Baucherei Becomes Pilatus Cogweel Railway Partner

The Pilatus Cog Railway in Lucerne is the world’s most steep gear railway, with a slope of 48 degrees, and is a well-known landmark in central Switzerland. Departing from Lucerne, the birthplace of the brand, to climb to the top of Pilatus is also an experience that many travelers aspire to. Recently, Bucherer announced cooperation with Pilatus Cog Railway. One of the mountaineering trains will be covered with the iconic gold of the Bucherer brand. In the next three years, it will carry tourists who have come to sightseeing to start hiking. trip.

Mountain train in golden coat

   Lucerne, August 3, 2017: Pilatus cogwheel railway was built in the late 19th century. Its slope is as high as 48 degrees. It is still regarded as a masterpiece of railway technology and is regarded as Switzerland’s top project. Symbol of ambition of technical and engineering technicians. The technology developed by the engineers can make the two horizontally arranged gears push the train up the hillside, and the two gears accurately mesh with the toothed track in the middle of the rail. For more than 125 years, the train has been driven safely and reliably in the mountains to carry passengers up the mountain. Down the mountain, reliable and excellent performance depends on the perfect combination of each part’s operation, just like a complex clockwork. The Pilatus Cog Railway began service in 1889, just one year later than the establishment of the Bucherer family in Lucerne.

   Sayscha Moeri, Chief Executive Officer of Bucherer, said: ‘Bucherer is proud to be a partner of Pilatus Cog Railway, an important landmark in Lucerne. The concept of Pilatus Cog Railway is exactly the same as that of Bucherer. Relentless research and development of innovative concepts, constantly overcome technical challenges, this is what both sides have in common. Bucherer is currently a few family-owned independent watch brands, well-known worldwide, has a solid business network. The brand is in In 2016, a new brand image and brand concept ‘Made of Lucerne’ (originated from Lucerne, Switzerland) was launched to show the indissoluble bond between Bucherer and Lucerne, and to pay tribute to Lucerne, the birthplace of the brand. Bucherer has always been Enthusiastically supporting Lucerne’s sports and cultural projects, becoming a partner of Pilatus Cog Railway is one of the brand-new sponsored projects. ‘