Ultimate Chronomat Chronomat 01 Watch

Breitling launched its flagship Chronomat 01 series, a limited edition release, exquisitely crafted, and a crystal case made with 100% unique craftsmanship that presents the perfect visual beauty, making it artificial Inverted, the details show the elegant and superior quality.

首次 The Chronomat 01 series, first introduced in the spring of 2009, is Breitling’s first masterpiece beyond Caliber 01. It has a precision movement developed and produced entirely in the Breitling studio. This Breitling flagship product highlights the unparalleled quality of the case. The bezel is engraved with original digital symbols, which perfectly combines strength and elegance. Various styles have been launched on the market, making this watch a new base in the field of mechanical timing. — Called the ultimate chronograph.

For lovers of rare and exclusive timepieces, this iconic Breitling watch is limited to 2,000 in steel and 200 in rose gold. Each watch is unique at its 9 o’clock position on its case. Watch number. The powerful and unique design of the case, bezel and bracelet highlights the subtle contrast-the satin-brushed top and sides are polished and brushed. The black dial is decorated with hour markers. Compared to the traditional Chronomat 01 solid steel or gold back, the Chronomat 01 limited edition uses a transparent sapphire crystal back, allowing the built-in movement to be seen at a glance. With high-performance column wheels, a purely original architectural design, a revolution in industrial processes.

Tissot Nba Special Watch Spot Ninety-five Percent

The Rio Olympic Games ended, the US men’s basketball team won the championship again, and the discussion about the NBA became hot again. In the watch industry, Tissot’s commemorative watches cooperated with the NBA team are also very popular. Recently, according to feedback from forum table friends, Beijing Heng Li Sheng Shi Watch Co. (Shuang’an Shopping Mall) has this series of watches Two stocks, they are mainly Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors, as well as Tissot’s famous solar touchscreen watches, full of science and technology, all three watches are 5% off.

Tissot’s special NBA team watch

Tissot SPECIAL COLLECTIONS T095.417.17.037.12

    In 2015, Tissot established a cooperative relationship with the American Professional Basketball League, the NBA. Recently, Tissot signed a cooperation agreement with eleven strong and famous basketball teams in the NBA. At the same time, it has designed ten teams for each team and their fans all over the world. A watch to pay tribute to the partnership, this watch is loved by table friends and fans. This watch is specially designed for the Houston Rockets HOUSTON ROCKETS. The designer matched the main color of the team’s logo with red and displayed it on the Nato strap. At the same time, the team’s logo was printed on the screen. Made on the back of the watch, very modern.
Tissot SPECIAL COLLECTIONS T095.417.17.037.15

    The Tissot NBA team’s special watch has a simple and elegant style, ultra-thin bezel, straight hands, eye-catching “12”, clear and elegant chronograph dial, perfectly showing the athlete’s focus and vitality on the court. Powerful, wearing such a watch shows the fortitude of men. This watch is specially designed for the Golden State Warriors GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS. ​​The designer matched the main color of the team’s logo with blue, yellow and white, and displayed it on the Nato strap in a symmetrical line shape. At the same time, the team’s logo was printed on the back of the watch by screen printing. The colors are beautiful and sporty.
Tissot TOUCH COLLECTION T091.420.47.057.01 watch

   The Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch is the perfect combination of high-tech and stylish appearance. It is the world’s first solar-powered touch-screen watch. The case has a tough outline and a high-tech touch-screen function. Ground time, lap time with log function and simultaneous segment time, countdown timer, etc., just touch the function on the dial with your fingertips to display characters, easy to use, versatile, and full of science and technology.

Summary: Tissot watches can be described as China’s national watches, and have a good reputation in the hearts of Chinese people. According to feedback from watch friends, the Tissot watches in the store have many styles and are popular in style. The store is near Renmin University subway station, and the transportation is convenient. In addition, because the Tissot NBA watches have a high degree of social recognition, products on the market are relatively scarce, and watch fans who like the NBA must hurry up and take action.
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[Watch discount]: 5% off, true feedback from forum table friends
[Dealer Name]: Xinyu Sambo Beijing Hengdeli Shuangan Shopping Mall
[Dealer Address]: No. 38 North Third Ring Road West, Haidian District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-6213 8820