What Time Will Be Arranged At This Moment

That year, he was Yang Guo, she was a little dragon girl, and they worked together to weave a martial arts dream in the hearts of millions of people. After ten years of waiting, in the new video advertisement of Tissot, they transformed into urban men and women, performing a love story of French red men and green women, a hidden game that belongs to both of them.
   He, in ‘Chinese Restaurant’, showed off English insanely, and took care of the front and back of the shop. Qixi is coming. What special arrangements will he make?

Picture 1: Huang Xiaoming from Variety Chinese Restaurant
   She starred in the destiny Tianxian again, in order to promote the work ‘Three Life, Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom’ all over the country. How would she be so dedicated to spend the special day of Qixi Festival?

Figure 2: Liu Yifei in the promotion
   Just on this Tanabata, the pair of former eagles in the romantic blockbuster of the Swiss Tissot watch once again in the same frame, transformed into urban men and women, performing a French red male and female love story, a hidden game for both of them.

   Whoever meets everyone is rejoicing, who is who’s peach blossoms, they seem to be searching for the mysterious code of love, a fateful encounter comes quietly.

Figure 3-4: Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei meet again for the new video advertisement of Tissot watches
   He is an endless existence that cannot be forgotten. No matter what time changes, the first sight is the most exciting.

Figure 5: Huang Xiaoming with red and blue light interlaced
   And she is more like Xiaotian’s clouds, floating in her heart unforgettable. For the first time holding hands and confessing for the first time, how much carelessness has become the most memorable thing.

Figure 6: Liu Yifei under the interlacing of red and blue light
   The innocence of the encounter should be written down, and the romance in memory should stop time. Tissot Baohuan series watches, a firm inner ‘core’ to express the original heart of love unchanged. Whether it is a sturdy stainless steel strap, a dazzling inter-gold model, or an aesthetic white belt model, all of them shine brightly in time because of the same beautiful characteristics.

Figure 7: Tissot treasure ring series
   The seven watches in the entire series are all flagship series certified by the Observatory (COSC). The introduction of a silicon hairspring has increased the watch’s ability to resist magnetic interference by 10 times. In any environment, you can accurately record the time permanently and accurately, creating a unique charm that lasts forever, remembering the most beautiful moments in love.

Figure 8-9: Tissot treasure ring series
   A romantic pair of watches, a pair expecting to meet each other, what is the time arrangement?

Figure 10: Tissot’s new video ad

Interpretation Of The Mystery Of The Day And Night Tasting Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Series Day And Night Display Mysterious Watch

Alternating day and night, rising and falling at night and night, for humans, seemingly natural but full of mystery. Human beings use wisdom and craftsmanship to blend into the wonders of nature, creating extraordinary products and stunning the world at a glance. This year, Cartier continues the fine watchmaking aesthetic style, incorporating the brand’s spirit of excellence in innovative craftsmanship, combining the ingenious mysterious movement with the day and night display function, and finally presenting the beauty of time alternation to the world. As a model of Cartier’s fine watchmaking skills, the mysterious movement was born in 1912, it is the result of the collaboration between Louis Cartier and watchmaking master Maurice Couét. The first mysterious clock was named ‘ModelA’, and its design was inspired by the father of modern magic, Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin. Let’s take a look at this mysterious watch with day and night display, and appreciate the beauty of alternating time. (Watch model: WHRO0042)

The mystery of day and night

   For the first time, Cartier has introduced two complex functions into the world of watchmaking at the same time-mystery and day and night display. The brand combines these two complex functions to present this unique masterpiece. The day and night display function was also born in 1912. In this watch, the day and night display is located in the upper part of the dial. The sun (hand) is driven by the mysterious movement and rises and falls from left to right. It is displayed as day and then handed over to the moon. (Pointer) for night time. The sun (pointer) and moon (pointer) alternately indicate day and night time. On the watch, we can feel the magic of day and night.

   The case with a diameter of 40 mm is polished and polished in 18K rose gold, which is full of luster. The magnificent rose gold enhances the fashion of the watch and is suitable for the shape of matching young sunshine. The 18K rose gold bead-shaped crown is set with a convex round sapphire, which enhances the brand’s recognition. It is luxurious and beautiful, but not beautiful.

   The brown electroplated and sunray-patterned dial is carefully engraved to reduce the original monotony of the dial and increase the male spirit. The dial is equipped with a sword-shaped blue steel minute hand. The blue steel minute hand is very eye-catching and clear on the brown dial for easy reading. The white transferred Roman numerals and the golden day and night time scales echo each other, which is clear and concise. The upper part of the dial is the day and night time display, and the lower part is the retrograde minute indicator. When the minute hand reaches the end, it instantly returns to the starting point, as if time is going backwards, and appreciate the charm of time.

   The semi-matte gray alligator leather strap brings a full texture experience, highlighting the understated temperament of men. It is equipped with 18K rose gold folding buckle for easy and comfortable wearing.

   On the back of this watch, we can appreciate the exquisite retouching of the movement and the day and night display. The watch is equipped with a Cartier-made 9982MC hand-wound movement. The movement is assembled from 174 parts, including 26 ruby ​​bearings, and a full string can provide a 48-hour power reserve. The mysterious movement that is light, transparent, and meticulously presented in front of the eyes clearly not only reflects the designer’s refreshing creative design, but also the brand’s spirit of excellence.

Summary: This Cartier watch is highly recognizable and impressive. The natural and mysterious power given to the watch is combined with human wisdom. The brand has created a generation of masterpieces through light and interesting creative design and superb craftsmanship. If you like this watch, you can pay more attention.