Patek Philippe Ref. 3998/1 Automatic Calendar Watch

Patek Philippe, Ref. 3998/1 automatic calendar watch
Estimated Price: HK $ 55,000 ~ 80,000
Falling mallet 95,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 83,700 yuan)
Including commission 118,750 HKD (about RMB 104,620)
【year 2004】
Attachment: original certificate
Size: 33.5mm in diameter
Case: Three-piece polished 18 K yellow gold case, silver dial, Calibre 315 S C movement, Geneva stamp, 29 stones, weight balance, flat balance spring, dial, case, movement signature. Gold chain belt.
[Comment] This is common knowledge for watch fans: If the watch is a non-removable welded gold chain strap, its market value is much lower than the belt. In this auction, 3998 belts only sold for 75,000 Hong Kong dollars, but this chain watch sold for 118.75 million Hong Kong dollars. Who would not be the richest man in the mainland? P is not ‘vulgar’.

Dior Dior Viii Grand Bal Collection-news Dior

Dior’s Dior VIII watch series is designed to pay tribute to Mr. Dior, a great designer.
The name of the Dior VIII watch is composed of 8 letters, which is also the lucky number of the founder of Dior: Dior Fashion Design was created on October 8, 1946; his first haute couture collection was named “en huit ‘(Ie, the number’ 8 ‘in French); Dior’s fashion headquarters is located in the world-famous Avenue Montaigne in the 8th district of Paris; Dior’s flagship watch and jewelry boutique is also located in Paris 8 Place Vendôme Vendôme Square 8. More importantly, on this classic and feminine watch dial, the Roman numeral ‘VIII’ is used to highlight the lucky time of 8 o’clock.

Left: Dior VIII Grand Bal “Dentelle”, right: Dior VIII Grand Bal “Plumetis” / both Dior VIII Grand Bal watches from Dior-Fine Timepieces.

Just as the haute couture uniform incorporates sophisticated elegance into the lining, the Dior VIII Grand Bal watch’s pursuit of detail has reached a pinnacle. Each of the series is limited to 88 pieces in four styles and is equipped with a ‘Calibre Dior inversé’ automatic movement. Just like the whirling of a waltz, the swing of the oscillating weight on the dial is reminiscent of an embroidered petticoat, a lace corolla or a pleated skirt with diamonds, which perfectly combines the cutting-edge Swiss technology with the rich creativity of Paris.