Precision And Sophisticated Tasting Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronograph Series Annual Calendar Chronograph

Montblanc upholds the passion for fine watchmaking and casts the heritage of precision chronograph series. From movement, basic functions, complex functions to precision and design, Montblanc brings every detail together to pay tribute to the Swiss tradition of fine watchmaking. Today’s Watch House brings you a Montblanc heritage precision chronograph series annual calendar chronograph to understand its precision and complexity. Official watch model: 114876.

   The Heritage Chronograph series is dedicated to precision chronographs, inspired by the 15th-century explorer Vasco da Gama, a legendary man’s unremitting exploration of the new world changed the course of history. The watch design inspiration comes from the ‘Pythagore’ watch produced in 1948 by Villeret Montblanc Menela. Its precise timing has always been Montblanc’s core watchmaking philosophy.

Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Annual Calendar Chronograph 114876

   This watch is made of rose gold and equipped with a mechanical movement. The white dial shows the complex functions of calendar, chronograph and month. It is elegant, sophisticated and sophisticated. The watch comes with a black alligator strap.

Round crown and square timing buttons with pit pattern

   The side of the watch has a crown and two chronograph buttons. The round crown in the middle is decorated with pits on the sides and the Montblanc hexagonal logo on the top, which is beautiful and easy to grasp. The square timing buttons on both sides are polished finely, and the surface is smooth and beautiful, reflecting the beautiful golden red light.

Black alligator leather strap is soft and tough for comfortable wearing

   The black strap on the watch is made of crocodile leather. The leather strap is soft and tough, comfortable to wear, and the texture is naturally beautiful. There is a buckle on the strap.

The smooth case is polished and detailed, reflecting the golden red light

   The flowing rose gold case is polished to make it round, smooth and bright; the trapezoidal bezel on the front of the case is polished to present a beautiful texture.

Rigorous layout and complex white dial

   The watch’s white dial is decorated with exquisite solar radiation pattern, the central hours and minutes hands, using rose gold hour markers; the central blue hands are the chronograph seconds hand; the four central dials show the moon phase, chronograph function, annual calendar function and small seconds dial , Sophisticated and not cluttered.

Ingenious moon phase display perfectly shows cycle changes

   The small dial at the three o’clock position of the white dial is a moon phase display function. The rose gold hands indicate the four rose gold-plated moon phases of the new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and second quarter moon, showing the periodic changes of the moon phases. The ingenious moon phases add a finishing touch to the silvery white dial with sunrays.

Small dial with chronograph hour and day display

   The small dial at 6 o’clock on the dial is divided into two circles, the outer bezel is a 12-hour chronograph bezel, and the inner bezel is reminded of the display; the middle of the small bezel is decorated with vortices, which is exquisite.

Month display and 30-minute timekeeping function in a small dial

   At the center of the small dial at 9 o’clock, there is a fine vortex pattern on the inner part of the dial. The inner ring displays the month and is indicated by a gold hand. The outer ring is a 30-minute counter with a blue hand.

Small seconds and date display, clear and not cluttered

   The small dial at 12 o’clock is the small seconds dial and date display, the small seconds line on the inner circle and the Arabic numerals display the scale; the date display on the outer circle is displayed by numbers and dots, and the ’31’ position uses red numbers.

Small and delicate lugs are beautifully curved

   The watch’s lugs and case are cast in one piece. The detailed polishing makes it more exquisite, and the natural curved design can ensure that the watch fits better when worn.

Easy to open and close with pin buckle engraved with brand name

   The pin buckle made of rose gold is simple and generous, with the English name Montblanc engraved on it; the pin buckle is easy to open and close and it is not easy to open it by itself, causing the watch to fall off, which is very safe.

The transparent automatic case can clearly see the internal mechanical movement

   The back of the watch uses a translucent case back, and the transparent mechanical lens can be seen through the transparent mirror. This self-winding MB 25.09 movement has a power reserve of 42 hours. The Montblanc name and watch-related information are engraved on the bottom of the watch.

Summary: The Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronograph series pays tribute to the masters of watchmaking for their superb craftsmanship and ultimate aesthetic pursuits. It perfectly integrates the past with the present, and is elegantly designed, which is a timeless work. This rose gold watch combines a variety of complex functions, sophisticated, and elegant design, with men’s elegance on the wrist.

Quietness In Ukiyo Four Simple Ladies’ Watches Recommended

Everyone says that ‘females are good for themselves’. In such a changing age, how many trends fade with time, and how many fresh colors are pushed to the tip of the waves? When star celebrities have become the main trend indicator of this era, there are always a lot of crowds behind it. The large area of ​​bright color and dazzling decorative characteristics, can’t wait for everyone to think of life as a runway, to find a glimpse of the crowd.
 A few days ago I saw an interview with Mr. Chen (Chen Danqing). He said: The Chinese learn things very quickly. The problem is that they become Chinese things as soon as they learn. Such self-defeating examples are not uncommon. Instead of struggling to compete in the impetuousness of impetuousness, it is better to slow down and be the most authentic one. Please streamline your inner and outer appearance. A good attitude is never to move forward, but to be indifferent and indisputable.
 The picture above shows Chen Danqing’s paintings: naked girls on Spanish cushions. Follows Chen’s usual painting style: realism. From Mr. Chen’s conversation, you may think that he is an angry painter, so the works he paints should be critical and emotional. On the contrary, however, he is very good at using the realistic style of Western European oil painting. The style of the painting is extremely delicate and tender, but it is emotionally bursty. Perhaps the combination of freedom and art advocated by Mr. Chen’s soul is this idea. I would like to present this painting to friends who are naturally sincere in the troubled times and who understand the aesthetics.
  I recommend several simple-looking, full-bodied watches for delicate women. Let the classic style present a unique style on you.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Jewellery Q2568402

Watch Series: Flip Series
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: square case
Domestic public price: 75,000
Details of the model: If the character of the watch can be defined according to the shape of the case, the square case is not rigorous, but it is more rigorous and attitude. I have recommended the flip series more than once. In addition to its iconic case design, I prefer the unique elegance and beauty it conveys. The stainless steel case is less luxurious but more durable, and the pure white alligator strap is bold and gentle. The usual Arabic numeral hour markers line the dial with a pliable beauty. Although it was silent in front of it, there was a sense of communication that seemed to exist.
Rolex Date Ladies 179173 White Dial Watch

Watch Series: Diary
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k yellow gold-stainless steel
Strap Material: Gold
Case diameter: 26 mm
Domestic public price: 67,600
Watch details: The diary-type women’s watch is not the most dazzling in the Rolex family. Although it is less prominent than Cellini and Daytona, it is more practical. The champagne-colored bezel is small in size, polished to a regular pattern, and refined in craftsmanship. The diamond hour markers inlaid on the dial are like women’s careful thoughts. The appearance is not special, but the heart is gorgeous and clear. The gold watchband can easily move between tenacity and luxury.
IWC Portofino IW356405

Watch Series: Portofino
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 34
Domestic public price: 31,850
Watch details: IWC’s supporters are mostly men, and many girls prefer more feminine series or brands. I don’t deny the luxury of diamond watches and the expensive gold watches, but the simple and generous appearance is sometimes more resistant. The design is simple and generous, and the movement can withstand the scrutiny of time. The dark blue dial looks deep, and the simple three-hand calendar design is also very practical. The same stainless steel case, stainless steel is not as eye-catching as other luxury materials, but the price is good.
Zenith ULTRA THIN Ultra Thin Moon Phase Women’s Watch Series 03.2310.692 / 51.C705
Watch series: HERITAGE series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 33 mm
Domestic Public Price: No
Watch details: Legend has it that women have a crush on moonphase watches. In fact, such a seemingly simple function contains ultra-complex processes and technologies. Blue was originally the most natural color between heaven and earth, but some people in modern times have made them gray. The 33 mm diameter fits just about the width of women’s wrists. The movement contains 27 precious gems, just like the desire hidden in the hearts of women. Things that are too bright are usually short-lived and no longer remembered. The colorful fireworks in the Ukiyo can never be as eternal as the soft moonlight. That’s why I love this watch.
 More and more labels in life are affixed to others or by myself. I never like to be affixed with any label. How can a complete person complete the expression with a few labels. You never have to show your unique moment, you are already unique. Before becoming fully self, there will always be nutrients we need to draw in the tide, but understanding and screening is the most important, whether it is material or character, or soul. (Picture / text watch home Gao Yiman)