Tag Heuer Launches A New Carbon Fiber Series Special Edition Watch

Ultra-light, wear-resistant and modern, TAGHeuer launched a new special edition of carbon fiber series watches. The collection is led by the Monaco Bamford watch and includes three diving watches, which will be available exclusively at the TAGHeuer boutique and www.tagheuer.com starting September 3.

 The diving series is called the TAGHeuer ultimate diving watch, and the new watch is the most modern interpretation of this famous series. Towards the end of the summer of 2018, TAGHeuer launches the most modern new model. The development of the new watch is based on carbon fiber, combining comfort, durability and dynamics, giving it an urban appearance.

 Carbon Fiber Watches are available in blue (WBD218C.FC6447), yellow (WBD218B.FC6446) and rose gold (WBD218A.FC6445), each with a distinctive appearance. The case is made of titanium and has a black PVD coating. The diameter is 41 mm, with a carbon fiber bezel and a carbon-like dial. Therefore, the new watches are both durable and sturdy, but above all they are light. The all-black look, cleverly embellished with colors, gives the watch an elegant and modern look.

 Carbon fiber is randomly injected into the high-temperature pressed resin, so each watch is unique, with a unique black-gray texture, reminiscent of the deep ocean. The carbon fiber diving watch is water-resistant to 300 meters, which is the perfect companion for adventure adventures, and it can still maintain the fashionable sports style unique to TAGHeuer. The new watch has a beautiful black fabric strap, and the stitching echoes the dial color.

 Also on sale on September 3 is the Monaco Bamford watch (CAW2190.FC6437), which is a new interpretation of the iconic Monaco collection, created by TAGHeuer and BamfordWatchDepartment. The watch is equipped with a sturdy carbon fiber dial and an elegant all-black dial, which makes the water blue chronograph dial stand out.

Tissot Women’s Watch New Target Office Girl

The term Office Ladies comes from Japan and is used to describe young female office girls. These young professional women, or pink-collar workers, are usually unmarried and live with their parents. Once they find the salary man they want, they resign and go home.

With more and more Japanese women pursuing higher education and successful careers, the phenomenon of office girls has rapidly evolved in recent years. This term is now used around the world to describe the young woman who suddenly has money to spend after completing school.

With design and marketing strategies aimed at young professional women, manufacturers in the low-end and mid-end of the watch market are currently paying attention to this niche market. One of the pioneers in this field is the Tissot watch that has followed the trend of consumption habits of young people, especially young women. This fall, Tissot will also launch a new women’s watch series, including new models and watches that improve on existing models.

Recently, Tissot visited the world of watches in Geneva to share with us some new products specially designed for women. Most of Tissot’s pricing is below $ 1,000, and there are no five or six digits. The price of the product starts from $ 150, which is exactly the mind of the office girl, allowing them to replace the old watch that accompanies them through their student years, and for different occasions Buy different styles.

Tissot’s marketing strategy subtly targets young women everywhere. From sponsorship to London Fashion Week to spokesperson and Indy Racing League driver Danica Patrick, Tissot is definitely suitable for the young women’s market. However, Tissot is not the only one. Because women prefer watches as accessories, more and more companies are paying special attention to this sector.

The Difference Between Oris Mechanical Watches And Quartz Watches

The difference between Oris mechanical watches and quartz watches It is generally believed that the operating life of mechanical watches is longer than that of quartz watches. But the fact is not necessarily true, because all the moving parts in quartz watches are the same as mechanical watches. The life of electronic components has not been completely tested, but it is likely to have the same life. The main difference between a quartz watch and a mechanical watch is which energy source is used to drive the movement of the watch movement.
How Oris mechanical watches work Oris mechanical watches have a spiral. When people wind the watch, the spiral is tightened at the same time. When the helix is ​​released, it starts to drive the movement of the watch. A major disadvantage of mechanical watches is the inconsistency in the speed of spiral movement, which leads to a reduction in the accuracy of timing. Accuracy is also affected by factors such as temperature, location, wear of parts, and some other factors. Therefore, when a mechanical Oris watch has an error of 15-30 seconds in a day, it can be regarded as normal. The smallest error can reach only 4-5 seconds.
How Oris quartz watches work Oris quartz watches use a battery as an energy source. The battery outputs power to the electronic block and motor in the Tissot watch. The electronic block outputs a pulse wave to the motor every second, and the motor pushes the hands to run. Because the quartz crystal can provide the most stable pulse wave, the highest accuracy can be guaranteed (under normal circumstances, the monthly error is between 15-25 seconds; the smallest error is only 5 seconds a year). Because of the quartz crystal in it, the watch is also named quartz Oris timepiece. In addition, a battery can work continuously for several years, so there is no need to wind such an Oris timepiece. Generally, mechanical Oris watches are much more expensive than quartz Oris watches. At this time, Oris mechanical watches required precise manual time adjustment during the production process, and quartz watches were usually assembled on automatic production lines.

Nomos 知识 小 百科

NOMOS, as a German-made watch, naturally has the characteristics common to German watches. The most obvious point is the mark ‘Made by Glashütte’. As a guarantee of quality, Glashütte is also used by brands such as NOMOS to promote product quality (similar to ‘Made in Sweden’). Of course, not every watch factory opened in Glashütte or registered there can print ‘Made by Glashütte’ on the watch. Only models that produce more than 50% of their parts locally are eligible to be called ‘Made in Glashütte’. NOMOS’s self-made movement has reached 70% ~ 95% of the famous 3/4 plywood. Due to its large area, it also guarantees the stable operation of the NOMOS watch.
Introduce some basic characteristics of NOMOS as a good watch.
    Some models of NOMOS use blue steel on the hands and screws. This is a special metal firing method. The fired objects are exquisitely elegant with a touch of elegant blue. Of course, the original intention was to prevent rust, but with the advancement of modern stainless steel technology, the original intention is no longer important.
Nivarox 1A spring:
    It is really uncertain whether it should be called spring or spring. Nivarox 1A is an alloy of iron, nickel, titanium, chromium, and beryllium. This material is commonly used in NOMOS models. (This material seems to have been widely used in various high-end models)
Stop seconds device:
    This is a very common feature. The pressure from the stop spring is used to balance the force transmitted from the escapement system, so that we can precisely adjust the timing.
Ruby bearings:
    NOMOS bearings not only play the role of bearings, but also contain a certain amount of lubricating oil, which can continuously leak out in small amounts to lubricate the movement.
Glashütte click:
    This mechanism protects the thorn wheel from being reversed during winding.
Incabloc shock protection:
     NOMOS uses a spring mechanism called Incabloc located above the escapement bar to protect the escapement mechanism from the impact of the watch due to falling.
Sapphire crystal:
    I believe everyone must be familiar with this technology. Its main component is tri-alumina, with a Vickers hardness of 1800-2200, second only to diamonds. NOMOS uses sapphire crystal for the surface and back. Unless you intentionally sand the surface with diamond and sand leather, it is difficult to damage.
Crazy Horse Strap:
    It is said that this leather was taken from a special part on the back of the horse and used only for high-end leather shoes and straps. It is thick, blister-resistant, textured, and rich in animal fats. These animal fats ensure that the watchband does not need oiling and maintenance and will not crack during its lifetime.
Electroplated dial:
     The dials of NOMOS are mostly silver-plated, which results in a smooth surface and effectively reduces the reflective intensity.
Date structure:
     The date display of NOMOS has its unique design. The date ring surrounds the movement instead of on the movement. This design ensures that the thickness of the watch is not increased, and there is no need to add more than 30 parts. The date function of NOMOS supports fast adjustment. Compared with models without changes, the power reserve is 3 hours less and 6 ruby ​​bearings are added to the structure. Now NOMOS has also released large date models, the date font is composed of letterpress printing.
Power reserve display mechanism:
    NOMOS completed the realization of this function with a small enough combination of parts, and it did not increase the thickness of the watch because of the increase of this function.
The reason why NOMOS is NOMOS: Bauhaus style design:
     ‘Bauhaus’ is a transliteration of German Bauhaus, originally the name of a school of arts and crafts established in Weimar, Germany in 1919. The founder and first principal of the school is the famous German modernist master of architecture, Gropius, who ingeniously translated the German Hausbau (house building) word into Bauhaus as the school name to show the school and traditional college Of traditional educational institutions. Another German architect, Mies van der Rohe, one of the masters of modernist architecture, was the third principal of the ‘Bauhaus’. The school moved to Dessau in 1925 and then to Berlin in 1933. It was closed down by the Nazi fascists and forced to disband. Although the ‘Bauhaus’ has only been in existence for only 14 years from its establishment to encountering ‘killing schools’, its theory and doctrine have had a wide-reaching and profound impact on the entire world, and the ripples it has stirred are still rippling.
    Bauhaus’s contribution to modern industrial design is huge, especially its design education has a profound impact. Its teaching method has become the basis of art education in many schools around the world. It has trained outstanding architects and designers to modern architecture And design has pushed to new heights. In contrast, the actual industrial products designed by the Bauhaus are not significant in terms of scope or quantity. During the overall design development of Germany, one of the world’s major industrial countries, Bauhaus products have not been developed. To a pivotal role. The influence of the Bauhaus lies not in its actual achievements but in its spirit. The Bauhaus thought was considered a classic of modernism for some time. But the limitations of the Bauhaus are gradually recognized, and its adverse effects on industrial design have been criticized. For example, the Bauhaus emphasized abstract geometric figures in the design in pursuit of new, industrial-era expressions. ‘Cube is God’, no matter what kind of product or material, it adopts geometric modeling, which embarks on the road of formalism and sometimes even breaks the function of the product. This shows that the meaning of ‘standard’ and ‘economy’ of the Bauhaus is more aesthetic, so the ‘function’ emphasized is also highly abstract. In addition, strict geometric shapes and the most demanding industrial materials make the product have a sense of indifference, lacking the human touch. The Bauhaus actively advocates design for the general public, but due to the abstract and esoteric design aesthetics of the Bauhaus, it can only be appreciated by a few intellectuals and outstanding individuals. Today, many Bauhaus products are still very expensive and can only be regarded as a symbol of aesthetic standards and social status, such as the Mies Barcelona chair is a typical example, selling for hundreds of dollars.

Bvlgari’s Sweet Life Appreciation Of The New Diva High Jewellery Watch

BVLGARI Bulgari’s new DIVA high jewelry watch has once again proved to the world that this Italian jewelry family is the industry leader. The DIVA series perfectly reproduces the charming style of the ‘Dolce Vita’ era, which is the gorgeous epitome of the golden age of Italian cinema. At the time, BVLGARI Bulgari was inseparable from the movie industry, and many of the top international movie stars were regulars at BVLGARI’s flagship store in Rome. These bright stars are all deeply impressed by the charming charm of BVLGARI Bulgari jewelry, and countless old photos record their classic moments when they enter and leave the BVLGARI Bulgari flagship store. To this day, BVLGARI Bulgari is still loved by noble ladies and bright stars around the world.

 In tribute to these timeless moments, BVLGARI released the DIVA high jewelry watch in 2013. These gorgeous masterpieces are inspired by BVLGARI’s fine jewelry and have a new interpretation. BVLGARI Bulgari captures the essence of glamour from today’s goddess, transforms it into elegant design, and interprets the dazzling beauty of contemporary female idols with extraordinary works. Each DIVA high-end jewellery watch highlights the personality charm of BVLGARI Bulgari-inspired goddess, showing the extraordinary qualities of charm, charm, sensuality and passion.

 Just like the art of painting, DIVA high-end jewellery watches incorporate rich and diverse design elements. Rich gems and diverse color combinations are dizzying. Whether it is the gorgeous and intertwining turquoise, diamond and tourmaline, the pure beauty of the full-diamond model, or the gentle and elegant interpretation of the mother-of-pearl dial and rose gold, all of these models vividly show the BVLGARI treasure Gree’s long-standing brand culture and craftsmanship have been passed down for more than a century. Diva High Jewellery Watches use subtle embellishments to present the classic jewellery art that can measure time in a fascinating design.

 The DIVA high jewelry watch echoes the geometric pattern design of the jewellery series of the same name, which can be called the embodiment of feminine charm and elegance. Inspired by the classic pleated fan, it creates a beautiful three-dimensional corolla shape. The full-diamond watch is the most luxurious work in the DIVA high-end jewelry watch. It is paved with diamonds of various cuts such as bright, rectangular and round, showing the ultimate charm of elegance and brilliance.
 302 baguette-cut diamonds, 16 round-cut diamonds, and 394 brilliant-cut diamonds (total weight 22.62 carats) make a dazzling watch. The luxurious and beautiful fan-shaped petals turn into a charming bouquet with oriental charm. Elegant blooming on the wrist. A fan-shaped pattern combining precious metals and precious stones embellishes a unique bracelet. The slender bracelet is smart and elegant, further emphasizing the soft beauty of the snowflake-inlaid dial. DIVA high-end jewelry watch shows the extraordinary charm of BVLGARI Bulgari and the ‘sweet life’ of more than sixty years from the date of the goddess of inspiration, can be described as the real masterpiece of jewelry craftsmanship.

 BVLGARI Bvlgari is like a masterful painter, showing a series of amazing precious paintings.
 The above watch home brings the cutting-edge information of Bulgari watches at the 2014 Basel watch exhibition. For more details about the 2014 Basel watch exhibition, please pay attention to our special report webpage.

2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Iwc Launches Pilot’s Chronograph Australian Special Limited Edition

To celebrate the brand’s 20-year partnership with the renowned Australian retailer Watches of Switzerland, IWC launched the Australian Pilot’s Chronograph Special Limited Edition.

   This watch has a stainless steel case with a diameter of 43 mm and is equipped with an anti-glare coated sapphire crystal. The back is engraved with an exclusive limited number and the words ‘Celebrating the 20th Anniversary’. Equipped with brand patented soft iron inner shell, it can protect the movement from the effect of magnetic field, and the waterproof depth is 40 meters.

   It is equipped with Swiss-made IWC Caliber 79320 self-winding movement, 25 gems, 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), and can provide 44 hours of power reserve. The black dial is decorated with patina green hour and minute hands coated with Superluminova. The small seconds at 9 o’clock is changed to white instead of regular red.

   Comes with a Santoni brown calfskin strap (21 mm pitch) and stainless steel buckle. It is reported that this watch is limited to 50 pieces, priced at 7,950 US dollars, equivalent to about 53,000 yuan.

F.P.Journe Introduces Final Chapter Of Rangers Trilogy

F.P.Journe The new watch of the Vagabondage Rangers Limited Series ‘Vagabondage III’ (Vagabondage III) is newly launched, which is also the last chapter of the Rangers Trilogy. As always, the new products are available in platinum and 18K red gold. They are produced in 69 and 68 pieces, respectively. F.P. Journe is a rare watchmaking workshop in the industry. It will design and produce a unique movement for a limited number of watch series. The production of movements like the Vagabondage III is only 137.

Vagabondage III

We first review the birth history of the Vagabondage Rangers Limited Series. This timepiece is of great significance in the history of watchmaking and is a model work of anti-marketing. In 2004, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the watch auction house Antiquorum, François-Paul Journe specially designed a special watch for a charity auction held by ICM (a Paris-based institution specializing in brain and spinal diseases) in Geneva paragraph. Developed and manufactured by F.P. Journe, this model has an unusual case shape. It is the brand’s first non-circular, flat wine barrel-shaped watch whose design has obtained the registration mark, with a digital time display on the dial and no brand logo. This charity auction has 3 watches of the same series made of white, yellow and rose gold, equipped with a brass movement. They were all sold at a price three times higher than the reserve price, with impressive results.

Vagabondage I

V I-digital hour display
In view of the great success of this charity auction, F.P. Journe officially released the Vagabondage I watch in 2006. The design of this watch is different from the regular works of François-Paul Journe. It has a digital time display that ‘roams’ over time, hence the name ‘Wanderer’. The watch is equipped with a flat tonneau-shaped case, which is very different from the round case design commonly used by FPJourne. The platinum version is limited to 69 pieces, while the special edition with square diamonds is limited to 10 pieces, with 18K roses built in. Gold manual winding movement. Although the brand did not make any publicity or promotion for this watch, or even equipped with new pictures, it still taught collectors to follow it and sold out quickly, thus becoming a legend in watchmaking industry.

Vagabondage II watch

V II-Digital hours and minutes display
The second model of the Vagabondage Rangers Limited Series, Vagabondage II, came out in 2010. The platinum version is limited to 69 pieces, the red gold version is limited to 68 pieces, and 10 platinum special editions are set with square diamonds. The watch is driven by a manual winding movement and is equipped with a digital time display. Thanks to F.P. Journe’s special spring barrel and constant-force device, the watch has a jumping hour and minute display. A small second hand at 6 o’clock and a power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock. Wearers can admire the beautiful 18K rose gold movement through the smoky sapphire crystal dial. Like the first model, the dial is not printed with the F.P.Journe logo.

Vagabondage III watch

V III-Digital hours and seconds display
F.P. Journe once promised that when the relevant technology matures, Vagabondage III will be launched, which makes collectors look forward to it. The new third model follows the flat tonneau-shaped case, which is the same size as the Vagabondage II. It has a manual winding movement and is equipped with a digital time display. The constant force device developed by F.P. Journe this time has successfully achieved the skip seconds display function.

The watch is equipped with a smoky sapphire crystal dial and the outer ring of the dial is fixed with screws. The wearer can enjoy the beautiful 18K rose gold movement. Like the first and second models, the dial is not printed with the F.P.Journe logo. There is a large window at 10 o’clock for digital hour display; another window at 6 o’clock for digital second display. Both are decorated with white frames. The white minute hand is set in the center of the dial; at 1 o’clock, it is equipped with blue steel hands as a power reserve indicator.

Vagabondage III is the final chapter of the Rangers trilogy. All three models are equipped with unique digital time displays. Owners of Vagabondage I and Vagabondage II will have priority purchase rights and will be given priority to purchase Vagabondage III watches of the same serial number. Therefore, this group of collectors can have a complete set of homeless trilogy, an important part of the history of F.P.Journe’s timepiece creation. Vagabondage III will be available at F.P. Journe stores and Espaces outlets.

Technical Parameters
Case: 950 platinum barrel-shaped case / 18K red gold barrel-shaped case, diameter 45.2 x 37.6 mm
Functions: 1-second constant-force device, digital hours and seconds display, minute hand at the center of the dial, seconds display at 6 o’clock, power reserve display at 1 o’clock
Movement: 18K rose gold cast Cal.1514 hand-wound movement. The movement diameter is 29.3 X 28.4 mm. It has been polished with high quality. The plywood is decorated with a circular pattern. The bridge is decorated with Geneva waves. The tops of all screws are polished. And chamfering, round end of caliper
Power reserve: 40 hours
Limited edition: 69 platinum models, 68 18K red gold models

Finally ‘niche’ 5 Popular Panerai Watches Recommended

44mm large watch diameter, unique lug design, these have made Panerai labeled ‘niche’. However, in recent years, the number of cousins ​​who are deeply obsessed with Panerai poisoning has increased day by day, and even the design that was criticized by others has now become a reason everyone loves. In the circle that likes Panerai, everyone kindly calls it ‘Xiao Pei’ or ‘Fat Sea’. From the nickname, we can feel the self-evident love. Today’s watch brings 5 ​​of Peitan’s most popular watches, let you appreciate its unique charm in one breath.

Panerai PAM305 Luminor Dive 1950 Dive Watch

Watch Series: Modern
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Rubber
Table diameter: 44 mm
Domestic Public Price: No
Watch details: No
Comment: The new-generation Luminor 1950 Marina shell has been reduced from 47mm to 44mm. It also uses the Cal.P.9000 movement. The metal bezel with concave and convex design with fluorescent scale display and giant basket is fluorescent pointer, all for Convenient for divers to read time underwater. Titanium case, unidirectional rotating outer ring, improved waterproof rubber strap with 4mm thickness, and anti-reflective crystal mirror make it a professional diving watch.

Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM 00327 watch

Watch Series: Modern
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Table diameter: 30 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 76,000
Watch details: 7753 COSC-certified Panerai Cal.OP XII movement, which also makes the ticking Panerai watch a little more Ferrari chronograph style, specially treated 44 mm titanium blue watch The dial and the classic small dial timing layout make many fans crazy.

Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 00352 watch

Watch Series: Historical Classics
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: titanium
Strap Material: Titanium
Table diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 68,700
Details of the watch: P.9000 self-winding movement, matte titanium case, brown dial, and titanium bracelet with the PANERAI logo engraved. The case diameter is 44 mm, the power reserve is 72 hours, and the water resistance is 300 meters.

Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days PAM 00351 watch

Watch Series: Historical Classics
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: titanium
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Table diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 68,700
Watch details: 00028 watch

Watch Series: Limited Collection
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Table diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 65,600
Watch details: panerai / 10596 /
Comment: Panerai Luminor power reserve is a symbol of high-quality Swiss watches. The specially designed black mesh dial face is easy to read, with super-readable luminous hour markers and hands are the classic design of Panerai watches. This face has long been a face of water sports. Became their first choice.

Summary: Although the interest in Panerai has been on the rise, there are also a large number of people who are not optimistic. The root cause is that Panerai uses a large number of ETA movements. This is for advocating self-production. The watch friends of the movement are fatal injuries that cannot be avoided. It seems that even Panerai has realized this, so in recent years, it has devoted itself to developing a number of excellent self-produced movements such as P.9000, P.9001, P.9002, etc., while proving itself, it also played a game. Beautiful turnaround. Even if the price is more than 50,000 yuan, but it still captures the hearts of many cousins, this may be the unique charm of ‘Fat Sea’.

Raymond Weil Champagne 43mm Intenso Watch

The design is powerful, noble and elegant, and the steel and titanium case is tough and light. This is the new Champagne Intenso watch from Raymond Weil. This timepiece continues the creation of the Raymond Weil watch, inspired by the famous opera ‘Nabucco’ written by Giuseppe Verdi. However, this new model brings a major breakthrough: the size of the watch is still noticeable, but the case diameter has been reduced from the original 46 mm to 43 mm. The new look of the Champagne Intenso watch will surely attract more fans to join the high-end elite club composed of the watch owners, the charm is overwhelming!

 In 2007, the Champagne City series was launched under the leadership of the third generation of the Raymond Weil family. The series is lively, noble, elegant, and powerful, and it is fascinated by watch connoisseurs of different cultural backgrounds around the world. However, not all connoisseurs are suitable for wearing their favorite things. But things are changing now. The famous timepiece in Champagne City is cleverly housed in a 43 mm diameter Intenso case.

 Although the case diameter of this new model is three millimeters smaller, it is still dazzling: the lugs are powerful and with rounded corners, comfortable and natural on the wrist; the overall shape is perfectly coordinated, and polished steel and Made of titanium. Other characteristics of this watch are also unique: the speedometer is set on the bezel; three auxiliary dials are set at 3 o’clock (30 minutes), 6 o’clock (12 hours) and 9 o’clock (small seconds) Location; round date display window is between 4 and 5 o’clock; the tough calendar button and the large number 12 also show its unique charm, while the latter with a luminous display function shows the noble style of the work itself. At the same time, the black dazzling dial is also equipped with a subtle gray auxiliary dial and a checkered background surrounded by concentric circles. Finally, the blue-steel chronograph hands contrast with the light and dark background. The 43 mm case with a black alligator-embossed rubber strap is comfortable yet tough, which perfectly matches the charm of the collection.

 In designing the new Champagne Intenso watch with a diameter of 43 mm, Raymond Weil emphasized its subtleties to show its superb watchmaking skills without compromising the overall sharpness. There is no doubt that the Champagne Intenso watch will continue to be legendary.

Stunning, Peaking: Hublot Big Bang Unico Ceramic Wpt World Poker Tour Limited Watch Extreme Debut

Hublot joined hands with the WPT World Poker Tour for the third consecutive year to launch the new Big Bang Unico Ceramic WPT (World Poker Tour) Limited Edition limited edition watch. The launch of this new model coincides with the start of the 2017 WPT Sanya. Hublot combines the best Swiss watch manufacturing technology with the essence of Weizhou Poker, and together with world-class players and enthusiasts witness the magic of the unique field. time.

   The World Poker Tour (WPT) was first established in 2002. Hublot announced in 2014 with the WPT in Las Vegas, USA, becoming the world’s first official timekeeper and official wristwatch in the international professional poker tournament. The top living representative brands of the table.

From left, Our Game President Frank Ng, Hublot Greater China General Manager Loic Biver, and WPT President Adam Pliska revealed the Hublot Big Bang Unico Ceramic World Poker Tour Limited Watch.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Ceramic Limited World Poker Tour Limited Watch Micro-sandblasted polished black ceramic case with a diameter of 45 mm, polished black ceramic decorated with poker imprint bezel, black skeleton dial, polished black scale with red luminous Coated, hour-marked Arabic numerals 8 decorated with 7 rubies, microblasted black titanium gold-coated PVD-coated crown, sapphire mirror, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, flyback chronograph, HUB1242 automatic winding Chronograph movement, water resistant to 100 meters, black alligator leather with red stitching lined with black natural rubber strap or red alligator leather with black stitching lined with black natural rubber strap, titanium folding buckle.

   The new Big Bang Unico WPT limited edition watch retains the iconic Big Bang characteristics. The 45 mm diameter case is made of micro-blasted ceramic material. It cleverly incorporates poker elements into the design and decorates the iconic hearts and spades on the bezel , Plum, square pattern. The minute counter is at the three o’clock position and the seconds counter is at the nine o’clock position. The date pane is at three o’clock, and the dial at eight o’clock is specially decorated with several rubies, representing the wealth and luck symbolized by the number eight in Asian culture. The mechanical structure of the Unico movement independently developed by Hublot is clearly visible through the sapphire mirror. The sapphire crystal back is printed with a unique WPT logo. It has a red and black alligator strap lined with black natural rubber. ‘One-button quick-change strap device, limited edition of 188 pieces worldwide.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Ceramic World Poker Tour Limited Watch is decorated with iconic hearts, spades, plums and squares on the bezel.

The Big Bang Unico Ceramic World Poker Tour Limited Watch has a black skeleton dial, polished black scales with a red luminous coating, and the Arabic numeral 8 on the hour with 7 rubies.