Baoper And Century Chef Joël Robuchon Hold Grand Cooperation Event In Tokyo

(November 5, 2014, Tokyo, Japan) Blancpain, the top Swiss watch brand, held a grand ceremony in collaboration with Century Chef Joël Robuchon at the Michelin Samsung Restaurant Chateau Restaurant located in Ebisu, Tokyo. Cooperative activities. Blancpain, ‘the founder of classic timepieces,’ enjoys the prestige of ‘Haute Horlogerie’ (meaning high-end watchmaking), and the passion and persistence in its watchmaking process find resonance in the art of food. Blancpain’s relationship with the world’s top chefs known as ‘Haute gastronomy’ (meaning top cuisine) has a long history-in 1989, Frédy Girardet, Paul Bocuse and Joël Robuchon were named ‘Century Name’ by Gault & Millau Magazine When they were cooking, Blancpain gave them three hand-carved watches. This time, on the occasion of Joël Robuchon’s visit to Japan, Blancpain is honored to invite the brand’s global partners to prepare exquisite lunches for local media and prepare luxurious dinners for distinguished guests. It is worth mentioning that Joël Robuchon deliberately presented a brand new menu for the Blancpain event.

  Blancpain and Joël Robuchon both realize the commonalities between traditional watchmaking and fine cuisine-watchmakers and chefs are full of passion for manual craftsmanship, adhere to the principle of precision, and relentlessly pursue the expression of every detail, Strive to find an ingenious balance between tradition and innovation, and strive for perfection by exploring the essence of product essence. Blancpain’s inextricable relationship with top food is based on the belief that the world of watchmaking and the world of food are common to each other. This is to devote all enthusiasm and life energy, with professional technology and precise operation, never cease to pursue the highest state Handicraft concept.

  Regarding the collaboration with top cuisine, Blancain Blancpain Global Vice President and Marketing Director Alain Delamuraz emphasized: ‘Blancpain Blancpain is at the pinnacle of timepiece art, so we are committed to various fields such as life art, racing, underwater world Partnership with top masters. Joël Robuchon is a partner who deserves the title of ‘top class’ in the realm of fine arts in the art of living. ‘

  At the same time, regarding his association with Blancpain, Joël Robuchon commented that “traditional watchmaking and fine cuisine have a lot in common. Both areas require high accuracy and rigor, and need continuous innovation. It is precisely these Quality makes me feel the excellence of Blancpain. ‘

Bulgari: Outstanding Master Of World Watch Art

Bvlgari has more than 350 watch workers, mastering dozens of dazzling precision craftsmanship, from Le Sentier, Saignelégier to La Chaux-de-Fonds, in Bulgari distributed throughout Switzerland In watch factories, workshops and manufacturing factories, they tirelessly pursue excellence …

 The watchmaking team of Bvlgari Watch Factory currently has more than 350 members working in four different locations in the Jura mountain region of Switzerland. The place where the watch factory is located is the center zone that inherits the most precise and exquisite craftsmanship of horology. The Bvlgari watch factory continues to make breakthroughs and has now fully controlled the production of mechanical watch movements, including large complex watch movements, ultra-thin manual winding movements, and standard Solotempo automatic winding basic movements. Not only that, the manufacture of the watch’s external components, such as metal cases, bracelets, high-end dials, etc., are also completely independently produced. The Bvlgari watch factory has integrated watchmaking technology for several years, and now has reached a stable state, which has also made Bulgari one of the outstanding elites of Swiss watchmaking.

 Today there are only a few watchmaking brands that can fully grasp the complicated process of manufacturing clocks and watches: from design and research and development, manufacturing mechanical movements, to manufacturing metal cases and bracelets. Whether it’s a classic or streamlined watch, a complex or advanced watch, the key to watchmaking lies in the love of this art. Just like top-level works of art, it takes a huge team of art experts to put in years of enthusiasm and persistence. Behind these complex works is a fusion of many generations of skills and cutting-edge innovations. The manufacturing process of precision watches is a huge and complex network, with various technologies related to each other and independent of each other, or based on the most advanced contemporary technology, or presented by mature traditional techniques.

 Bvlgari Watch Factory is now proficient in all watch manufacturing processes and processes, and produces all kinds of watch fines completely, which is exactly the strength that top international brands should possess.

 After vertical integration, Bvlgari Watch Factory is solid and progressive, and continuously completes all the technical achievements required for manufacturing watches; first, create various production departments, lead the overall situation, and draw the first sketch from the design department; the technical department uses the sketch as the basis Research on your own development until the final stage of rigorous testing. Each process is located in a different factory area, all located in the core area with the longest tradition and the most pure skills. Among them: Le Sentier workshop specializes in manufacturing large complex watches and ultra-thin Finissimo movements; Le Sentier is responsible for manufacturing and assembling Solotempo movements; Saignelégier is specifically responsible for manufacturing gold or steel cases and bracelets; La Chaux-de-Fonds Specializing in the production of top dials. In addition, Neuchâtel is the control center of the production process. It is responsible for assembling each watch and performing final control.

 The heart of the watchmaking process is the mechanical movement. In the most sophisticated and complex models, more than a thousand components are compatible and integrated in a very small space of a few centimeters. Of course, following the quality standards inherited from complex movements, the Bvlgari watch factory also uses them to make simpler movements, such as Finissimo and Solotempo movements. Whether it is an ultra-thin manual or automatic movement, these strict requirements apply to the entire manufacturing process, enabling all products to meet the highest standards of flawless perfection.

 There is no doubt that the movement is the core of a mechanical watch, but the power unit is only an important part of the watch. The external components of the watch are also important. The technology involved in manufacturing the case, dial, and bracelet is also complicated. . For Bulgari, all components and processes must meet the most stringent requirements. The expertise of manufacturing top dials is the same as that of top-level movements. It can be seen that the manufacturing of dials also relies on the precious experience accumulated over many years.

 In the same way, the Saignelégier factory, which is responsible for the manufacture of cases and bracelets, is also a team of various professionals. The watch factory’s operating guidelines fully comply with the strict standards of Bulgari’s most classic and best product series. Entering this factory, people feel the illusion like the furnace of the vulcan god, the computer-controlled hydraulic machinery continuously works to cut gold or steel blocks; in the grinding workshop, all products are manually processed, of course Including the finest and smallest bracelet links.

 These craftsmen who enable the continuous operation of the Bvlgari watch factory are distributed in different factories, representing dozens of very professional technologies and industries, fully coordinating operations every day, and the methodical operation is like ballet. Patience and enthusiasm, the pursuit of absolute precision in the smallest details, and the creation of outstanding original products with passion are their mottos. Aiming for perfection and perfect harmony in the wonderful fusion of Swiss expertise and Italian aesthetic creativity.

 Bvlgari watches and jewelry have a very close relationship. Watches and jewelry are the areas where the brand is good. Bvlgari watches and jewelry have the same rich core values. Like complex-function watches, superb craftsmanship is also the core key to making jewellery watches. The jewel elements of each jewellery watch are carefully crafted by the Bulgari jewelry factory in Valenza, Italy or the high-end jewelry workshop in Rome, according to different product characteristics and preciousness. This type of production uses traditional dewaxing casting techniques. Professional goldsmiths clean, combine, and polish all metal components, shaping bracelets and gem-set bases, and other watch components. Every detail is paid special attention to, and each element is perfectly close to each other is the most basic requirement. This also ensures that the wrist can move naturally when the watch is worn, and the clasp and the inlaid base can be skillfully combined. At the more complicated stage of gem setting, professional knowledge and skilled skills are needed to ensure that each gem is firmly set in place. Finally, all watch components and movements came to Neuchâtel for assembly. After the final rigorous inspection and control, an exquisite watch was born.

Frank Muller Ten Day Chain Tourbillon Watch

Frank Muller has constantly made self-breakthroughs in the field of complex watchmaking technology in order to create timepieces that constantly exceed himself. Following the launch of the Aeternitas Mega 4, the most complex all-in-one watch on the altar in 2009, it again challenged the limits of watchmaking technology in 2011, introducing the new Giga Tourbillon ten-day tourbillon watch. This latest watch piece once again demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship of Frank Muller’s sophisticated watchmakers. With its advanced research and development capabilities and top-notch expertise, the Giga Tourbillon watch has once again set a new milestone, and at the same time it has brought watchmaking to a whole new field.
    Just like the watch’s name Giga, this tourbillon watch is equipped with the largest tourbillon mechanism currently installed in the watch, with a diameter of up to 2 cm, which occupies half of the entire watch. The atmospheric design is matched with FM letters. The tourbillon frame, when the watch is in operation, you can clearly see the huge flying tourbillon hovering inside the watch, bringing an amazing visual impact. Another special feature of the movement is that Frank Muller broke the usual law and reversed the whole movement: the bottom side of the original movement plywood was turned upside down and used as a faceplate, and the wheel train was used. Rearrange the arrangement, so if you take a closer look, you can see that the position of the hour and minute hands of the general watch is that the hour hand is above the minute hand, but the position of the hour and minute hands of the Giga Tourbillon is that the minute hand is above the hour hand.
    At the same time, in order to ensure the power of the watch for ten days, unlike the traditional watch with only one or two barrels for power, the Giga Tourbillon ten-day tourbillon watch is equipped with four barrels, and The above and below two and two series are connected to each other to form two pairs of barrels that work together. This design allows the kinetic energy to be stored more quickly and efficiently during the winding process, and at the same time, it can provide stable kinetic energy when releasing energy Drive the watch. A new breakthrough was also achieved in the development of the escapement system. Franck Muller watchmaker has newly developed an escapement with high performance, which makes the inertial force of the balance wheel four times higher than that of a traditional tourbillon watch. At the same time, the vibration frequency of the balance wheel is 2.5 Hz. A large hairspring is required. In order to ensure the stability of the balance wheel, Frank Muller specially developed a new hairspring device for it. At this point, an epoch-making tourbillon with stability, accuracy and atmospheric design has been born.
    The Giga Tourbillon ten-day tourbillon watch is also available in a skeleton version. Under its striking and delicate skeleton, the constantly spinning tourbillon and movement not only convey the power and beauty of the watch, but also show Frank Moore Le never ceases to pursue innovation and challenge. At the same time, once again, Frank Mueller has proved his strong strength in leading the complex watchmaking field with his amazing R & D creativity and watchmaking skills.
Model: Giga Tourbillon 8889 T G SQT / 8889 T G
Movement model: FM 2100
Movement: Barrel-type manual winding mechanical movement, fully hand-worn, eccentric design, 4 barrels
Movement size: length 41.4 mm x width 34.40 mm thickness: 5.30 mm
Indications: Hour, minute, tourbillon device
Function: Two-stage crown, first winding, second adjusting time
Kinetic energy storage: 10 days
Frequency: 18’000 times / hour
Tourbillon Ø 20 mm
Number of movement parts: 240
Movement gems: 25
Water resistance: 30 meters
Movement decoration: Geneva corrugated, pearl pattern polished, hand chamfered
Faceplate: black or white radiant sunray panel
Case: 18K gold wine barrel case
Case dimensions: length 59.20 mm x width 43.70 mm x thickness 14.00 mm
Strap: Hand-stitched crocodile leather strap