Low-key Luxury Radar Series Ceramic Quartz Watch Tasting

As a Swiss watch brand, with its simple and stylish Diamond Pa series of high-tech ceramic watches, Radar shows everyone its strength as a leader and pioneer in the global watchmaking industry. The Diamond Pa series also uses innovative design and materials as its core, perfectly interpreting the DNA of Swiss radars. Today’s Watch House introduces a new high-tech ceramic quartz watch launched by Radar. The official watch model is 218.0063.3.272.

   In 2013, the radar watch presented for the first time the DiaMaster series of watches made of high-tech ceramics. This is a complete redesign. It only retains the name of the previous series. The new product has brought us too many surprises. Today we will appreciate one of the quartz watches together.

  The case made of black polished high-tech ceramics always attracts everyone’s attention. While maintaining the lightness and comfort of the ceramics, it also presents a dazzling metallic luster, giving it a sense of fashion. The 33 mm diameter is ideal for ladies to wear, and the crystal diamonds between the dials not only bring luxurious texture, but also modify the contours of the wrist.

   The black and moist ceramic material is still one of the highlights of this watch. The round case is suitable for most people’s aesthetics. A pair of upright lugs and case are integrated to make them more durable.

   The crown of the watch is located at 3 o’clock and is also made of black polished ceramic material. The edges are designed with gear patterns, which is not only beautiful but also has an excellent feel.

   The dark blue dial gives a deep and distant feel. The silver hands and diamonds enhance the color of the entire dial, and at the same time form a perfect response to the dial. The classic radar logo at 12 o’clock is striking, as if always telling us Brand watchmaking concept.

  The dial design still continues the simple style of the Diamond Ba series. In addition to the 12 bar-shaped time scales, the edge of the dial is inlaid with two fine diamonds for decoration. The radars are all high-quality diamonds with perfect cuts and good color.

  Like the case, the strap is also made of high-tech ceramics. The surface is carefully polished to exude a bright luster and is naturally connected to the case through the lugs.

  The watch is equipped with a quartz movement, which can provide accurate timekeeping for the watch with minimal errors. The combination of this movement and ceramic material makes the watch thinner and lighter.

Summary: The Diamond Pa series is one of Radar’s outstanding models. In the process of continuous innovation and development of the brand, it has launched a number of exquisite wristwatches. Each watch is a radar watch in the field of high-tech ceramics. Excellent interpretation.
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