2014 World Gymnastics Championship Coming Soon Longines Watches To Help Gracefully Spin

The beauty of precise time, praise the elegant sports style. The 2014 World Gymnastics Championships will be held in Nanning, Guangxi from October 3 to 12. The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines is honored as the official timekeeper and designated watch of the event. The Longines Elegance Award was awarded to the two most elegant gymnasts in the event. The Longines Elegant Ambassador Chinese Men’s Gymnastics Team will debut in Nanning with a new lineup, and strive to continue to write the five consecutive championships of the men’s team of the World Championships. At this top sporting event, Longines will present the exquisite timepieces of the Compaq series at the same time, combining elegant attitude and sporty spirit, and confess the common pursuit of precision, elegance and outstanding performance of Longines and gymnastics.

  Gymnastics event is coming to China again

Figure 1: Longines Elegant Ambassador Chinese Men’s Gymnastics Team debuts with Compaq series of timepieces
(From left to right: Liu Rongbing, Deng Shudi, Lin Chaopan, Zou Kai, Zhang Chenglong, Cheng Ran, You Hao, Liu Yang)

  From October 3 to 12, Nanning, Guangxi ushered in the 45th World Gymnastics Championship. After the Tianjin World Championships in 1999, this world’s highest level of competitive gymnastics will be settled in China for the second time. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Nanning brings together unique natural conditions and a long history of humanities. It is also the hometown of Li Ning, the ‘prince of gymnastics’ in China. There are a total of men’s and women’s team events, individual men’s and women’s all-around events, six men’s events and four women’s events. Participating teams from more than 80 countries around the world will stage a fierce competition at the Guangxi Sports Center Stadium. With precision timing technology, Longines has been the official timekeeper for the World Gymnastics Championship since 1989. In this competition, Longines will continue to support gymnastics as always, presenting a graceful event of strength and beauty. On the evening of October 10, Longines will present the ‘Longines Elegance Award’ award ceremony to honor the two athletes who performed the most elegant and most charismatic in the all-round competition. The heavyweight is composed of Mr. Bruno Grandi, President of the International Gymnastics Federation, Mr. Li Ning, ‘Prince of Gymnastics’, Mr. Waltervon Kaenel, Longines Global President, and Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China The jury conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the finalists on the technical level, as well as on the coordination of actions and emotional expression.

  As a key item to determine the first gold of the competition, the men’s team competition has always attracted much attention. The Chinese men’s gymnastics team will debut in Nanning with a new lineup, and compete with other world strong teams. Since 1998, the Chinese men’s gymnastics team has been a member of the elegant ambassador family of Longines. Their chic and precise movements and beautiful and robust posture perfectly fit Longines’ pursuit of pure watchmaking tradition and classic elegant attitude. The Chinese men’s gymnastics team has won the men’s team championships in the 2000, 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, and has won five consecutive championships in the men’s team competition in the World Gymnastics Championships. In this competition, the ancient city of Nanning with a long history may witness this king’s division continue its impressive record again.

  ‘Gymnastics is the most basic and exciting sport. Every gymnast dreams of standing on the gold podium and enjoying the wonderful moment of victory. This is the greatest honor of a gymnast.’ In the interview This Chinese men’s gymnastics team mainly composed of post-90s athletes not only expressed their infinite enthusiasm for gymnastics, but also bravely faced challenges and strived to continue to write good results. They also expressed their confidence and determination, and also explained their spiritual core to this elegant sport. Understanding: ‘Gymnastics is a combination of strength and beauty. It is an elegant sport. In addition to technical movements, the elegance of gymnastics is also reflected in the strong mentality of facing difficulties and facing failures. Regardless of success or failure, they are calm and smile. , Not proud when you succeed, not discouraged when you fail, this is the connotation of the elegant spirit of gymnastics. ‘

  The elegant origins of Longines and gymnastics

  Rotating and jumping, moving by heart, no sport requires highly complex and seamless on-the-spot performance like gymnastics. Gymnastics not only emphasizes skilled skills and precise control, but also requires the players to maintain their grace and coordination at all times. Coincidentally, Longines has always adhered to the unremitting pursuit of precision watchmaking technology, and it also regards elegance as its core value. It is the similar spirit that attracts Longines and gymnastics.

  In 1912, Longines applied the newly-invented ‘disconnected’ automatic timing system for the first time to the Swiss Federal Gymnastics Festival (SwissFederalGymnasticsFestival). This attempt opened Longines’ sincere support for gymnastics. In 1989, Longines became the official partner of the International Gymnastics Federation and began to serve as the official timekeeper and designated watch for its competitive gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics events. In these events, Longines provides timing equipment and personnel, responsible for timing, bright points, data statistics and other tasks, and is responsible for transmitting the scoring results to the on-site scoring screen, event commentator information system, and television broadcast platform.

  Since 1997, Longines has joined hands with the International Gymnastics Federation to present the ‘Longines Elegance Award’ at the World Championships of Competitive Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics. In addition to excellent athletic skills, the awards jury will select the two players with the most elegant performance based on the athlete’s movements and temperament in the gymnastics competition, and award a trophy, a $ 5,000 check, and a Longines watch Beautiful timepiece.

  In 1998, the Chinese men’s gymnastics team was invited to become the elegant image ambassador of Longines, which vividly explained Longines’ enthusiasm and support for gymnastics. In August 2014, Swiss competitive gymnast Giulia Steingruber and Russian rhythmic gymnast Yana Kudryavtseva also joined the Longines elegant ambassador family. Steinberger, who was selected as the ‘Swiss Athlete of the Year 2013’, won the women’s vault event of the European Championships in 2013 and 2014. She will also appear gracefully at this year’s South Gymnastics World Championships. At the age of 15, Kudeyat Seva won the individual all-around championship of the 2013 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships, and is the youngest winner of the competition’s history. This new appointment has once again deepened the deep relationship between Longines and gymnastics.

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