This Moment Reappears The Charm Of The East. Tissot Sincerely Congratulates The Global Spokesperson Liu Yifei On Being Selected As The Heroine Of The Film ‘mulan’

Recently, Liu Yifei, who has been showing the charm of Oriental women with ‘independence, self-confidence, humility, and beauty’, has stood out from thousands of auditions worldwide and has become the most popular heroine of the Disney movie ‘Mulan’ Good candidate. As the global image ambassador of the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot, Liu Yifei’s modern female image coincides with the modern female spirit that the brand has always advocated. At this moment, Tissot watches sincerely congratulates and looks forward to Liu Yifei’s outstanding performance and an infinitely exciting future.

‘Remember the scene during the audition. I love Mulan’s bravery and fearlessness.’
                                   -Liu Yifei

Figure 1: Liu Yifei’s image of a confident and aggressive female

   At the age of 14, Liu Yifei, who has officially entered the entertainment circle in the ‘Golden Family’, was shocked at a glance. At that time, she was still aching. Later, she engraved the charming and graceful figure into the martial arts dream of martial arts fans, and framed it into unforgettable silhouettes. Over time, her acting skills have been recognized by the public, and she has become more dazzling and blooming in areas she loves. In 2015, she became a global spokesperson for the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot with an image that perfectly matched the temperament of the Tissot brand. Like the Tissot watch that advocates ‘innovation and roots in tradition’, Liu Yifei has always tried new and challenging roles on the road of performing arts, subverting the inherent impressions again and again, and demonstrating a hundred lives with increasingly sophisticated acting skills.
   And the Disney movie ‘Mulan’ is adapted from the Chinese folk music poem ‘Mulan Ci’. Mulan is a unique character different from the traditional oriental women in the past. In the story, she fades out of cowardice and beauty, puts on strong independence His armor, wit and bravery did not lose the man, leading the soldiers to hold the land. And this British spirit and tenacity is the spirit that Liu Yifei and Hua Mulan share.

Left: Liu Yifei shows a beautiful and witty brave female image, right: Liu Yifei shows an independent and firm inner female image

Figure 3: Liu Yifei’s image of being humble and approachable

   ‘Magnolia’ is a unique hero. She is beautiful, brave, and strong. Now Liu Yifei will outline a beautiful oriental dream on the screen facing the world, and let the world relive the moving story of firm and brave from the history of the East.
   The Tissot brand’s new claim ‘THIS IS YOUR TIME at this moment • by me’ is not only a call to action at the next moment, but also a strong declaration about the actor ‘I am’. For Tissot watches, everyone is like a watch, a distinct individual, and the only one that is worth awe. Everyone’s next moment is worth expecting and encouraging; Tissot watches inspire everyone, take the initiative, face the challenge, and have the courage to create the next moment chapter in life. More than 160 years ago, Tissot was founded in the small town of Leloc in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland, and its headquarters are still located there. ‘Made in Switzerland’ is the brand that Tissot has never worn out. It makes the brand stand out from the rest of the world. The ‘+’ in the Tissot logo is the same as the Swiss flag, which is a symbol of quality, showing the reliable quality that the brand has inherited since 1853. Tissot’s high performance and high quality have long been recognized by many parties. It serves as the FIBA ​​International Basketball Federation, NBA American Professional Basketball League, Le Tour de France Tour de France, MotoGPTM World Motorcycle Championship, FIM World Superbike Race, AFL Australia Officially designated timing and partner for the Rugby Federation, the RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship, and the World Championships for Bicycles, Fencing and Hockey. Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor, with sales outlets in more than 160 countries around the world. The brand will continue to launch innovative products with a pioneering spirit and continue to write its brand concept-‘Innovation, from tradition’. For more information, please visit

Hamilton, King Of Hollywood Star Watch

The appearance rate of more than 350 movies makes Hamilton a well-deserved ‘Hollywood Watch’. With the continuation of the relationship between Hamilton and movies, in the next few years, Hamilton’s screen image will no longer be limited to mainstream Hollywood blockbusters, but will expand to European and even Indian film circles. The appearance rate of more than 350 movies makes Hamilton a well-deserved ‘Hollywood Watch’.
In 1951, the Hamilton watch debuted on the big screen and was worn by the famous American actor Robert Wagner. It was featured in the Academy Award-nominated film The Frogmen. The film is adapted from a real story, describing the heroic deeds of the US Navy’s diving forces during World War II, who were responsible for ensuring supplies and the army’s safe landing on the enemy coast.
Since then, Hamilton has gained Elvis Presley’s love. When he appeared in the movie ‘Blue Hawaii’, Elvis wore a Hamilton Adventure watch. Later, the rock icon bought the same watch for daily wear. According to his special request, Hamilton replaced the original leather strap of the watch with a stainless steel bracelet. Today, this distinctive watch has become Hamilton’s classic collection. In 2010, to commemorate Elvis Presley of ‘Elvis Presley’, Hamilton specially launched two commemorative models of adventure series to commemorate the 75th birthday of Elvis Presley in 2010. This distinctive shield-shaped chronograph has been created into two new models-the original 1950s retro version of the ‘Elvis Memorial’ and an XXL automatic version.
By 1966, Stanley Kubrick, a Hollywood director who had long been known for his craftsmanship, found Hamilton in his futuristic film 2001: A Space Odyssey. It created a unique space timer, and the Hamilton design team finally customized a watch and a clock for it, which successfully met the film requirements.
For more than half a century, Hamilton’s signature watches have been favored by the world’s top screen stylists. Eye-catching designs have won these watches’ popularity in different film genres, from action movies to comedy classics.
It is commendable that the appearance of more than 350 movies made Hamilton a well-deserved ‘Hollywood Watch’, including ‘Eleven Arhats’, ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Perak’, ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Angels ‘City’ and other blockbusters. Among them, Hamilton’s stunning performance in the ‘Man in Black’ series has left the audience with the deepest impression. It has not only successfully created a surreal future atmosphere for the film, but also promoted the adventure series to The imaginary standard of the ‘secret police’.