Breitling Civil Air Show Team Performs Tour In Asia

The first civil aircraft performance team of the Breitling Jets team completed an Asian airspace flight show. This is another flight breakthrough after the tour in Russia and Europe.

 The flight distance of up to 40,000 kilometers is equivalent to the distance around the earth, including seven L-39C albatross aircraft has been developed for the first time in the world to adopt its unique polishing performance in South China, a new audience Southeast Asia, South Korea Japan, Moscow and Eastern Europe have seen it.

 Seven experienced pilots flew challenging transits through the mountains of Mongolia, jungle Borneo, the South China Sea and the Gobi Desert. A complete team of seven technicians work around the clock and at temperatures from -18 degrees to +45 degrees to maintain the aircraft’s flight conditions and allow pilots to consistently pull G and high-speed drills. The team performed the accuracy and reliability they had previously guaranteed.
 The Watch House observed that from the air, the flying team prefers low-altitude flight, and the locations for close flight include: the Twin Star Tower, Borobudur Temple in Indonesia, Mount Fuji, the Great Wall of China and the historic city of Prague.
 The Breitling team Jacques commented: ‘This is an adventure that transcends faith. It is definitely a challenge to tour the world, but we are also a very united group. The hard work and dedication of pilots, technicians and support staff have always been shocking. , A warm welcome to us is everywhere, give us such a warm welcome, we can only thank them, and hope that one day we will come back and fly there again! ‘

Meidao Mido Commander Series Limited Edition Multifunction Timekeeping Tribute To Father Love

Love, there are endless ways. Some love, take care of your clothing, food and shelter with meticulous care, some love, use his company to resolve your loneliness and loneliness, and some love, accompany you silently, as thick as a mountain, poor expression but warm and timeless. Just like the deep father’s love, the rough palm print is a stern and generous Tiehan tenderness, and it is also a tolerant and practical feeling for the calf. He used love to build a warm harbor for his children and support the burden of the family. Time is the most relentless change and the longest companionship. Father’s charm will not fade with the passage of time, but will settle with the passage of time. Swiss Mido recommends the Commander Series limited edition multi-function chronograph watch, with a global limit of only 999 pieces. Passing the ‘limited’ love on the wrist, blending toughness and dynamics on the wrist, highlighting the handsome man .

Bit by bit, ‘limited’ love
The love that father gave us became more and more mellow with the accumulation and polishing of time, just like architecture. After experiencing the baptism of time, it became more full of charm and artistry. Years are like shuttles. In the face of the erosion of time, only the classics and the love of ancient times remain unchanged. Therefore, Swiss Mido presents a new commander series limited edition multi-function chronograph watch for Father’s Day. Although it has experienced the impact of the trend, it continues the classic of the brand, and also creates a ‘core’, equipped with Mido 1320 movement. Observatory certified multifunction chronograph movement (based on ETA Valjoux 7750). The elegant and mature appearance design and the precise control of the minute and second time, just like the unique emotion between the father and the son, are implicitly restrained and warm-hearted.
This watch draws on the essence of the Eiffel Tower design and restores its majestic and majestic architectural style and power aesthetics to the watch. With excellent watchmaking technology, Mido reinterpreted the shape and charm of the Eiffel Tower, and followed its resolute silhouette and beauty of strength. It resembles the resolute figure of his father’s mighty shore, which reflects the calm charm and connotation of mature men. The global limited edition of 999 words with such hot words highlights the pricelessness and preciousness of love, and the unlimited but exclusive love is limited. Give your father more care and more love from your ‘limited amount’.
The watch case and strap are polished, staggered in light and dark, and have a strong sense of technology. The use of steel materials reproduces the curve from the spire to the base of the tower, smooth and agile. The metal bracelet uses a nut to replace the previous steel needle design to fix the watch section, which is not only easier to adjust, but also adds a mechanical feel to it, reflecting the designer’s unique ingenuity. Ivory white lacquered polished dial with bituminous gray vortex chronograph dial, pure and without connotation, the overall appearance of the silver watch is like the eiffel tower’s towering and sturdy attitude, which sets off the men’s masculine body. Inside the watch, the precise movement of the time, the exquisite design, highlights the Swiss watchmaking process of excellence. Ivory white lacquered polished dial is equipped with three multi-function chronograph dials of 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 12 hours, highlighting a distinctive sports style. The various timing methods are simply born for speed, and the brand’s unique orange element is The dial is fully reflected, and the black and white hands are dotted on the ivory dial, which makes the reading more clear and convenient. The harmonious combination of the three colors also gives the man a dynamic charm. The hour, minute and scale are treated with white Super LumiNova®, which facilitates night readings. Adhering to the characteristics of the series and the brand, this limited series of multi-function chronograph watches of the Commander series once again brings out the sense of movement and speed to the fullest. The Commander series has once again increased its popularity and brand value. Outstanding styling, excellent performance, both internal and external, continuing the classic, giving the father the best return and love.
Technical Parameters
Movement: Mido 1320 chronometer certified multifunctional chronograph movement (based on ETA Valjoux 7750), 13¼ ” ‘, diameter 30.00 mm, thickness 7.90 mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, finely carved The carved movement is equipped with blue screws, the carved movement is decorated with blue screws, the automatic rotor is carefully carved with the Geneva ripple and the MIDO logo, and its travel accuracy is adjusted in 5 directions. Up to 48 hours of kinetic energy storage.
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of the week, multi-function timing.
Time: The hour and minute hands are located in the center of the dial. The second dial is at 9 o’clock.
Timing: Central 60-second hand, 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock, 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock.
Case: satin-polished 316L stainless steel case, polished bezel, diameter 42.5 mm; 3 parts, sapphire mirror surface; engraved and engraved movement on a transparent back, engraved serial number, water-resistant to 50 meters.
Strap: 316L stainless steel strap with folding clasp.
Dial: ivory white lacquered polished dial with anthracite gray scroll chronograph dial, date and day window at 3 o’clock.
Hands: Horizontal diamond cut, hour and minute hands with white Super-LumiNova® luminous hands to ensure clear readings at night, orange central 60-second chronograph hands.

Liang Wendao, Wu Xiubo, And Lauren Ballesta Talk About ‘heart Is The Ocean, And Those Who Have No Boundaries’

On November 11, 2016, Blancpain grandly released the Fifty Fathom Series Deep Submersible Flyback Chronograph ‘Mind the Ocean’ 2016 New Limited Edition at the Shanghai Xintiandi Flagship Store and held the ‘Mind ‘Marine Unscrupulous Without Borders’ Global Marine Public Welfare Achievement Exhibition.

   Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Global Vice President of Blancpain, Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China, Mr. Liang Wendao, Blancpain Cultural Ambassador, Mr. Wu Xiubo, Brand Friend, Mr. Laurent Ballesta Attend the event together. The stars are connected by the ocean because of their hearts, and they collectively have a title of ‘噚 者’.

Liang Wendao: What is a cripple

   Blancpain believes that the ocean is the common wealth of mankind. While devoting himself to the protection of the ocean, he must also call for more people to join in. This group of like-minded people is the ‘slayers’. The end of the sea, the unbelievers are boundless, and those who care about the ocean because of Blancpain will fulfill their lofty commitments to the ocean with practical actions in various fields and jointly guard the vast blue.

   Press conference of the new limited edition watch, hosted by Mr. Liang Wendao, Blancpain’s brand cultural ambassador. His wit, humor, and eloquence instantly lit the atmosphere of the event, and explained to everyone ‘what is a puppet’, that is, a person who loves the fifty and loves the ocean because of Blancpain.

Wu Xiubo: The Example of Martyrs

   Mr. Wu Xiubo, a close friend of the Blancpain brand, is a role model for many ‘smart people.’ In 2014, he was invited to take part in Blancpain’s ‘Focus on the Ocean’ South France departure event, purchase the first limited edition watch, join the ‘Focus on the Marine Community’, and actively participate in marine public welfare. And this year, Mr. Wu Xiubo continued to cheer on Blancpain’s ‘Teaching the Ocean’ China tour, calling on the Chinese people to pay attention to and support marine public welfare.

   As a role model, as # 心 系 海洋 活动 派 #, Mr. Wu Xiubo took the initiative and purchased the first “Mind Ocean” 2016 Limited Edition 001 watch on the spot. Wu Xiubo admits that he bought this blue watch because the sky is blue, and the earth is blue from space. This is the color of life. This is also a small contribution he made to the ocean. , I hope that through this action, we can call on more people to cherish the marine environment resources, let those living creatures live in the environment where they should live, and also for marine science like Lauren Ballesta. The family pays deep respect.

Lauren Ballesta: Leader of the Martyr

   Leading figure of “Heart in the Ocean”, marine biologist, diving photographer and explorer who just finished the Antarctic expedition project, Lauren Ballesta, as a guest and media reporter on the scene, shared his support for the three times of Blancpain The mysterious and beautiful underwater world in the coelacanth scientific research project displayed, countless grotesque, extremely rare underwater creatures, and his adventures on the sea floor affected the guests’ breathing and heartbeat.

The Lauren team has achieved remarkable results:
For the first time, the mysterious veil of the coelacanth fish, the greatest zoological discovery of the twentieth century;
For the second time, the record of the largest group of grey reef sharks (about 700) that humans have observed so far, and the grouping of groupers at night;
The third time, dived 120 meters to the bottom of the ice floes in Antarctica, revealed the deep-sea organisms and living environment at the bottom of the ice floes in the Antarctica, and helped to count the emerging deep-sea biota affected by global warming, and shared all image data to the research For reference.
For the fourth time, they are about to set off to explore the night hunting of sharks accidentally discovered during the second Coelacanth operation. If this strategy is proved, it will directly challenge humans’ perception of existing organisms.

   On his second expedition, he was not afraid of the huge number of grey reef sharks and was excited to take underwater photography. When the guests present exclaimed, he smiled and explained that in the eyes of the grey reef sharks, humans are huge, and they think that humans are also a predator, so they will not attack humans. However, the herd of grey reef sharks would still bump into his body, and when he got ashore, he found that his body was already full of bruises.

   Lauren is a science man, and no one can imagine that he is the first person in the world to reach a 24-hour deep dive. But Lauren himself said frankly: he didn’t do this for record breaking, he just wanted to discover more about marine species and the environment underwater at such depth and allowable time, and make his own research for human beings to study the ocean. Some contributions. This feeling touched every guest on the scene. The applause rang throughout the audience.

‘Heart is the ocean’, Blancpain’s life-long charity

   Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s global vice president, said: In marine public welfare, Blancpain has always focused on long-term projects, not short-term, temporary behavior; the ocean and the earth are the common wealth of mankind, and environmental issues are also global issues. Therefore, the public welfare cause of “Hearts Concerning the Ocean” must focus on the world and unfold in all major countries and regions. Marine protection not only requires the introduction of professionals and institutions to solve scientific research challenges, but the most fundamental thing is to raise public awareness. Let the public go from knowing the ocean, to respecting and loving, to protecting and practicing, to enjoying the beauty of the ocean; even in the downturn of the global economy, investment in public welfare must be sustained.

Deciphering the unique rarity of Blancpain

   Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China, was present to explain why it was so difficult to obtain the delicate Blancpain. In order to achieve such a uniform Blancpain, watchmakers must use two different ceramic processes:
The first technology, stamping ceramic powder, completes shaping and coloring, and is mainly used for the manufacture of watch cases, bezels and case backs.
In the second technique, ceramic particles are embedded in the mold through an injection die process, and the crown and timing buttons are completed. The blue color is completely consistent with the case, back and bezel by firing. And can make the blue consistent and stable. What’s even more commendable is that Blancpain is a solid ceramic from the inside out, rather than simply using a coating to achieve the whole body blue of the watch, which is the industry’s first.

Amazing results of ‘Mind in the Ocean’

   Since the launch of Blancpain’s “Mind-Related Ocean” business in 2014, Blancpain has supported ten expeditionary exploration projects, which has doubled the total area of ​​global marine protected areas and increased 3 million square kilometers (nearly one-third of China). Land area) and presents many colorful award-winning documentaries, underwater exhibitions and publications to the world.

   The theme exhibition “Hearts Concerning the Ocean” presents many marine public welfare projects promoted by Blancpain worldwide, including the Primitive Ocean Expedition, the Coelacanth Expedition Research Project, the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco and the World Ocean Summit. Achievements and latest developments. Since 2014, Blancpain has continued to hold “The Heart of the Ocean” tour theme exhibitions in major cities in China, further expanding the influence of the “Heart of the Ocean” and promoting public awareness of protecting the ocean.

Welcome to the Achievement Exhibition

   Blancpain’s ‘Heart on the Ocean’ Achievement Exhibition will continue until November 20th. Not only will it display a large number of fifty-five antique watches, it will also have rich marine scientific pictures and exquisite photographs of marine life. Welcome to Blancpain’s Xintiandi flagship store in Shanghai to see the blue style of “the ocean in your heart”.

Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte I/Sa Sports Watch

What are the qualities of a perfect watch? On this issue, people have long held different opinions. This is a lucky thing for watchmakers; they can do whatever they can to develop the most beautiful and elaborate complex designs imaginable. To be sure, the classic three-hand calendar display has become the international standard for personal timers.
Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik
   The stainless steel Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik sports men’s watch is equipped with an integrated stainless steel bracelet, which perfectly meets the standards of high quality and durability. This is the perfect fusion of the 40mm medium-sized case specifications with low-key practical capabilities: the screw-down crown and screw-in caseback make the watch waterproof to 100 meters. Side edge protection prevents the crown from winding and adjusting the crown, and ensures that the sealing system is not damaged.
   This watch has silver-plated and black dials, each with luminous hands and indexes. Double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal can be read clearly in any field of view.
    This low-profile sports watch is driven by a Swiss automatic movement. Before being officially tested and certified as a German observatory in accordance with DIN 8139, its automatic movement was optimized and equipped with its own precision adjustment device in Glashütte. The relief engraving on the Glashütte Observatory on the case back means that this Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik has passed the most stringent tests.

   Sport and elegance are perfectly combined here, which is actually Wempe’s consistent insistence. If the timer wants to meet people’s sports needs, it must withstand much more severe tests than the environment such as hand washing or drizzle. Even when showering or swimming, the brief high water pressure caused by violent arm movements can cause the watch to leak water. As long as people do not forget to tighten the crown before rushing into the water, the structure of the Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik sports watch can perfectly avoid such dangers. This sports watch can be quickly and routinely tested for leaks at Wempe stores, and enjoy the precise timekeeping brought by Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik in various environments.

Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik
Movement: ETA 2892-A2 movement (automatic movement), second stop function and central second hand, calendar display
Factory specifications: Round, 25.6 mm diameter, 11½ inches
Total height: 3.6 mm
Bearing gems: 21
Escapement: Swiss anchor escapement
Oscillation system: balance frequency 28800 half cycles / hour
Power reserve: 42 hours
World premiere of astronomical watches: German astronomical watches officially tested according to DIN 8319
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and calendar display
Technical change: in-house precision adjustment device
Operating elements: screw crown for adjusting hands, quick date correction and winding device
Case: stainless steel, 40 mm diameter, screw-in case back with embossed engraving on the observatory, water-resistant to 10 bar
Surface: Double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Strap: stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp, brushed finish, polished middle section, lug width 18.0 mm
Dial: Silver-plated dial with stainless steel hands and fluorescent color (Super Luminova)
      Black dial with stainless steel hands and fluorescent color (Super Luminova)
Hands: For silver-plated dial: ‘Gun’ hands with Super Luminova
     For black dial: stainless steel hands and Super Luminova
Reference number and price: WM650003 (silver-plated) 22100 RMB
              WM650004 (black) 22100 RMB

Seiko Introduces The New Grand Seiko Watch

According to the Watch House, since its birth in 1960, the Grand Seiko series has always adhered to its unique style of clarity and elegance, aiming at ‘the world’s best practical watch’ and pursuing high precision The highest level of basic functions of watches, such as legibility, durability and durability. Grand Seiko watches always represent SEIKO’s top watchmaking craftsmanship.

 Recently, the brand has also added multiple watches to the Grand Seiko series, one of which is REF. SBGA103. The hands and scales must be presented in bold and large, but it is still not possible to obtain complete visibility. Grand Seiko’s pointers and scales have been tested and evaluated to determine the width and angle of the cutting surface, and the best design has been adopted. Carefully cut the cut surface piece by piece to make it as smooth as possible. Therefore, it can reflect beautiful light at any angle, and it is easy to read.

 The contrast between the round surface (polished) highlighting the high-profile shape and the mirror Mirror can only be completed through the expertise of the grinding craftsman. The streamlined mirror surface of the case outer ring adopts the grinding processing technology of grinding wheel grinding method-the craftsman must grind the case against a tin turntable at an angle, and intend to place special paper materials on the tin plate for advanced processing technology. There are only a handful of grinding technicians who can make a mirror as beautiful as Grand Seiko, and the mirror surface is not skewed. Its processing technology belongs to a very high level, known as craftsmanship.

 The other one is REF.SBGV011, which also has the essence of this series. At the same time, the back and crown are designed to prevent dirt and sweat from accumulating. At the same time, 9F, 9S and other series models choose a screw bottom cover. This structure can ensure waterproof performance when the battery is repeatedly replaced or the inspection is repeated.

 GRAND SEIKO was born at the end of the golden age of watches-in the early 1960s, and less than 10 years later, the quartz wave hit the Swiss watch industry, and mechanical watches that pursued high technology were hit hard.European watches destroyed half of the country. GS was also forced to suspend production in the 1970s. Until 1998-about 10 years after the revival of mechanical watches, top-end Seiko returned to the world. Today, this series of watches have a wide range of recognition and high popularity.