Wonderful Audemars Piguet Messi World Cup

Passion, focus and tenacity. No matter what kind of field, if you want to be outstanding, you need to master all the relevant skills, so that you can accurately and efficiently interpret and become the soul person who controls the situation. On the football field, Lionel Messi did it.

 Messi’s career is undoubtedly enviable, and these achievements are inseparable from his unremitting efforts and extraordinary wisdom. Audemars Piguet, a Swiss haute horlogerie brand with a long history of 139 years, is also the same. As a master of complex craftsmanship watches, with the determination, enthusiasm and superb craftsmanship in the years, each watch has achieved excellence. And extraordinary, writing legendary glory in the field of high-end watches.

 ‘To break the rules, you must first master them’. Audemars Piguet and Lionel Messi, who share common values, established a long-term cooperative relationship in 2010 on the basis of mutual appreciation. Messi officially became the Audemars Piguet brand ambassador and witnessed each other With each other’s glorious moments.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Collection Lionel Messi Limited Edition
 ‘I am honored to participate in the design of the Royal Oak Leo Messi Limited Edition, and I am honored to name my watch with my name.’ Passion, precision, Rigor is the value shared by Lionel Messi and Audemars Piguet. Obviously, the cooperation between the best players in the world and Audemars Piguet (Le Brassus) is deepening. In 2012, to pay tribute to this contemporary football legend and outstanding athlete, Audemars Piguet decided to break the deep-rooted elemental traits of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series and launch this limited edition 1000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Rio Western limited edition watch (Royal Oak Leo Messi Limited Edition).
 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Leo Messi Limited Edition’s elegant and simple dial breaks the traditional “Tapisserie” check pattern and redesigns the dial and adopts a watchmaking Tantalum is the rare material used in the industry. The 41 mm diameter gives it a stylish, atmospheric yet unobtrusive character. At the same time, this limited edition model abandons the traditional stainless steel bracelet and instead uses a crocodile leather strap with a more sporty rubber strap.

What Is The Chain Of Contempt In The Watch Circle?

When I saw this problem, I was transferred to Hong Kong in Malaysia. After hurriedly writing a few paragraphs, I boarded the plane. The next two days were non-stop from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, Shenzhen to Xiamen. This will finally be decided on the train from Xiamen to Shanghai to delete half of what hastily been written and start again.
   It is easy to offend people to answer this question, so you must be careful.

IWC Pilot’s Hand Chronograph Watch “Little Prince” Special Edition, Limited to 1,000

   For playing, the collection of things naturally has a high or low price, but the collection of the members of the collection, the fun of collection is different, how can it be higher or lower. For example, I have a cousin, bought a limited edition prince of iwc for his high school son, but the child likes casio and wears it every day. In fact, happy to wear what, what is the most important.
   Many people think that the bezel is a frivolous circle. It seems that the rich people are playing the watch and the car, and the rich people are basically upstarts, and the upstarts have no culture. Since there is no culture, it is easy to have simple values, so you will have money and despise it. The watch is naturally a rich materialized model. Indeed, some of the cousins’ gatherings may be rotten and luxurious. Yachts and cars, order a few girls, and a dozen famous wines; but you can also drink tea and skewers. If you want to say contempt, I’m afraid that contempt is extravagant and vulgar, the timepiece lying on the wrist is the identity mark.

Patek Philippe Antique Watch

   In fact, it is not necessarily the bezel that has no pressure on buying a watch. People may only be the family members of the rich or themselves; and for a good watch, discuss with friends every day, save money, and even have to drop a lot of favorite collection It is true cousin. Most timetable friends do not meet. We are discussing industrial upgrades, movement design, polishing procedures, brand history research, and quantitative comparison of technical parameters. Some cousins ​​are hardworking themselves. A famous collector in the circle is a self-taught watch repairman. He has a lot of cover lots for auction houses, and the skill of amateur watch repair is rare in Switzerland. But he is humble and enthusiastic, and has helped a lot of old and new cousins. As for whether there is a chain of contempt in his mind, the officer himself pondered.
   Another famous pp collector, often plays Rolex very happily recently. Remove a few labor metal chains, put on a strap called rubber B, take selfies on the subway, and share with group friends. For people in their 50s, the joy of discovering the new continent is different from the joy of buying a limited edition antique pp. The official thought that the watch friends of the bezel would lose that respect because the boss played Rolex and rubber bands? Of course not, and dare not. Because if you check the information, you will know that the rubber band is made in Switzerland. It is a hot thing on foreign watch friends forums, but the domestic bezel has just begun to play. Boss is well informed, haha.

RUBBER B strap

   Asians are rushing to luxury goods. One is the need for personalization under the long-term pressure of social convergence. The second is the long-term status of the bottom right who wants to confirm the desire and expression of the rising status of his class. So for a long time, high-recognized brands sold well; Rolex also sold well. Now, more and more brands will open a large mouth on the dial for a tourbillon that is useless and should not be seen from the front. Tourbillon, hundreds of thousands? As a qualified and rational table friend, you may be disgusted by the crude and inferior business tactics of the brand, and occasionally choose such a table for friends who have a good relationship but do not understand the table. As for whether a friend wearing this watch will in turn despise me as a person who cannot afford a large front flywheel, it is unknown.
   People who do n’t know much about watches often like to pass a ranking called Top 10 Watches. It seems that the watch you buy doesn’t meet the top 10, but it’s not enough to be successful. In order for the media to make advertisements, they must find excuses every day to say that the brand is good; if sales are to make ends meet, naturally they must say which brand is good every day; ordinary people want to buy decent watches, faced with so much information, when there is uncertainty, there is a reference What a wonderful ranking! After all, we have always liked rankings from school to school. Quantitative standards! Presumably, Master Zhong Ruoquan knows, and he must be crying and laughing for this list. The master loved countless watches during his lifetime. Even if he had a preference for pp and Lao, he also appreciated the independent watchmaking of the niche. Even if the top 10 watches are made under certain circumstances, they have never despised those brands that are not in the top 10. After the change of heart, the brand has undergone tremendous changes after the luxury goods group. Many brands go hand in hand with high and low lines, advertising high and catching the eye; low monetization. and so…

Rolex Comex

   IMHO, this is far from the era when simple and rude can be divided by brand or price, and it is not the era of who is expensive or who speaks. Professionalism comes first and fun is great. As for the so-called contempt chain of bezels, if it does, it is similar to the contempt chain of all other circles. There is no strong correlation with the table itself, and it is strongly related to human nature.
   Of course, what the watch circle despises most is not the one who wears a smart watch, but the person who fakes and buys fakes. This includes fake nameplates that create false historical and cultural events.