Watch Fans Guide To Wear Watches

Introduction: Participating in various parties is an important occasion for friends to communicate. Since the nineteenth century, high society has researched and improved the clothes, jewelry and hairstyles used in parties. Due to differences in aesthetic perspectives, cultural environment, age, gender, and individual characteristics, there has been no consensus on the best choice in this field, and there is no consensus. People come from all parties and countries. It is normal to have no consensus.

  But in the absence of consensus, a consensus has essentially been formed. That is, no matter what accessories, including watches, the wearer wants to wear a big brand of beautiful products that everyone knows, this is a consensus. I had previously attended a banquet in the Seagull Watch Factory that hired Huo Feile and Zhang Jiansheng as consultants, which was actually a watch-centric party. What I remember deeply is that Mr. Zhong Yonglin of Hong Kong wore a red gold and gold strap Omega center tourbillon. When everyone was watching his watch, he blushed and whispered to me that the watch was ugly? right?

  I don’t think it’s ugly, but it’s true that it’s not suitable for Brother Zhong. I thought about it for a long time, and I couldn’t think of a person suitable for this watch among my acquaintances. The watch weighs 260 grams and hangs on a thin wrist of Brother Zhong. We are indeed tired of him. The center tourbillon is indeed beautiful, but it is overwhelmed by the sturdy and thick red gold chain belt. Such an expensive center tourbillon has no sense of existence.

Omega Tourbillon Watch

  On the contrary, a brother in Shanghai that day wore a Chopard with a manual eight-day chain. But not for the eight-day chain, there is no special reason to wear a Chopard to attend a cousin party. So the people present took a quick glance and judged that it was only the eight-day chain, and no one looked at it again. So I don’t think he prefers Chopard to the party on the eight day chain, nor is it the best choice. Although this watch is very precise and elegant.

  Although the center-mounted tourbillon Omega is not suitable for Brother Zhong, I still struggled to come up with the most suitable wearer. Immediately after the banquet, Mr. Zhong’s wristwatch was taken off, and he remitted $ 380,000 to his account. It seems today that even adding 100,000 oceans will not buy this ‘super monster’.

  The famous collector Zhang Huansheng also wore a long-sleeved shirt in the summer to hide the watch on his wrist. He must think that there will be more than one robber, or a robber. He wore a water bird from Vacheron Constantin, which I transferred to him six months ago. I know that this watch is suitable for static viewing. It is worn on the wrist and has no beauty when people move. Of course, this secret will only be known if you wear a watch after paying for it. So I just let the watch hide in the sleeve. You can’t see anything, what else do you comment on? Not to mention robbery. Moreover, the few robbers I knew were masters who robbed other people’s lover and had no interest in robbery watches.

Vacheron Constantin Waterbird Reel Enamel Watch

I wore a Rolex Daytona and a jewelled watch that day, and it did perform well. The original effect under the light will be so different from that under the sun. I usually wear 116589 with a special ‘fried eye’, but that day showed the ultimate beauty. Over the past five years, I have gradually discovered that these original gemstone watches, special, shiny, and colored watches, were originally designed for parties.

Rolex 116589 Daytona chronograph

Is this disrespectful to other participants? No, I just happened to wear the right one, so I happened to observe it in the evening, and that’s it.

There are many three-dimensional structures under the light, which will look very deep. The big automatic Breguet, which I often criticize, hates and loves. Although it is not a treasure watch, it is also suitable for wearing at night. Party places usually have direct light from top to bottom, which will reveal the three-dimensional structure in the watch, which will be exciting and eye-catching. Due to the light of the party venue, the original less outstanding watch will also perform well. For example, Rolex’s red garnet gemstone surface will show a very extraordinary color at the party, like the water pattern on the lake. Daytona, the other two large diamond circles, also performed exceptionally, one looking domineering and deep, the other looking domineering and luxurious.

Breguet 7037 watch

Rolex Red Gemstone Day Calendar Watch

Rolex Diamond Ring Daytona Chronograph

I rarely attend parties with many ladies, and I don’t know what watches they wear. In my imagination, Breguet’s Naples should be the best choice. This is a brand that is known in social circles, watch circles, and women love bezels. I have no say in women’s watches. Whatever you say, the choice other than Naples should be Rolex’s gold and silver series, because of its high popularity and recognition. As for the conditions, there should be beautiful fritillary surface or diamond surface.

Wearing a formal watch to attend a party is a serious, convergent and low-key choice. From this perspective, if this party is not too particular about the watch, the option of wearing a watch is correct. There is no problem in wearing a formal watch at any time, but after all, it is a formal watch. After playing to a certain extent, you will find that there are watches that can better reflect your personality, are more suitable for the environment, and can render the atmosphere. Therefore, from the dialectical viewpoint of ‘one divides into two’, all kinds of watches have reasons for existence and reasons for wearing, and even the reasons and theories are inexhaustible, so they are off the track of small discussions, which will be discussed later.