Gucci Watches And Jewelry Provide Official Timers

The Grammy Awards ‘The GRAMMY® Nominations Concert Live!-Countdown To Music’s Biggest Night®’ nomination party has ended in Los Angeles a few days ago, kicking off the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. As a partner of The Recording Academy®, Gucci Watches and Jewelry has released a special edition of watches and jewelry series (Taiwan is expected to be available in January 2011), and will now launch the ‘Official Timer for Music’s Biggest Night’ ”: An innovative desktop widget inspired by the design of the I-Gucci GRAMMY watch. Compatible with Mac or PC, the app is a real-time countdown timer for the awards ceremony scheduled to appear at 8pm (Eastern Time / Pacific Time) on February 13th.
  This stylish and practical widget includes a range of features, such as local and Los Angeles time and date displays, and direct links to Grammy Awards and recent updates to Gucci Twitter. The I-Gucci GRAMMY widget can be downloaded exclusively from,, and Gucci’s Facebook page. After the event, the countdown panel will disappear automatically, and the remaining clock is still a stylish desktop timer.
  The Widget app design is inspired by the I-Gucci watch, which is Gucci’s first digital watch, and is an absolute classic choice for watch fans who love modern time zone display models. The watch provides the ultimate performance: the surface can be switched from the original word jump surface that displays the time of the two places, and quickly switch to the liquid crystal pointer display showing only the local time. A special version of the large size double time display is marked with unique words commemorating the cooperation with the Grammy Awards. The yellow PVD stainless steel case with a wide black or white rubber strap, decorated with a Grammy and Gucci logo, highlights its special value. The Grammy Special Edition label on the back of the table reaffirms the extraordinary significance of this cross-border cooperation. This collectible I-Gucci watch also offers a bezel-set diamond version, which adds infinite charm.

Tango Tango: Fara Muller Crazy Hours

Tango-Frank Muller Crazy Hours Watch
Let’s not talk about how talented Master Franck Muller is, let alone your watch’s unique high recognition can make your wrist stand out from the crowd. Crazy Hours watches are colorful, and creatively break the inherent dial display law, rearrange the Arabic numerals on the dial, at first glance, I really think that the time is out of order. Behind this ‘time joke’ lies a concept and thought of Franck Muller watchmaker.
C On the Crazy Hours dial, 12 Art Deco-style Arabic numerals still exist, but the number order is not arranged clockwise from 1 to 12, but is rearranged and combined. Although the numbers on the Crazy Hours dial have been rearranged, reading the time is completely easy. The minute hand normally rotates clockwise to directly display the time in minutes; the key is to display the hour flying back above Jumping Hour. As long as you look at the Arabic numeral pointed to by the hour hand, you can immediately know the hour .

Tango-Frank Muller Crazy Hours Watch
Crazy Hours features bouncing hands. For example, the hour hand of a watch points to 10, which is 10 o’clock; the view of the minute hand is the same, that is, 10 minutes; when the minute hand completes a turn (that is, the figure 8), the hour hand will immediately change from 10 Fly back to 11 at 3 o’clock and immediately display the time at 11 o’clock. In order to match the mysterious numbers on the dial, the production of the movement of Crazy Hours is much more difficult than ordinary watches, and the production cost is more than 50% higher. So much so that Franck Muller is proud of the creation of this creative watch.