I Did Not Expect That The Original Stone Of The Tyrant Gloves Was Hidden Here!

The tyrant snapped his fingers, and the universe was in his hand. The power of the infinite glove lies in the six stones representing strength, space, reality, soul, time, and soul. It is said that ‘real rough’ appeared in Shanghai. After learning this information, many stars and celebrities came to check it out. Report: On September 6, 2019, ‘The Legend of the Galaxy, the Secret of the Original Stone’ Cartier’s new MAGNITUDE high jewelry exhibition came to One on the Bund. That night, Cartier’s best friend Mo Wenwei , well-known actors Yongmei , Tao Hong , Wang Likun , Wang Jingchun em>, Nie Yuan, Young actor Li Xian , Chen Feiyu , Li Chun, a famous music producer Zhang Yadong and so on came to the scene. Follow us and see how powerful this exhibition really is! Fruit Tips ‘Tutti Frutti’ was born in India. Jacques Cartier was inspired by local special gem carvings during his trip to India and introduced them to Cartier’s fine jewelry designs. The carved flower sketch originally originated in Persia, as a symbol of blessing. This fruit basket brooch is engraved with a fruit pouch technique, which is a clever combination of egg arch cutting sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald. This is Cartier’s original collection of three-color precious stones. The Original Series is named as the ‘Zemia’ series of jewellery. It uses Matrix Opal from Australia as the main stone, with Madagascar purple sapphires, square and convex cut sapphires, Drop-shaped cut fantalite, round brilliant-cut diamonds, to complement this special opal play color effect. ‘Zemia’ means ‘Earth’ in the Kashubian language. This name represents the special brown, purple and blue play color characteristics of Vessel Opal, and it symbolizes the land, ocean and blue sky on the earth. The ZEMIA bracelet ‘Aphelie’ series symbolizes the light emitted by the sun. The golden brown crystalline main stone is surrounded by morganite, diamond and black onyx. The divergent lines represent the radiation of light. There is also a work called ‘Soreli’ (the sun). The thin lines of hair crystals are reflected in the honey-golden texture, delicately showing the slenderness of light. Finding traces of the universe from the rough stones is the theme of this exhibition. . APHELIE NecklaceSORELI Bracelet Watch This ‘Parana’ necklace combines rutile and quartz. The berberine and sapphire sapphire symbolize the waterfalls, plants and heavens in the jungle, accompanied by yellow diamonds and Shafre The fresh rhythm of cascading stones and other. Parana Necklace Art Series The Lyrides necklace symbolizes the magnificence of the Lyra meteor shower. It consists of 23.41 carats of Sri Lankan drop-shaped sapphires with 86 light-colored sapphire beads, and combines Zambian emeralds, black onyx and diamonds. The gemstones present a large meteor shower, and the cheetah above guards this precious natural gift. In addition to viewing these beautiful high-quality jewellery, the exhibition also includes the process of making jewelry, which you can experience for yourself. There are four steps: PART 1: Design First draw the design manuscript, taking the Cheetah series as an example. Originally originated from an invitation letter designed by the artist George Barbier with ‘Cheetah and Lady’ as the main body. It has become the cheetah image of today through re-creation and interpretation. PART 2: Openwork and then wax pattern making. A senior jewelry sculptor roughly made a cheetah model based on the design draft, and then hollowed out and carved on the green wax mold. In order to better interpret the cheetah’s sensitive and powerful posture on high-quality jewelry, the master jewellery craftsmen will hand-paint the position, color and material distribution of each gem on a wax model. How to match colors? What angle? What kind of gems are inlaid? Everyone is particular about it. This is the third part of the jeweller and sculptor’s mark on the green wax mold. PART 3: Applying wax. The third part is to apply wax to cover precious metal parts and cast them into metal models. The initial shape of the cheetah was outlined using a honeycomb hollow openwork technique, and then polished to ensure that it became the most solid base of the cheetah. PART 4: The most important step in inlaying is gem setting. Cartier’s top gem setting masters have mastered a unique setting technology in the world —- Serti Pelage. Cheetah jewellery looks like real animal fur. The birth of each piece of fine jewelry requires very professional and delicate steps, and after a long time polishing, we can finally see the lifelike cheetah jewelry. More than 400 pieces of fine jewelry and watches including the new MAGNITUDE fine jewelry series will be exhibited at the scene. It may be worth spending an afternoon to feel the happiness of ‘rich people’. In addition to the wonderful content, the design of the exhibition is also beautiful. In order to echo the MAGNITUDE high-end jewelry series, a full-mirror glass curtain stands on the lawn outside the exhibition site, reflecting the blue sky and the lawn, the greenery of the forest and the source of the Bund. The classical architecture of the No.1, the flowing clouds, the trees shaking, are reflected in the mirror surface, like a huge gem from nature and human civilization. The earth we live in is just a beauty in the vast universe, and the most beautiful earth is not only everything in nature, but also the culture and art created by human civilization. In addition to admiring natural precious gems, ingenious skills, and eye-opening, you can also shoot fashion movies here, which is definitely a great place on Sunday. Cartier’s new MAGNITUDE high-end jewelry show and high-end jewellery craftsmanship demonstration [Exhibition location] One of the Bund source [Address] 33 Zhongshan East Road, Shanghai [Public visit day] September 15, 2019 10:00 am to 20:00 pm Follow Cartier’s WeChat public account to make an online appointment or go directly to the scene to see Cartier’s high jewelry ideas. Marvel’s characters convey to people a sense of power. The original stone of extermination can change the world. They are all beyond time and space. And Cartier jewelry with a long history is a treasure that carved beyond time and space! This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand or the Internet. Anyone may not use them without permission. Please contact us for permission to reprint.