Chinese’s Favorite Number ‘8’ Philosophy

Chinese people like to pair up, so do numbers. The number ‘8’ is the most popular number in China. Taoist metaphysics once said: ‘Tai Chi is born of two instruments, Liangyi is born of four phases, four phases are born of gossip, and gossip is born of everything.’ This reflects that gossip is the form of everything in the beginning of the universe; each of us has The eight characters of birthday, of which ‘eight characters’ imply the mystery of a person’s life; the eight parties in the idiom ‘all directions’ have the meaning of everything in the world.

   With the development of society, the meaning of the number ‘8’ has also increased. Because the number ‘8’ is similar to the pronunciation of ‘fa’ in Cantonese, ‘fa’, it has been liked by Chinese businessmen, and it means that the cause is flourishing and prosperous. In addition, the appearance of the gourd also looks like an ‘8’, and the gourd also has the auspicious meanings such as good luck and good luck.

   The number ‘8’ is not only an auspicious number for many Chinese. In the watch industry, a top watch brand also uses the number ‘8’ as an auspicious number. It is Jaquet Droz.

   Jacques Dro, which combines poetic romance with avant-garde aesthetics, has created countless collections of watch art. As an outstanding representative of the earliest ‘Maverick’ in the Swiss watch industry, his watch art treasures have been produced in European courts and The Royal was widely acclaimed. In Jacques Dro’s view, the number ‘8’ symbolizes endlessness and eternity, and represents the growth, development, and integration of all things in the world in time and space.
In the 18th century, most of the dials were designed with large or small hands, but Mr. Pierre Jacques Dro has his own understanding of time. He believes that people often ignore the second hand when reading time, but the second hand is the protagonist who most intuitively expresses the passage of time. Therefore, he designed the second hand in the most prominent position of the dial. As a result, the first large seconds dial was born in 1785.

Big Second Hand Pocket Watch (1785)
   Today, more than 200 years later, Jacques Dro has never changed the proportion of the ‘8’ dial of the large seconds series. If we examine the relationship between Jacques de Loire and the number ‘8’, we will find that this time-honored and profound watch brand has always been practicing a long-term commitment in an elegant and elegant way.
   ‘8’ dial large seconds series
   In 2002, Jacques Dro took the large second hand pocket watch manufactured in 1785 as the inspiration prototype, and with the brand’s exquisite big fire enamel technology, officially launched the large second hand watch series. There are two dials on the dial. The eccentric hour and minute display is at 12 o’clock and the second dial is at 6 o’clock.

   After that, Jacques Delo continued to develop and develop on the basis of the prototype of the large second hand dial, and successively launched the two-hour large second hand, large second hand hollow red gold ONE watch, moon phase watch, tourbillon watch and so on. The styling uses the ‘8’ dial design. The number ‘8’ is like a historical preserve preserved carefully by Jacques Dro.

Jacques de Rouge Second Hand
   Elegant 8 Series Ladies Watch
   Lady 8 is a high-end jewellery watch series that uses minerals and precious stones as raw materials. It also uses the number ‘8’ as a prototype, combined with beautiful line design. Create femininity and elegance.

   Moon Phase Watch with ‘8’ Stars


The Eclipse Black Enamel
   In 2010, Jacques Dro launched the moon phase watch, still with the element ‘8’. There are eight stars on the dial, deep silence. The moon is engraved in the middle of the eight stars. As the day and night change, the moon changes continuously. The moon pattern that looks like a human face is lively and interesting. Its design inspiration comes from the eighteenth century. It cleverly echoes the origin of the brand and Jacques Dro’s love of decorative arts since the Enlightenment.
   Limited edition in ‘8’
   In addition to the above series of models specifically designed based on the ‘8’ as a prototype, Jacodro’s limited edition watches also all use the ‘8’ to specify the number.

Charming Bird of Time
   In 2013, to celebrate the 275th anniversary of the brand’s founding, Jacques Droie held a unique thematic exhibition in Shanghai, showing the public the first automatic doll singing bird watch ‘Charming Birds of Time’. This is a true technical masterpiece that Jacques Dro successfully completed after several years of careful research on machinery. A miniature chronograph bird cheers gently on a modern timepiece with a diameter of 47 mm. Limited edition of 8 pieces.

Elegance 8—Flower Rhyme
   In 2015, Jacques Dro combined the elegant 8 series with the automatic doll scene to create another amazing work. A blooming lotus, the automatic doll mechanism is directly activated by the button at 2 o’clock, the lotus rotates, and the duration of the active scene is between 6 and 8 seconds. Limited edition of 8 pieces.

Tropical Wind Information Minute Repeater
   In 2017, under the hands of engravers and miniature painters, Jacques Droe’s exquisite watchmaking skills and decorative craftsmanship were created to create this tropical wind information timepiece for the senior collector. Bright colors, depicting a soft and lush oasis. Jumping out of the mother-of-pearl dial, the red gold case’s lugs and ring are decorated with animal patterns carved by the brand’s artisans. Also limited to 8 pieces.
   Jacques de Lo, an extreme watch brand that uses the number ‘8’ as an inspiration element. This devotion to faith is somewhat lovely and more admirable. They insist on their own unique watchmaking philosophy that has not changed over the years. This is an emotion and a love. If you ask which watch brand has made a great contribution to aesthetic art, I think Jajdro should have a say.