Elegant And Classic Taste Tasting Of The Bucherer Edmar Series Stainless Steel Black Dial Watch

Swiss watch brand Bucherer has always adhered to the concept of ‘not following the flow’, and has been adhering to tradition and innovation to create sophisticated and precise watches. The name of the Bucherer Edmar watch comes from Latin, which means ‘love something’ or ‘enjoy the pleasure’, which symbolizes the affection of the watch. Today’s Watch House brings you an elegant and classic style watch, the watch’s official model: 00.10314.08.35.01.

Bucherer Edmar watch

   This watch is made of stainless steel with a round shape that looks particularly elegant. The case is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement. The black dial of the watch is simple in style, low-key and restrained, and displays the time and date. The watch is equipped with a black alligator leather strap, which is elegant in style and harmonizes with the case.

Crown exquisite and beautiful, round and comfortable touch

   The crown assembled on the case is a more common round crown. The side of the crown is decorated with pitting patterns, which is easy to grasp when adjusting the time. The crown has a brand logo, which not only highlights the grasp of the brand details It also has a decorative effect. The polished crown is smooth and smooth to the touch and is very comfortable.

The case has a beautiful shape and beautiful lines

   The watch’s round case, made of stainless steel, is 39 mm in diameter and its rounded shape is beautiful and elegant. The case is carefully polished and polished, and the smooth cut surface of the case is smooth and clean, reflecting a bright and textured metal texture.

The black dial is simple and clear

   The round dial of the watch uses a black bottom surface, with silver hour markers and minute scales on the outer edge, silver metal hands in the center, and a date display window at three o’clock on the dial. The dial style is simple, the display time is very clear, and the reading is simple and convenient at a glance.

Clear date display

   The date at the three o’clock position of the dial is displayed as a rectangular window. It is displayed in the form of a white dial and black Arabic numerals. The black dial is very clear, and the date information can be obtained clearly at a glance.

The lugs are exquisite and small, and the curved design makes it more comfortable to wear

   The watch lugs and case are cast in one piece. The lugs are polished as carefully as the case, the surface is smooth and bright, and the edges and corners are also processed, round and smooth. The lugs are compact and have micro-radians, which can ensure that the watch fits the wrist better when worn.

Fine-grained movement, beautiful texture

   The watch uses a transparent case back with a transparent mirror in the center and a ring made of stainless steel on the edge. The case bottom is fixed to the case with screws, hermetically sealed, and has a water resistance of 30 meters. Through the transparent mirror, you can see the automatic mechanical movement inside the case. The movement is finely polished and the parts are decorated with exquisite texture.

Summary: The design of this watch is simple. Although the style and color are not gorgeous, it is elegant and classic. The clear display makes the watch decent and easy to read the time, which is very convenient. This watch is worn on the wrist, whether it is wearing a formal dress to attend a banquet or home leisure, is very decent, showing elegant classic charm.