearly.

Artix skeleton stainless steel case, diameter 39 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, luminous hands and time markers, Oris 734 automatic movement, 38 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal, transparent case back, waterproof 100 meters, leather strap .
   Of the four series under Olympus, the cultural series is definitely the most elegant. However, in addition to the simple configuration and the leather strap with crocodile embossed leather strap, Artix’s hollow watch delivers elegance, and combines an avant-garde, modern style, which is different from other cultural series. Looking at the surface, the hollowed-out hour markers on the upper layer and the scale attached to the outer edge of the lower plate allow the minute and second hands to clearly indicate the corresponding time. The bridge with the brand name seems to sculpt the dial, but it is actually part of the movement, and it is presented in the most conspicuous and natural way.
   Generally speaking, it is really necessary to make a special modification to see the movement through the dial; however, Orris uses black plating to make the surface dull, which contrasts with the silver of stainless steel to create a different look. effect. In addition, some parts of the movement are also chamfered, making the watch more visible in details. On the bezel, the lugs and the sides of the case are bright, and the matte polished texture is intertwined. Among the many affordable watches on the market, it can be described as meticulous and flipped to the case back. Under the transparent case, you can see the famous red automatic disk of Orris; Adopting a two-way winding mechanism, that is, in either direction, as long as the watch is shaken, it can provide the kinetic energy of the continuous movement of the movement.

ETA 2892-S2 automatic winding movement, power reserve 42 hours, sapphire crystal glass and bottom cover, waterproof 30 meters, high-tech ceramic chain, limited to 99.
Swiss radar
   The ceramic material has hard characteristics. The biggest advantage of the case and bracelet is scratch resistance; this is of course important. After all, watches are part of daily life and are easily exposed to various risks of scratches and abrasion. Leave traces. On the other hand, ceramics are not metals, and they are not easy to irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. They are very suitable as materials that must be close to the human body.
   Swiss radar has developed ceramic watches for 30 years, and it can be said that it is technically quite skilled. In addition to basic black and white, blue, green or chocolate models are also available. But if you want to cut out, you should look at this black True Thinline cutout watch. With a mirror-polished case, the bracelet shows the unique beauty of ceramics. In addition to being beautiful, the texture of touch is also very moist. The movement plate is black-plated, including a balance wheel at 12 o’clock, which echoes the colors on the outside of the watch. Although the self-winding movement is not ultra-thin, it also allows the watch to reach a thickness of only 7.8 mm. ; Coupled with the lightweight nature of ceramic material, it will naturally not burden the wrist when worn.