Silicon Gossamer Standing Back Swatch Group X Audemars Piguet Pushes Nivachron 游丝

Silicon hairspring was still a very advanced and high-end watchmaking technology a few years ago, but with the maturity of the technology, today such parts have become more and more popular in the fine watchmaking industry, which has led to the beginning of watchmaking. Looking for the next new R & D results, such as the recent rare collaboration between Swatch Group and AUDEMARS PIGUET, launched an alloy material called Nivachron ™, which is mainly used to make a new generation of hairspring with high magnetic resistance. Swatch Group originally had brands like Breguet or OMEGA, which are well-known for in-depth research on magnetic technology. With this cooperation with Audemars Piguet, it seems that it can once again improve the anti-magnetic performance of the movement. This will be a very positive R & D direction for living in the current environment full of 3C products.

Swatch Group and AUDEMARS PIGUET join hands to launch a new alloy called Nivachron ™, which is mainly used to make a new generation of hairspring with high magnetic resistance

The main function of this Nivachron spring is, of course, to optimize the antimagnetic performance. It is said that it can effectively reduce the effect of magnetic force on the movement. ~ 20 times as much). This alloy contains a titanium-based component, so it can also improve the stability of the movement at extreme temperatures. In addition, it has better impact resistance than traditional hairsprings. In general, this hairspring will be deployed in current wrist The movement of the watch will help to a certain extent to maintain or even improve the overall accuracy.
At present, this cooperation scheme only smells the stairs. The official has not released when or in which movements the products containing Nivachron ™ hairspring will be installed. However, it is reasonable to speculate that when the Swatch Group departs itself from Baselworld in 2019 It was announced at the time of the watch exhibition as a highlight of the watch exhibition next year.