Bulgari S.Bulgari Series Date Retrograde Watch

After acquiring Finger SA, a professional manufacturer of precision watch cases in 2007, and signing a purchase agreement with Leschot SA for machinery, instruments and intellectual property, Bvlgari has spent nearly a decade building a vertical integration strategy platform It was finally announced. This brand, which was once regarded as a high-end fashion product, has now become the choice of watch collectors. The 2009 S.Bulgari series, launched by Bulgari on the 125th anniversary of its brand and named after its founder, Soderio Bulgari, is the first ‘report performance’ of this strategic achievement.
    Now we see that this work is the retrograde watch in the S.Bulgari series. From the appearance, it decisively abandoned the traditional Bulgari hand habit of using the word ‘BVLGARI’ as an iconic element, and changed The lugs integrated into the case back at an acute angle serve as the brand’s new logo. This change not only gives the S.Bulgari series a more personalized visual impact, but its excellent tensile strength also allows the watch to fit the wrist while being durable.
    The S.Bulgari date retrograde watch is equipped with a B 89 movement with a total of only 89 parts. It uses a Swiss lever escapement, is automatically wound in both directions, and is equipped with a 150 ° date retrograde module developed by Bulgari . This independently designed, developed and manufactured module was assembled by 15 professional watchmakers through 165 manual operations. Only the surface treatment technology involved in the movement has reached 11 kinds.
    As a watch with less complicated functions, Bvlgari has spared no effort in it. This kind of prudent behavior actually reflects the vigorousness of Bvlgari in the field of watchmaking. Ambitious. The momentum and impact of the S.Bulgari series through the vertical integration strategy will also become a template for more non-traditional watch brands to embark on the road to success.

Longines Presented The Brand’s New Equestrian Watch In The New Paris Store Under The Witness Of The Gold Medal Athletes In The Obstacle Course Of The Venue

Longines coincides with the Longines Masters of Paris, presenting a new Longines Equestrian watch, and also launched by Longines The latest TV commercial featuring the elegant image ambassador Jane Richard Philips. To celebrate this event, Swiss watch brand Longines has invited a number of world-renowned outstanding equestrian riders to the brand’s new Paris store in Rue Faubourg St-Honoré, in the heart of Paris.

   Longines Elegant Ambassador and 2014 Los Angeles Longines Speed ​​Challenge Jane Richard Philips, Rio Olympic Gold Medalist Roger-Yves Bost, Pénélope Leprevost and Philippe Rozier, Harrie Smolders, Jérôme Guéry, Camille Condé Ferreira, new American rider Audrey Coulter and Lucy Davis all attended the launch of the new watch. A group of French riders then went to the Elysee Palace to receive the Légion d’ honneur, in recognition of their outstanding performance at the Rio Olympic Games this summer.

   The Longines Equestrian series fully demonstrates the deep connection between the brand and the equestrian world, and its creative inspiration is drawn from the iconic elements of the equestrian world. This new model, released in Paris, has a line design that reproduces the rectangular buckle shape of the only Swiss foal breed, the Frances-Montagnes stable. In addition, Franches-Montagnes comes from the Jura mountains in Switzerland. This area is inseparable from Longines, which uses the flying wing hourglass as the brand’s logo, because the brand was founded here and occupies an important seat in the watch industry.

   This watch is also the designated watch for the ‘Longines Paris Equestrian Masters’ held from December 1st to 4th. Longines is proud to be the title partner and official timekeeper for this high-level equestrian obstacle course. Longines will also sponsor two other key events on the weekend, including the Longines Speed ​​Challenge on Friday evening and the Longines Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon.