Several Views On The Replica Table

Due to work needs, I would go to the watch store from time to time. After a long time, I will find an interesting phenomenon: some vintage and replica watches are not sold in imagination. Well, the commemorative replica of a few years ago, and the limited edition, is still lying in the counter. According to my common sense, this is not reasonable. On the one hand, the commemorative replica watches produced by the brand have a historical flavor. Nowadays, when the retro trend is flourishing, they should sell well. On the other hand, this kind of watch The models are generally limited editions, and they are sold all over the world. There may be only one or two in a store. After many times of understanding, many brand replica watches are indeed not as good as expected. This has nothing to do with the limited edition or not, but it does not rule out some very successful replica models. Therefore, a joke is indeed verified here. ‘The good watch in the editor’s eyes is not necessarily the one that really sells,’ and it has sparked a thought about ‘what kind of replica watch is a good replica’.

Longines aviation watch (with antimagnetic soft iron inner case)

What kind of watch is a replica watch
   Before answering the question, we should first figure out what kind of watch is a replica watch. The word engraving is very interesting. Except for some people in the circle, most people in China may think that ‘reproduction watch’ means fake watch or high imitation watch. In order to make these watches sound more compliant, many fake watches or high imitation watches Manufacturers of watches will claim that their watches are replica watches. So we should treat the real replicas and the so-called replicas differently.

Tag Heuer Monaco Replica Watch

   The real re-engraving is because the original is of great significance, so the protective re-engraving is carried out by a professional institution to continue the uniqueness of the original. In the watch industry, of course, such re-engraving should be done by the brand itself. Re-engraving should be authoritative, knowledge-protective, and a tribute to history. Therefore, each replica watch should have a clear, even a single historical prototype, rather than the elements of multiple historical models combined.
   After clarifying this concept, we became aware of the value of replica watches. In the past few years, the retro style prevailed, and many brands continued to introduce historical replica watches, on the one hand, to commemorate an important moment in the history of the brand, on the other hand, in order to be a market. At that time, there was some discussion in the watch circle, ‘What kind of watch is a good replica watch?’ At that time, there were two views, one was to stick to the original work without changing; the other was to change, but must Keep the essential elements of the original.

Oris 65 Year Dive Retro

   Of course, this discussion soon came to fruition, because sticking to the original, or even using the stock movement at the time, is quite demanding. The watches made can basically only be left in the museum. The size of the case and the state of the movement have been outdated for many years now, and even if a few people like it, it is difficult to form purchasing power. Therefore, public opinion has come to a conclusion. In fact, so far, brands have rarely copied historical watches intact.
What characteristics do I think a good replica should have
   A brand can reproduce a watch, it must be because the brand has a history, has produced some representative or special models in the past, so today, decades later, the brand can follow the characteristics of the original model, Come to re-engraving these watches. From this perspective, if you like retro-style watches, then re-engraving watches should be the most worthy choice, because the roots are pure, pure blood, compared to the retro built with past elements. The table is much better. Among the brands we know, most heavyweight brands such as Blancpain, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Glashütte Original, Omega, IWC, Zenith, Panerai, Breitling, etc. have launched replica watches . So many replica watches, which are good replica models?

Seiko 44GS Modern Reissue

   In fact, I have always believed in a ‘riddle’, that is, to transfer to a few more stores, the money in everyone’s stores is generally not a scarce model, if you put it on the counter for months or even half a year and have not sold it ( As long as you ask if it is new, watch store sales will usually tell you about the situation), then unless you like it, do n’t start it easily. Different from vintage models, I think that good and valuable replicas should be limited, even if the limit is relatively wide, there are thousands, then try to choose a favorite number. Limitations can prove that this watch has extra value, and can basically ensure that it does not hit the watch with people. Under this premise, the distribution in each store is generally tight. If it has not been sold for months or even a year, then this limited edition replica watch has not been accepted by the market. So, go to some stores and look around, and soon there will be a consensus on which watches sell well and which ones are scarce. The market is a touchstone for testing truth. From this perspective, no matter what watch, including replica watches, experts or various media say that it is good, but if it cannot be sold, it means that it is not good enough.
Several favorite replicas
Blancpain Fifty MIL-SPEC replica watch

   During the Basel Show this year, we came to the Blancpain showroom. Among them, the Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC replica watch impressed me. Fifty Fathoms is my favorite advanced diving watch series, and this replica Watches, on this basis, surprise me. The biggest difference of the Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC replica watch is that there is a hygrometer at 6 o’clock on the dial. When water leaks inside the watch, the white part of the area will turn red. This design is an important feature of the first Fifty MIL-SPEC watch in the late 1950s. At the time, this special watch model provided diving watches to many U.S. military services. This watch was completely engraved from the time MIL-SPEC watch. In addition to such a background story, its diameter is 40.3 millimeters, and it is a stainless steel case with a variety of straps, which is very suitable for daily wear. The arched bezel is highly recognizable. There is no such classic taste, but it is quite fashionable. At the same time, limited to 500 pieces, there is a certain scarcity.
Omega Speedmaster CK2998

   Another favorite replica watch is the CK 2998 replica watch from the Omega Speedmaster series. This watch is more modern and very different from the CK 2998 of the year. From color matching to the overall sharpness, it is the same as the original. It’s very different, but this is what I like about its reproduction. The reproduction is not a blind copy. It also needs a modern aesthetic. The blue and white color tone of this watch is very beautiful. Of course, its size and weight are also suitable for daily wear. The inside of the watch is a 1861 manual chronograph movement. This movement is the modern version of the original 861 movement. This watch is limited to 2998 pieces, with a large number, so it is relatively easy to buy. It is best to get your favorite number to improve your ‘happiness index’.
Tag Heuer Monza Circuit

   The Tag Heuer Monza engraved chronograph. The case is covered with black coating, which is quite cool. This watch is engraved from a Monza watch issued by the brand in 1976. At the time, Lauda of the Ferrari team won the world championship in 1975. This is the first time that Ferrari has won the world championship. TAG Heuer is the sponsor of the Ferrari team, so it launched the prototype of the Monza replica watch. This replica watch was launched in 2016. It is also a limited edition watch. It uses a titanium case with a diameter of 42 mm. It feels good to wear, except it is slightly thicker.
   In addition to these models, there are many very beautiful and excellent replica watches. Back to the opening question, what kind of replica watch is a good replica? From my own experience and experience, the replica watch must have the essence of the original, but also modern elements, limited, suitable for wearing, if the movement can be the original inheritance of the movement is even better. Finally, I sincerely hope that you can buy your favorite watch.