Cartier Tourbillon Watch

It is equipped with a 9451 MC movement, a diameter of 47 mm, a titanium case, an octagonal titanium crown set with a faceted sapphire, a black crocodile leather strap, a platinum folding buckle, and a water resistance of 30 meters.
Everything has a trajectory of movement. From the east to the west of the sun and the moon, we can see the flow of time, and this watch seems to show a small moment in the universe. Walk wantonly, and interpret the grace of time.
Grinding a sword in the past five years, Cartier has exhausted his efforts for this accumulation. The creation of five years of cold and summer, let Di Ya officially launched the AstroTOURBILLON movement last year, and with this excellent product, the watch provides a source of power. To match the excellence of the movement, it is a lightweight case made of titanium alloy. The combination of the two has forged this unique watch. Can be described as a great example of Cartier’s watchmaking works, limited to 100, each watch is engraved with a unique number, these explain the rare and precious of the watch. Of course, the biggest feature of this watch is its Astrotourbillon machine. The core tourbillon frame is placed on top of the movement ‘between’ two dials, instead of being embedded in the movement like a traditional tourbillon. At the same time, the appearance of the tourbillon is also unique. The axis of the escape wheel does not coincide with the axis of rotation of the frame, but is located at the center of the dial, which is in line with the frame.
Such a tourbillon also gives an unparalleled visual impact. The flat tourbillon frame runs around the watch for a full minute every minute. The arrow-shaped balance bridge deviates from the center of the dial, and it also functions as a second hand while flying. Works exactly the same. In watch technology, in order to ensure the balance of the frame, the designer loads a platinum balance block hidden under the central dial at one end of the frame. In order to offset the inertia when the frame rotates, the design must also limit the weight of the frame, which is why the designer chose titanium to make the tourbillon frame.