Limited Production Of Patek Philippe Steel Watches? The New Blancpain Fifty-five, The Rolex Who Wears Rolex … These Are The Big News This Week

# Hermès X Hodinkee Joint Name #Hermes Hermès and American watch media Hodinkee made a Slim d’Hermès small three-pin. Compared with the conventional model, the blue dial is used, and the shades of blue in different positions are slightly different, while the outside has a smoky gradient effect. 39.5mm steel shell, limited to 100 pieces on sale, priced at $ 7,650, about 53,000 yuan. All 100 pieces have been sold out … Hodinkee’s ability to take goods is too abnormal. I feel that one day Patek Philippe and Rolex will take over. Of course, Hodinkee’s best part is also the cooperation models with the brand. Although most of them are small movements to change the color and scale, they are all beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. # 百 达 翡 丽 CEO 专 评 #Hodinkee interviewed Thierry Stern, the current CEO of Patek Philippe, and talked about the brand’s past, present and future. Because it is in English and it is long, some translations are selected for you to see. 1. Patek Philippe is not the only brand that offers beautiful watches. But if you have to say advantages, then it is experience … Over the years, Patek Philippe has made many mistakes, and learned a lot through these mistakes. 2. The Internet is a very good educational and communication tool, but it is not the right tool for selling Patek Philippe. 3. Now Patek Philippe steel watches are very popular in the market. Why do n’t brands do more? A. The Patek Philippe factory is not designed to make steel case watches … The brand also has to deal with various materials: platinum, platinum, rose gold, gold. B. The number of cases of different materials will be planned 2 or 3 years in advance, without changing at any time. C. Expansion of production capacity will inevitably lead to greater risks for watch quality. Watchmakers also need to be trained in the early stage, instead of changing posts to produce steel watches. D. In addition, there are popular reincarnations in watch circles. Steel watches have been popular in recent years, but this is not the case a few years later. Therefore, Patek Philippe will not increase output due to the market’s short-term demand for steel watches. #SIHH 巴塞尔 表 展 接力 办 # There are two major watch exhibitions in Switzerland, one Basel World and one SIHH. In 2009, because of the site, SIHH moved to January and Basel was still around March. The time interval in the middle is very embarrassing. It is not long or short. Many dealers and media flew to Switzerland first. After watching SIHH home, they ran to Switzerland shortly after. This year, many watch brands have announced their withdrawal from SIHH and Basel. In order to save, the two major watch exhibitions today announced that they will seamlessly hold watch exhibitions from 2020. SIHH will be held in Geneva from April 26 to 29, followed by Basel, which will be held in Basel from April 30 to May 5. This agreement will be implemented at least until 2024. # 宝 珀 launched the new titanium alloy version 50 噚 # 50 噚, one of Blancpain’s most iconic diving watches, has recently launched a new version of titanium alloy. Except for the titanium alloy case, everything else remains the same: the 45mm case, the black three-digit dial, and the self-winding movement equipped with a silicon spring. This 50 噚 5015 is equipped with a black canvas strap with a pin buckle. The official foreign price is 14,700 Swiss francs, which is about 102,000 yuan. # 手 雕花 改版 欧米茄 #Molnar Fabry, a watch brand from Slovakia. Their founders were trained in jewellery, so you can see the intricate carving process on Molnar Fabry watches. Recently, it launched a hand-made Corculum based on an Omega coaxial watch, with a 44 mm stainless steel case and blue steel hands, equipped with an Omega Co-Axial cal. 8500 movement. The entire watch is hand-carved. On the three-piece carved dial, the designer deleted the original date display function. Under the fully transparent back cover, you can see that this watch retains the engraved logo filled with red lacquer on the splint and automatic rotor, but replaces the Si14 silicon spring with a traditional Nivarox spring. #Phenomenlaunch new Axiom # Phenomen, a new watch brand from France, was founded by Alexandre Meyer, a graduate engineer at IFMA (French Institute of Advanced Mechanics). He has worked for PSA Automotive Group (Peugeot / Citroen). Recently, Phenomen’s new Axiom is a watch specially made for racing drivers. The case is made of titanium alloy and is manually polished or brushed or sandblasted. The size is 42 mm. The upper part of the black dial is a separate escapement system. The escapement wheel and weight balance wheel with a Celtic axe-shaped balance wheel splint are fixed in a row by the base plate. The lower half of the dial is displayed with two curved retrograde hours and retrograde minutes. The hand-wound dual-axis movement enables this watch to have a power reserve of 100 hours. The splints have been manually chamfered, polished and sandblasted. It comes with a crocodile leather strap with a butterfly buckle. # 大 劳力士 秀 表 的 的 男? # 微 博 心情 博 主 @ 兔 姐 Viola claims that if a boy holds a wine in his hand to take a picture, it is actually for the Rolex show. Such a man is undoubtedly a scumbag. This remark sparked heated discussions among male cousins, and they offered photos to prove that they were ‘scum men.’

Unique Design Three 20,000 Yuan Mechanical Watches Recommended

The watch design goes awry. Each watch has its own definition and has its own unique DNA. This is also a manifestation of the differentiation of many brands. Imagine if each brand’s wrist Watches are similar, so there is no innovation in the field of watches. Today, Watch House recommends several watches with a unique design of 20,000 yuan for everyone, I hope everyone likes them.

Emilion Galaxy 07.2010.G. watch

Watch Series: Galaxy Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 40.5 mm
Domestic public price: 21,000
Watch details: Tangente 172 watch

Watch Series: Tangente
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Case diameter: 35 mm
Domestic public price: 18800
Watch details: nomos / 1401 /
Brief review of the watch: This brand from Germany Glashütte has always been known for its elegant design and solid workmanship. The simple small three-pin design of the white dial is elegant and elegant. This watch uses a more classic manual mechanical movement. It is commendable that mechanical watches priced below 20,000 can also have a power display function, which shows that its price is still high.

Mido Belem Celli M8607.4.M1.4 watch

Watch Series: Belem Sairee
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: ¥ 19300
Watch details: mido / 8543 /
Watch Reviews: The Mido Berencelli series is inspired by the violin. What it wants to express is to capture the wonderful moment and make it eternal. Such a concept can only be used in time. In addition to the elegant appearance design and exquisite details, the watch also takes care of the brand’s purpose of practical watchmaking. It needs to be accurate and stable in function. This Belem Sairee has complex functions, including date display, week display, month display, moon phase profit and loss display, and timing functions, which are very rare in the Belem Sairee series.

Summary: No matter what you buy, I recommend buying a product that is unique compared to other brands, so as to show the value of your choice of this brand. Today, the three watches recommended for everyone are around 20,000 yuan. I think it is good to buy Emilon and NOMOS models at this price. Of course, if you like complex models, the recommended Mido Belem Sairee is complicated Model is also a good choice.