Chanel J12 Joaillerie Watch

Regardless of whether it is a new material or a traditional material, ceramics can be regarded as the most “powerful” of many materials used to make watch cases. Not only does it not easily cause allergies and other symptoms like some metals, it also has natural properties such as anti-wear and anti-magnetic. Chanel has continued to make great efforts in the field of professional watchmaking in recent years and has achieved many achievements. This watch combines high-tech precision ceramics and J12 two Chanel ‘signature’ elements, giving people a reason to buy it.
    Self-winding movement, 18K white gold with black high-tech precision ceramics, bezel set with 4 6 long step-cut black high-tech precision ceramics, dial set with 8 4 long step-cut diamonds, total weight 2 carats, 1 2 Ruby hour markers total 0.4 carats, screw-in crown with arch-cut ruby, and case sizes of 33 mm and 38 mm are available.
Reference price: 451,000 yuan for 38 mm
Reference price: 391,000 yuan for 33mm

Beautiful Things Touching Names

Beautiful things always have a touching name,

Just like Délices de Cartier,

Syllable flow between lips and teeth,

As if a series of magic spells,

Make the surrounding air sweeter.
    Regarding the taste of food, all the most enticing parts come from imagination, which is the main reason why candy is always colorful and wonderfully shaped. Not only is it just to satisfy the taste buds, from the moment of the initial affectionate gaze, expectation, touch, play, to the moment when the candy paper is finally opened, every second is a wonderful heartbeat. Just like the graceful curve with Délices de Cartier, with the sweet and beautiful visual feast, it evokes the deepest hope in women’s hearts and conquers each pair of most picky eyes.
Cartier’s Sensory Adventure
   The name Délices de Cartier is not a watch patent. Long before Cartier released this year’s latest ladies’ watch, other boutique series have used this name. For Cartier’s best jewellery, Délices de Cartier uses a variety of colored gems to create a visually gorgeous and colorful, like the crystal water droplets shining on the flowers after an afternoon shower.
    Another Délices de Cartier is Cartier’s well-known perfume series, based on mature and strong cherry fruit aromas, the top notes are peach, rosewood, bergamot, orange flower oil; the middle notes are clove, valley lily, orchid, iris; finally The finish is amber, white sandalwood, cherry fruit and roses; the elegant and attractive aromas bloom in layers.
    From these two series, it is not difficult to outline the image Délices de Cartier wants to convey. Whether it’s color or smell—sweet, shiny, like an irresistible French dessert, but also an invincible love magic, a fleeting, dreamy, deadly attraction force.

Delicious tangle of candy paper
    The new watch series launched every year is just a piece of cake for Cartier; however, this year’s new series is not a cake, but a candy. The newly launched Délices de Cartier watch uses candy as a creative idea. The round case with a slight twist of the curve is like the moment when the candy paper is about to twist without opening. On the whole, it breaks the established pattern between the general case and the lugs and creates an unprecedented new shape. Although the style is unique, it still continues Cartier’s consistent meticulous elegance. The characteristics of Roman numerals and faceplate carvings are also retained. However, as the curve flows, it becomes more glamorous.
    The most interesting aspect of this Délices de Cartier watch is the design of the case lines.楕 Round watches are rarely seen. The changes in angle, the proportion of the handles, the details and the configuration of the movement are more difficult than the normal round case, not to mention the unexpected tilted round. Délices de Cartier not only skewed the entire watch, but also shuffled and reorganized all the lines. The upper and lower arcs are not only separated but also tangled into one body. In the body, they are divided into two angled surfaces, inside and outside, reflecting more layers of color changes. Especially the diamond-studded style makes diamond and precious metal interweave a double luxury. The upper and lower ends of the case are subtly fused with the strap. The boundary between the two is completely broken. Whether it is silk or chain, it can bring out the distinguished noble texture of Délices de Cartier.

    The temptation of food may be hard to resist; the beauty of a watch is enough to make people forget everything. Délices de Cartier solve your sweet addiction.
    Deep in the Milky Way, the intersection of fire and light, the bright planets flying, is the eternity I reserved for you.