Masters Ling Ni Watch Brings Creative Interchangeable Strap

Ling Ni: creative interchangeable strap
     The interchangeable strap gives Lingni series the biggest feature is a variety of choices, giving women the decorative feeling they desire. Now, almost every Lingni watch is equipped with an additional strap, the satin material matches the diamond watch, and the leather strap matches the ordinary model.

     In addition, the new interchangeable strap incorporates more colors and materials, allowing the wearer to easily switch from daywear to evening wear, and instantly change from elegant style to casual fun. In this way, Baume & Mercier opens up the concept of seasonal replaceable watches that are more in line with the trend: according to the current fashion trend, three color bracelets with special materials and exquisite workmanship are launched twice a year. These colored straps will be available in limited editions.
     The spring / summer 2012 limited edition strap is double-sided and two-color. The artistic two-tone strap is added to the rank of the replaceable strap, and the color of the stitching is consistent with the strap. The colors chosen by the brand have always achieved color balance, and echo the famous seaside world. The pink-purple sky at dawn is reminiscent of the sun rising slowly from the horizon; the blue sky and white clouds are reminiscent of the beach at noon. The sun has hung high and the waves have been awakened. The fusion of color and bright orange is like the amber light at summer sunset.
The concept of seasonal limited edition straps makes Lingni’s interchangeable strap system more creative and trendy. Without the help of any tools, you can change the strap in an instant. Today’s Ling Ni fans can choose colors and materials to show their attitude.